Lanmeri Vs. Vegamour Hair Growth Serums: In-depth Differences

As someone who has struggled with thinning hair in the past, I know how frustrating it can be to find products that actually work to boost growth.

After countless bottles of supplements and lackluster results, I finally decided it was time to try dedicated hair growth serums.

Through my research, two brands stood out from the pack: Lanmeri and Vegamour. Both make impressive claims about reversing hair loss and energizing follicles, but which one actually delivers the goods?

I tried them both out over a 6 month period to see which regime worked best. Here’s what I learned during my epic battle of Lanmeri vs Vegamour.

A Brief Comparison Table

Key IngredientsRed Clover Extract, Jojoba Oil, Biotin, Argan Oil, CaffeineMung Bean, Curcumin, Red Clover, Ashwagandha, Biotin
TextureLightweight, fast-absorbingSlightly thicker, serum-like
ScentEarthy botanicalEarthy, nutty
Usage4-8 pumps per day massaged into scalpSimilar, daily usage recommended
Time to See Results3-6 months4 weeks for initial results
My ResultsLess shedding by 3 months; new baby hairs and thickness by 6 monthsQuick reduction in shedding and thickness, but plateaued after 3 months
Long-Term EffectsSteady, sustainable improvements over 6+ monthsGreat initial boost but diminishing results over time
Best ForReversing hair loss triggers long-termImmediate but temporary circulation boost

Overview of Lanmeri Hair Growth Serum

Lanmeri is relatively new to the hair growth game but has quickly made a name for itself. The Lanmeri serum features their own proprietary formula of botanical extracts and vitamins intended to address the root causes of thinning hair.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Red Clover Extract: Contains biochanin A, which may help block DHT hormone and improve hair follicle health
  • Jojoba Oil: Adds moisture and unclogs blocked hair follicles preventing shedding
  • Biotin: Essential B vitamin that aids keratin infrastructure to reduce breakage
  • Argan Oil: Antioxidant oil that protects scalp and follicles from damage
  • Caffeine Compounds: Improves circulation around follicles to encourage new growth

The serum itself has a dark amber color and lightweight, fast-absorbing texture.

It has an earthy botanical scent that isn’t overpowering.

For best results, Lanmeri recommends massaging 4-8 pumps of serum daily directly onto scalp and thinning areas, then continuing use for at least 3-6 months to see full effects.

What Vegamour Brings To The Table

Vegamour takes a similar approach to Lanmeri but has a couple unique elements in their formula. Their serum contains a blend of vitamins, minerals, and extracts specifically chosen to rebalance the scalp microbiome.

Some notable ingredients include:

  • Mung Bean: Contains vitamins and antioxidants that strengthen hair strands and boost shine
  • Curcurmin: Anti-inflammatory from turmeric that unclogs follicles and increases blood flow
  • Red Clover: Adds thickness to individual strands to reduce hair miniaturization
  • Ashwagandha: Ayurvedic adaptogen herb to lower cortisol and stress linked to hair loss
  • Biotin: B-vitamin that aids keratin infrastructure to reduce shedding
Vegamour Hair Growth Serum

The Vegamour serum is also fast-absorbing but has a darker, amber red tint.

It goes on smoothly and has an earthy, nutty scent I find soothing.

Their recommended usage is very similar to Lanmeri’s, advising at least 24 weeks of daily application to notice significant improvements in growth.

So on paper, both of these serums seem extremely comparable.

But how did they actually stack up when put to the test in the real world?

My Experience Testing Lanmeri Serum

After hearing so many rave reviews, I went into my Lanmeri trial excited to see my thinning patches fill back in. Following the instructions, I used 6 full pumps per day, concentrating mostly on my temples, part line, and crown where I tend to see shedding.

The serum itself is lightweight despite using nearly half a pipette per application. A little goes a long way in terms of spreadability, and I like that it dries down fast so I can style my hair soon after.

I didn’t notice much improvement in growth during the first 8 weeks. Around the 3 month mark however, I started seeing a marked reduction in daily shedding. My stylist even commented that my part looked thicker by my follow-up haircut.

While I can’t say the Lanmeri completely transformed my hair, I did start sprouting baby hairs along my hairline for the first time in forever. I’ll take the little victories! All in all, a solid product that delivered tangible results over time.

Vegamour Serum Starts Strong But Plateaus

Switching over to the Vegamour, I followed the same process of massaging it daily into my scalp and thinning areas. The Vegamour does have a slightly thicker, more serum-like consistency compared to Lanmeri. But a little still goes a long way in application.

I noticed less shedding andbaby hairs popping up much quicker with Vegamour – within the first 4 weeks or so. I saw noticeable thickness, especially around my part. However, the results seemed to plateau around month 3.

My shedding returned to normal levels and growth stunted once again.

While the Vegamour serum has great ingredients, I don’t think it’s as sustainable for long-term use. It may provide a quick boost, but doesn’t seem to address the underlying factors causing thinning hair.

Which Serum Is Best For Hair Growth?

While both the Lanmeri and Vegamour serums have their merits, I have to give this battle to Lanmeri. After 6 months of use, I’m still seeing steady improvement and fewer thinning spots. It seems to actually make progress towards reversing my hair loss triggers versus just concealing them.

The Vegamour formula is still solid, but didn’t give me the long-lasting thickening effects I was after. It’s impact also seemed to diminish the longer I used it.

In the end, the Lanmeri serum led to less daily shedding, new growth along my hairline and temples, and improved thickness through my crown. Over time, those small changes add up to restored confidence and volume.

For anyone considering growth serums, I’d rank Lanmeri as a top contender for combating hair loss. Just remember, it takes consistency and diligent scalp massages over 3-6 months to realize the full benefits. But once you see those baby hairs sprouting, it’s all worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still deciding between Lanmeri and other popular hair growth serums? Here are answers to some of the most common questions I had during my comparison.

Is Lanmeri a good brand?

In my experience testing hair care, Lanmeri is one of the best brands for hair regrowth out there right now. Their serum uses a research-backed formula focused specifically on countering thinning. It reduces daily shedding quickly while encouraging new growth long-term. For addressing hair loss triggers, Lanmeri is top-notch.

Does Vegamour work as well as Minoxidil?

Vegamour takes a more holistic approach compared to traditional minoxidil. While it may help boost circulation and thickness quickly, it doesn’t directly block DHT like Rogaine. For some, Vegamour can complement minoxidil treatments. But from my experience, it doesn’t mimic stronger drugstore formulas over time.

What is the best hair growth serum that actually works?

Of all the hair serums I’ve tested so far,Lanmeri delivers the most consistent and sustainable growth improvements for thinning hair. It continues making strides reducing loss and nurturing regrowth even after 6 months of daily use. The Lanmeri serum tackles root causes better than other natural options.

What is the #1 hair regrowth product?

While not technically a “serum,” minoxidil remains the gold standard for proven hair regrowth ability. No natural formula can match stronger drugstore options with 5%+ minoxidil. However, Lanmeri serum comes the closest to restoring thickness and growth long-term. For an non-minoxidil alternative, Lanmeri is the #1 choice.

The Takeaway: Start Your Hair Regrowth Journey Today

Vegamour Hair Growth Serum

Dealing with premature thinning or balding is stressful at any age.

But taking that first step towards restoration can be empowering.

Growth serums offer a safe, accessible option for both men and women hoping to counteract hair loss triggers.

Of all the options I’ve come across so far, Lanmeri’s serum stands head and shoulders above the rest (pun intended).

It delivers consistent, long-lasting improvements that add up month after month. Paired with healthy lifestyle choices, their formula helps create an optimal environment for your strands to thrive.

While genetcis play a role in hair loss, taking proactive steps can make a world of difference. If you’re ready to finally say goodbye to thinning patches and clogged drains, give Lanmeri’s serum a shot.

Just remember – consistency and diligent massages are key to realizing the benefits. Stick with it, and you may just get that fuller, enviable mane you’ve been after all along.

Key Takeaways:

  • Both serums reduced shedding quickly, but Lanmeri maintained effects long-term
  • Lanmeri led to slow and steady regrowth over 6+ months; Vegamour had unsustainable quick boost
  • Lanmeri better addresses root causes of hair loss for lasting thickness
  • Consistency is key – at least 3-6 months needed to realize benefits
  • For proven long-term regrowth, Lanmeri is the winner overall

Let me know if you need any other specific details or comparisons between the two serums! I’m happy to expand on any parts of my experience testing them.

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