Kohler Rialto Toilet Problems: Should You Skip This Toilet?

Kohler is well-known for manufacturing practical toilets. The aspirational design, simple installation system, and minimal sanitation issues of toilets make this brand a top choice among household owners.

However, not all models and series of Kohler products can give you the same satisfaction you expect. Many users complained about several Kohler Rialto toilet problems. Here I will discuss the primary issues with this commode.

Let’s dive in without further ado!

Problems With Kohler Rialto Toilet

No toilets in this world are made with 100% perfection. Each of them has some flaws. Here are the most common issues people complained about Kohler Rialto toilets.

  • Round-front Bowl
Kohler Rialto Toilet

Do you want to buy this toilet for your kids? Does your bathroom size really compact?

If yes, this Round-front bowl will suit small children.

Otherwise, this type of toilet bowl shape won’t be a practical choice.

Grownup children and men won’t feel comfortable sitting on a round-front bowl as they do on elongated toilets.

Plus, they may end up making any accidental mess. Hence, it is a little bit complicated to maintain hygienically clean.

  • Difficult To Install

Are you going to install this one-piece toilet of your own? Do you have any back pain or other physical issues? You may want to think twice before doing it.

Since the entire unit is only a single piece, it is pretty heavy. Kohler uses thicker materials that make it heavier than some other one-piece toilets.

Hence, you need at least one helping hand to install this unit. Otherwise, unwanted accidental issues may occur.

  • Single-flush Gravity System

Though a single-flush gravity system offers a decent flush, it is prone to sweating. Many users even complained these toilets sometimes underperform and lack consistency.

This may make them less effective while removing a bulk amount of waste. You may need to go for several flushing to clean everything from the toilet bowl.

  • Higher Cost for Purchase and Installation
Rialto Toilet From KOHLER

Compared to some two-piece toilets of Kohler, this unit has a high price. The extra weight of this toilet climbs up its cost.

Additionally, the manufacturer had to implement a practical design for the product to fit all parts in one place, unlike two-piece toilets.

This makes the manufacturing process costly.

Moreover, this heavy unit is mostly imperfect for installing a single man. So, you need a professional workforce. So, the overall cost of installation will increase too.

  • 12-inch rough-in

12-inch rough-in is the most standard approach for modern toilet plumbing. However, not all of our houses have a contemporary physical structure.

You may not have changed your bathroom design for many decades. A few may have a 10-inch rough-in or a 14-inch rough-in.

If you are also in this rare category, installing this type of toilet will take some hurdles. You may need to change your bathroom’s entire physical structure.

  • Full Unit Replacement

No doubt, one-piece toilets from Kohler will be super durable. But that doesn’t mean they will last a lifetime. If the Kohler Rialto breaks, replacing the entire unit is necessary.

After all, all parts of this one-piece toilet are closely connected to each other. If your kids are too naughty to handle, they may break the unit.

You will have to pay a heavy price if something goes wrong. However, don’t take them as any cheap type one-piece toilets. They won’t break so easily.

  • More Water Waste

The Kohler Rialto toilet comes with 1.6 gallons per flush system. It means you will use more water to flush the waste. The excessive pressure

Apart from increasing water bills, you are wasting valuable natural resources too. You may waste up to two gallons of water per day `— sixty gallons of water per month.

  • Loud flushing

The more powerful the flush, the more sound it will make. Kohler Rialto toilets have a noisy flushing system. It may wake up other family members in your house at night.

Besides, kids new to the toilet using independently may feel sacred to sudden loud flushing. Make sure to install the toilet far away from the bedrooms.

  • Problems with French Curve® Seat

No doubt, the French Curve® seat has a sleek appearance and is easy to keep clean for a long time. However, many users complained that the seat often shifts unnecessarily.

People had to put the seat on its unit again and again. It lacks stability. The lid often gets loose. This makes you feel annoying as you need to reposition it repeatedly.

A more sophisticated design for this French Curve® seat will be appreciated. Also, the Plastic hinge doesn’t have the best quality. Its quality may deteriorate if plus-size people sit on it.

Watch this video to see another defect of this toilet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Replace A Kohler Rialto Flush Valve?

To remove a Kohler Rialto flush valve, you need first to disconnect the chain from the trip lever arm. Then get out the flapper from the flush valve and finally remove the old flush valve and install the new one.

How Do You Fix A Kohler Toilet That Keeps Running?

At first, you need to get rid of debris or sediment from the upper part of the fill valve if it is too dirty. If the problem persists, replacing the fill valve is the best choice.

Why Is My Toilet Still Running With The Water Off?

A failed washer in the valve may cause the toilet water to still run even after turning it off. Additionally, the toilet can also run continuously if you set the adjustable float too high.

Why Does My Kohler Toilet Not Flush?

The flush valve seat has a seal that may become dirty from regular usage. Clean it regularly for smooth flushing. If the flush valve seat is damaged or misaligned, it can also prevent your Kohler toilet from flushing.


After learning all its flaws, do you still think you should buy this Kohler Toilet? I have outlined all the Kohler Rialto toilet problems you may face. Though this unit has excellent durability and a sleek appearance, it may not suit all bathrooms.

Now, you have to decide whether you should go for this option or choose another better option at affordable pricing. Good or bad `—after all, you will pay the money and enjoy or regret buying this option toilet.

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