KOHLER Kelston K-3754 Toilet Reviews 2022: Is It Any Good?

A toilet is something you use first after waking up in the morning and before bed at night. That’s why installing the proper toilet in your bathroom is essential.

This in-depth review of KOHLER Kelston K-3754 toilet will help you understand why it’s an elegant toilet.

Kohler is an excellent choice for top quality toilets. Its Kelston K-3754 toilet is an excellent deal for the money. But you won’t have to take my word for it. At the end of this article, you will know why I am recommending this toilet.

So, let’s go through some of the goods and downsides of this toilet.

Features of KOHLER Kelston K-3754 Toilet

You need to know the features and benefits of this toilet in order to know why you should use this toilet. I’m going to show you some features that make Kohler Kelston toilet unique from others.

So, here are some key features of the Kelston K-3754 toilet:

  • An Elegant Design

Kohler is a famous brand for toilet accessories, and you will get many luxurious and value-for-money toilets under its hood.

Kohler Kelston K-3754 is a two-piece comfort height chair toilet.

With a chair-like height and elongated bowl design, you can bring comfort and warmth to your toilet.

Two types of flushing performance, price, and other benefits make Kelston an unbeatable choice for your powder room or bath.

  • Key Benefits

With so many spectacular features, a lot of benefits come along for Kelston toilets. A two-piece design and elongated bowl provide an added room for comfort.

Because of its chair-like height, adult people can easily sit and stand up.

In addition, its polished chrome trip lever is left-handed, and you can reach it quite comfortably. As a K-4306 bowl and K-4474 tank hybrid, you will get perfect flush and cleaning performance from this toilet.

  • Flushing Performance

A great thing about this toilet is that it offers two types of flushing performance. Both are industry-leading flushes that will clean your toilet with just one flush.

You can choose between a widely popular and used 1.6 Gallon per Flush and the current industry-leading 1.28 GPF. But definitely, you’ll have to spend some extra buck for the latter option.

Most high-performing toilets come with 1.6 GPF flushing performance. It can clean your toilet bowl with just one flush.

On the other hand, there is no doubt about the 1.28 GPF flushing performance. It can effectively clean your toilet bowl using the least water.

  • Technology Infusion
KOHLER Kelston Toilet

Kohler Kelston toilet is developed with a lot of technology and innovation.

Its single flush gravity technology uses the force of gravity, and an engineered tank, together with its trapway and bowl, will create a powerful siphon during flush.

Because of the AquaPiston canister, the water will flow into the bowl from all sides, which will clean your waste quite easily.

While optimizing flushing performance, it will also resist any deterioration and wrapping.

Besides, it has 90% less exposed materials than most 3 inches flappers for a leakage-free performance.

  • Efficient Cleaning Performance

Cleaning your toilet is easy with the Kelston K-3754 toilet. A high-performing flush, precision tank, glazed trapway, and an elongated bowl make this toilet relatively easy to wash.

In addition, a light touch durable AquaPiston canister works perfectly fine with a lower actuation force.

You will get an optimized flushing performance with a 3:2 flush valve ratio and a gravity pull single flush. On top of that, high-quality glazing in the bowl and trapway makes the waste go smoothly down the pipe.

  • A Comfortable Seating

Kohler Kelston K-3754 offers a comfortable seat for all ages of people. It features a chair-like seat height for comfortable seating. As it’s an elongated toilet, you will be able to sit quite comfortably.

On top of that, you can reach the left-handed chrome trip lever very easily while sitting on your toilet. All in on, you will be able to use the Kelston K-3754 toilet with class and comfort.

  • Easy Installation

Installing the K-3754 toilet is comparatively more straightforward. The toilet comes with a standard 12 inches rough-in.

Because of the DryLock system, you can quickly install your toilet and save a lot of installing time. But you will have to buy the toilet seat and supply line separately while installing this Kelston toilet.

  • Available Colors

Colors play a vital role in choosing a toilet. Most people want to buy toilets matching their bathroom interior. In that case, a lot of color options will be beneficial.

Kohler offers 3 colors for Kelston K-3754 toilets. You will have to choose from White, Biscuit, and Black colors while choosing your toilet.

  • Warranty

All Kohler plumbing products come with warranty. The Kelston K-3754 toilet is no different. But to become eligible for this warranty, you will have to follow all the rules and instructions provided by Kohler.

What Could Have Been Better With KOHLER Kelston K-3754 Toilet?

There are a few cons of this toilet that should be addressed. Here are some drawbacks of this toilet that can be improved:

  • A Better Glazing

Kohler can provide better glazing for this toilet’s bowl and trapway. A high-quality glaze will help push your waste smoothly down the trapway.

So, Kohler should put their focus on it.

  • More Rough-In Options

This toilet comes with a standard 12 inches rough-in. But having more options will attract many other people. It will help many people install this toilet easily and fast.

So, we can expect more rough-in options from the Kelston K-3754 toilet.

Final Thoughts

Even though this toilet has some cons, its pros weigh even more. After reading my KOHLER Kelston K-3754 toilet reviews, I think it’s pretty clear. Now you know why this toilet is entirely worthy of your money.

I want to know your thoughts about it. So, comment below in the comment box and let me know what you think about this toilet.

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