KOHLER K-922 Vs. K-923 Bath Filler: Differences And Features

Are you confused between Kohler’s 0.8 inches and 0.95 orifice wall or ceiling mounting bath filler? From my comparison between the KOHLER K-922 and K-923 bath fillers you can determine which one will be best for your bathroom.

Kohler K-922 bath filler can fill 5 gallons of splashing free water per minute, whereas Kohler K-923 can fill 7 gallons of water free of a splash every minute. That’s because K-922 has a 20 mm orifice, and K-923 has a 24 mm orifice.

Let’s dive deeper and find more differences.

A Quick Comparison Table

Let’s see a quick comparison table between KOHLER K-922 and K-923 bath filler for quickly generating some basic ideas:

AspectsKohler K-922Kohler K-923
Filler TypeWall or Ceiling Mounting Filler With 20 mm OrificeWall or Ceiling Mounting Filler With 24 mm Orifice
Filler MaterialsSolid Brass with Chrome Finish & Corrosion Resistant FinishSolid Brass with Chrome Finish
FeaturesMany Superior FeaturesMany Superior Features
BenefitsOffers More BenefitsOffers Fewer Benefits
Water Filling Capacity5 Gallons Per Minute7 Gallons Per Minute
Available Colors7 Available Colors2 Available Colors
Installation MethodWall or Ceiling MountingWall or Ceiling Mounting
Filler Weight3.04 Pounds5.56 Pounds

In-Depth Comparison Between KOHLER K-922 And K-923 Bath Filler

Now that you have drawn some basic ideas about both products and their difference, let’s get into more details and discuss some key comprehensive differences.

  • Filler Type
KOHLER K-922 Bath Filler
KOHLER K-922 Bath Filler

K-922 and K-923 are laminar wall or ceiling mounting bath fillers from luxurious bathroom item manufacturer Kohler.

They are extremely high-quality products with sturdy materials and a chrome finish design, but there are subtle differences between them.

Kohler K-922 has 0.8 inches or 20 mm orifice. On the other hand, Kohler laminar wall or ceiling mount bath filler has a 0.95 mm orifice.

It means K-923 has a larger orifice and can fill more water at a given time.

  • Filler Materials

We all know Kohler is a luxurious bathroom accessory manufacturing brand. They never compromise with quality. And material fills a significant portion of a product’s quality.

Both bath fillers are made from solid and durable materials.

Kohler K-922 has a solid-brass construction and offers durability and reliability in the long run. Besides, Kohler’s excellent finishes can resist corrosion, tarnishing, and other impurities.

At the same time, Kohler K-923 bath filler comes with a solid brass construction for reliable and long-lasting performance. Because of the strong material and chrome finish, your bath filler will go on for decades without causing any problems.

  • Features

A product is known by the features it holds. And in the case of Kohler K-922 and K-923 bath fillers, you will see many similar features.

For example, both fillers have a pressure compensating flow control and deliver a splatter-free water column.

With an Easy to access cartridge, you can clean and replace both fillers quite easily. In addition, they complement all Purist faucets and accessories.

However, the main difference lies in the size of their orifice. K-922 has a 20 mm orifice, whereas K-923 has a 24 mm orifice. But both of them provide a well-optimized performance while filling water in your bathtub.

K-922 is compatible with K-924 Optional Drip Tray Accessories. And K-923 is compatible with K-23723 Faucet Cleaner.

  • Benefits
KOHLER Bath Filler

Since both fillers have many similar features, you will get almost identical benefits. They have easy access and easy replacement cartridges, which you can clean quickly and fast.

You know they will last longer because of their superior construction materials.

Chrome finishes give both Kohler bath filers an elegant look and feel very smooth in hand. But K-923 will fill your tub quicker than K-922.

And because of the corrosion and wear-resistant coating, the K-922 tub filler will last longer than you imagine.

Apart from water filling speed and protective coating, all other benefits are the same for both bath fillers.

  • Water Filling Capacity

One of the most significant differences between K-922 and K-923 is their water filling speed. This single aspect can make you go with one particular filler.

A Kohler K-922 bath filler can flow water at 5 to 10 gallons per minute. But the water might start splashing if the flow rate is less than 5 gallons per minute.

On the contrary, the flow rate of Kohler K-923 is 7 to 15 gallons per minute. Here the water will start splashing too if the rate is less than 5 gallons per minute. As we can see, Kohler K-923 will fill your tub faster than K-922.

  • Available Colors

Bath fillers’ colors can be an essential factor for many people. You, too, will want to buy a filler matching your bathroom tiles and walls. So, having more options is always a blessing.

You will get many color options from the K-922 filler. There are 7 available colors, to be exact. Polished Chrome, Vibrant Polished Nickel, Vibrant French Gold, Vibrant Polished Brass, Brushed Chrome, Vibrant Brushed Nickel, and Vibrant Brushed Bronze.

In contrast to K-922, Kohler K-923 is available in two colors. You can choose between Polished Chrome and Vibrant Brushed Nickel.

So, it’s clear that Kohler K-922 offers many more colors than its counterpart K-923.

  • Installation Method

Installation is easy for both K-922 and K-923 bath fillers. You can install them either on your bathroom wall or ceiling.

So, the fillers are versatile as they can be installed on both your bathroom wall and ceiling.

But you can install the brass-made handle on your wall only. Make sure you install the handle at an easily accessible place.

  • Filler Dimension & Weight

Although these two bath fillers have different water filling capacities, their size is similar. The exact dimensions of K-922 and K-923 are 7.25 inches by 7.25 inches by 7.5 inches.

But their weight is different from one another. The weight of K-922 is 3.04 ounces, but K-923 is 5.56 pounds. So, K-923 is heavier than K-922, even though their size is precisely the same.

Which Bath Filer Will Be Best For You?

Kohler Bath Filler

From my above discussion, it’s clear that there are no significant differences other than their water filling speed, available colors, and weight.

So, the choice is clear. Let me say it loud anyway.

If you want to fill your tub faster and do not have issues with more weights and less available color, you should go for Kohler K-923. It will fill your tub at 7 to 15 gallons per minute.

But you will get only two color options, and the weight is higher than its counterpart.

On the other hand, if you want more color options and less weighted filler and have no problem with a less water filling speed, you must purchase Kohler K-922 filler. You can choose from 7 available colors,s and it also has corrosion and tarnishing resistant finishes.

Final Thoughts

You must have found it intimidating to choose the right one between these two bath fillers since they have many similarities. But after reading my KOHLER K-922 vs. K-923 reviews, I’m sure all your confusion is gone now.

With all these intensive discussions and differences between their features, you will be able to distinguish between the fillers and purchase one that fulfills your expectations. 

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