Kerdi Vs. Ditra For Your Shower – Which One Is Right For YOU?

It’s always confusing to choose between Kerdi vs. Ditra. For your room, floor, and especially bathroom construction.

Thereby, it’s a hassle as both Schluter Ditra and Kerdi are excellent choices for bathroom floors. Not to mention they both come with amazing features and factors providing you the best.

Do not worry, I will talk about the thorough details of Kerdi and Ditra. Moreover, I will give you a proper comparison and things you should consider.

So, let’s dive right into the corresponding Kerdi and Ditra.

A Quick Comparison Table

Well, Kerdi and Ditra both are from the Schluter end-user production, it is even harder to compare. But I know what do you guys need to know and lessen your hesitations and confusions.

A quick differentiation will simply give you a rough idea about the differences between Schluter Ditra and Kerdi. Thus, check out the comparison table of Schluter Kerdi and Ditra tile ready panels.

SpecificationsSchluter KerdiSchluter Ditra
Material TypeExtruded Polystyrene Foam Membrane in the center with reinforced cement-free laminated layers on both sides, and webbing fleecePolyethylene Uncoupling Panels and laminated fleece under each side
FundamentalsCement board floor with cutting assembling toolsWaterproof membrane and Ditra installation kits
Durability & FlexibilityExcellent sturdiness with Curved element to have necessary bent.Amazing sturdiness and flexible membrane
 VariationsCome in 8 different thicknesses, shapes, sizes, and applicationsTwo individual types for different applications
Installation MethodDirect, easy procedure, and easy to cut/installEasy to install but, time lengthy process
ResistanceWater, moisture, and temperature proofWater, heat, and moisture-proof

Detail About Schluter Ditra Vs. Kerdi

Before getting into the comparison and decision, you should first know the prime details about Kerdi and Ditra.

Schluter Kerdi board and Ditra are mainly used for bathrooms, floors, showers, and so on. However, they are developed in a slightly different manner. And so as their working procedure.

That is why let’s learn everything we should know about Ditra and Kerdi right away.

What is Ditra?

Schluter Ditra For Bathroom Floor

Ditra is an uncoupling membrane underlayment produced from Polyethylene. It comes with a dovetail configuration.

And anchoring webbing fleece laminated underneath implanted with mortar. The embedded, adhesive thin-set gluing ensures a mechanical coalition with membrane to the substrate.

How Does Ditra Work?

As we said Ditra is a reinforced Polyethylene decoupling membrane which is the main base. On each side of the membrane, mortar is implanted in a sandwich formation.

In this case, the membrane is decoupling but the mortar is not. In this factor, when we apply Ditra on the bathroom floor it creates a magnificent situation.

This situation makes the Ditra easily cover up all the cavities which are perfect for any kind of floor fitting.

Moreover, the square cavity grid structure makes the floor construction perfect without any movement stress or damage. Further, there are other benefits like membrane is water and heatproof.

Advantages of Ditra

  • Gives the thinnest construction layer on top flooring along with maximum performance.
  • Ensures even transition all over the tile surface and flooring (thick or thin).
  • In-plan movement provides effective transition decreasing unnecessary incidents.
  • Sheer plane flexibility makes it versatile along with assuring additional protection to the floor and tiles.

Disadvantages of Ditra

  • Highly reactive to chemical substances.

What is Kerdi?

Kerdi or Schluter Kerdi is quite similar to Ditra in terms of many things. The Kerdi is developed using bonded waterproofing and reinforced vapor retardant membrane.

Kerdi comes with a modified PEVA or Polyethylene core along with fibrous Polypropylene on two sides just like in Ditra.

How Does Kerdi Work?

kerdi shower kit

Similar to the Ditra membrane Kerdi works identically. It is a pliable tile suitable for direct application for any type of tile.

Well, we mostly prefer to use it for bathroom flooring.

Kerdi also has a sandwich formation, which makes it enable to seal any joint or gaps on the floors.

And the surface of this is waterproof and moisture retardant.

Further, this is also multifunctional and can be used as a Cement board known as Kerdi Board.

Also, makes sure the tile or board you are installing on the floor stays protected from anything. Further, it has some beneficial factors featuring long-lasting performance.

Easy and direct application, so you can install floor fitting instantly.

Advantages of Kerdi

  • Minimizes water leaks from getting into the gaps and eliminates molds with a vapor retarder.
  • Excellent water resistance in conjunction on the surface and in beneath.
  • Anchoring fleece creates even-construction managing floor setting movement.
  • Featuring Curvy and pliable sheets that provide flexibility and even-conjunction dimensional stability.

Disadvantages of Kerdi

  • Comparatively, it’s hard to find and a bit expensive.

Things To Consider To Choose Between Schluter Ditra And Kerdi

Now that you know all about the Kerdi and Ditra. It’s high time you figure out which one you should decide between Ditra vs. Kerdi.

Well, you must consider some factors and criteria when it’s about deciding between Ditra and Kerdi.

  • Quality and Materials

Of course, the foremost things you need to check out first are the material and quality of the product.

As both Kerdi and Ditra are manufactured from Schluter, they have some similarities in every aspect. The same goes for the Quality and Materials of these two.

Both Kerdi and Ditra is created with Polyethylene membrane. Also, both consist of sandwich formation. Therefore, they work the best as floor underlayment, especially for bathroom or shower floors/walls.

However, there are some individual differences between Kerdi and Ditra. The very first difference between them is that Ditra Polyethylene is Uncoupling.

In the sandwich formation uncoupling membrane is in the middle with thin-set mother fleece on both sides.

In the case of Kerdi, it is a reconstructed Polyethylene named PEVA right in the middle. On each side, there is polypropylene installed using adhesives.

Also, Kerdi comes with Vapor Retardant that enables direct installation of tile, unlike Ditra.

So, in here Kerdi is slightly better.

  • Durability & Flexibility
Schluter Ditra

Kerdi and Ditra consist of the almost same range of durability and flexibility. However, Kerdi is slightly better in here as well.

Kerdi and Ditra both ensure high-end sturdiness. Along with this sturdiness, they can easily withstand the gas amount of stress and strain.

Also, they provide dimensional stability making the membranes compatible with any type of floor or walls.

As for the flexibility, Ditra comes with a drain grate design ensuring max flexibility. Well, curvaceous drain grate is also available in Kerdi.

However, Kerdi comes with one more thing for flexibility. That is pliable or super curvy panel smeared on it.

Thus, both get a tie (but I prefer Kerdi again).

  • Features

The prime features essential in the tile membranes are water resistance and heat resistance. Thereby, Ditra and Kerdi offer water resistance benefits very diligently.

But Kerdi has one additional function that You will love. The pliable sheet offering quality flexibility also ensures great waterproofing.

Further, Kerdi is designed in a special way that ensures a vapor retardant feature.

  • Adhesiveness

Schluter Kerdi and Ditra possess quality adhesiveness as well. To install or set up Kerdi and Ditra thin-set adhesive is used best.

So, it is a draw between Ditra and Kerdi.

  • Installation Time and Cost

Schluter Kerdi and Ditra are very smooth and easy to work with, operate, cut, and install. Moreover, you don’t need to wait around for tiling as you can apply them directly and right away.

But, Ditra requires a bit more time than Kerdi. So, Kerdi is a bit better in here as well.

Last Thoughts

I researched thoroughly about Kerdi vs. Ditra for you all having trouble deciding which one’s the best for you. I hope that I managed to discuss all the factors that are necessary to consider.

I know that we found out that Kerdi and Ditra come with so many similarities. But we also found out the crucial difference that helps you make a proper decision between the two.

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