iKon ShaveCraft 101 Review 2022 – Should You Consider It?

For any gentleman out there, picking a suitable razor for a perfect shave can be crucial. In this blog post, you will get to know about iKon ShaveCraft 101 review and if it is the perfect one for you to get the ultimate shaving outcome for yourself.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started with it and figure out whether should you consider this razor brand for yourself.

Features of iKon ShaveCraft 101

No matter which razor brand you pick for yourself, it will come with some unique features. iKon ShaveCraft 101 is no different. So, here you will get to know about some unique features of this razor.

  • Game Changer According To The Price
iKon ShaveCraft 101

If you compare the price of this particular razor with any other competitors in the market, you will find the price of the iKon ShaveCraft 101 razor is significantly really low.

But within this price range, it is indeed a game changer when it comes to ensuring a perfect shave for the users.

The precision and quality of the razor are what make this razor the preferred one among users.

  • Dual-Sided Head Design

iKon ShaveCraft 101 razor brings in a unique dual-sided head design. It means there are two different head designs on the double sides.

So, in the head design, you will find a standard safety bar on one side and an open comb on the other. You can use both sides effectively to ensure the perfect shaving outcome.

This different head design plays a big role in ensuring a smooth shaving result without causing any irritation on the skin.

  • Stainless Steel Handle

This is another noteworthy feature of the iKon ShaveCraft 101 razor. It indeed makes the razor very easy to use for the users while shaving and the grip remain strong.

This particular stainless-steel handle is so convenient for the users as it adds the feel of quality and substance, and balances a great deal.

Also, due to having the stainless steel in the handle due to the exposure to moisture, there will be less chance of rust in it. So, it will have significant longevity.

  • Best Head Design Causing No Irritation On The Skin
iKon ShaveCraft Tech Razor

So, what makes a razor stand tall from the rest available in the market?

It is all about how the users are finding it. iKon ShaveCraft 101 razor comes with a dual head design that is truly unique compared to the other razors available in the market.

This particular design ensures while shaving there is no reason to irritate the skin. So, this feature got a good number of positive feedback from the users.

No irritation on the skin means you can expect to use a particular razor for a significant time and also can rely on it.

  • Weight Of The Razor

The weight of the razor determines the easiness of using the razor. The weight of the iKon ShaveCraft 101 razor is 109g.

So, it becomes pretty easy for the users to hold it with a firm grip during the shaving procedure. Also, the razor is made with all sorts of quality materials that do not have much weight. Blades last longer as well compare to the other razor available on the market.

  • Easier To Grip Handle

It has an iKon OSS Stainless handle. The main feature of this handle is that it makes the razor very easy to grip. This easy grip handle makes sure there might be no sudden accidental cut in the face due to the slippery handle of the razor.

It is very crucial to get a perfectly finished shave on one’s face, otherwise, there might be some chances of accidents later on.

Now, here is a demo video of it for you.

What Could Have Been Better As A Razor For ikon Shavecraft 101?

So far you have come to know about some features of the iKon ShaveCraft 101 razor, more or less many of which are positive. But there is a catch.

If you look at all the reviews of the iKon ShaveCraft 101 razor, there are some points of the razor that were not very satisfactory. If the manufacturer paid enough attention to all those aspects, it could have been better, for sure.

In this section of the blog post, you will get to know some of those aspects of the iKon ShaveCraft 101 razor.

  • Smooth Blade Alignment Issues

This is a controversial aspect of the iKon ShaveCraft 101 razor. Here you will find the users getting segregated into two parts.

One group of users thinks that there is no alignment issue in the blades of the iKon ShaveCraft 101 razor. They could complete their shaving almost without no issue so far.

Whereas, there is another group of users that think while setting up the iKon ShaveCraft 101 razor they had to face smooth blade alignment issues. It ultimately made it difficult for them to do shaving with this particular razor.

So, it would have been better if this particular issue could be resolved to ensure a better experience for the users.

  • The Aggressiveness Of The Open Comb Sides

By now you must know that iKon ShaveCraft 101 razor dual designed head to ensure the finish of the shave is smooth. So many users have given positive feedback on it.

But some users think the open comb side of the razor is aggressive for their skin during shaving. But this aggressiveness is also not very significant.

However, the manufacturer can consider this observation for sure to less the aggressiveness of the open comb side of the iKon ShaveCraft 101 razor. By doing so, the users may find this razor even more convenient for them for daily usage.

  • Too Mild

Some users find the razor too mild for their regular use. As a result, they find it ineffective for their daily use, hence, they had to change their razor later.

So, the manufacturer can think about bringing some small changes to the design of the razor.

Final Thought

After having a thorough read over the iKon ShaveCraft 101 review, I am sure you must have got a pretty good idea about this particular razor. Now you can take a calculated decision on whether to invest your money in this razor.

If you want to know more about this razor, you can talk with the users as well.

I think there is a very less likely chance of you being disappointed after getting the iKon ShaveCraft 101 razor for yourself for your regular use. I am sure you are going to take the best decision for yourself.


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