How To Use The Western Toilet Without Toilet Paper? (Only 3 Steps!)

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There are currently a number of different ways we can now use western toilets without using toilet paper. The bidet toilet seat is among the greatest discoveries that have enabled us to use western toilets without tissue paper.

The seats combined the hygiene gains from other methods with the usual western flushing toilets. Moreover, among the many different ways of using western toilets, these seats are the best and most convenient to use.

How To Use The Western Toilet Without Toilet Paper?

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This article will show you how to use the bidet toilet seats on ordinary western toilets without using paper. At first, it may sound a little complicated, but with a few trials, you will get a hang of it. Follow the guideline below to get started.

  • Step 1: Finish Your Business

This toilet seat will only be for the purpose of clean up. Therefore, just like any other western flushing toilet, your next step would be to get on with what brought you to the bathroom.

Because you are using the bidet toilet seat, relax and get comfortable, it might take a while. Moreover, you can make adjustments on your seat temperatures to your desired settings while at it.

You will also need to make adjustments on the water temperatures. If you are not sure of which setting to make, set to medium level is always advisable. Later on, if you’d want to change, you can do that.

  • Step 2: Cleaning

Having finished your business, the next step will be to initiate the washing process. To set to cleaning mode, press the wash button on your bidet wireless remote control. This will extend the spray nozzle beneath you.

You will also notice the two rare and front washing functions on your remote control. To turn on the rare, press down the rare function and to turn on the front press down the front button.

To oscillate the spray nozzle, press these buttons again. You may want the wash to cover a wider area. While at it, please ensure the rare spray only cleans your rare and the same to the front. Extending any these particularly the rare may expose you to harmful bacterial infections.

Therefore, make sure the settings are done right and in the correct way. This way, the bidet toilet seat serves its purpose without causing any harm. If you will require adjusting the nozzle to cover the right area, by all means, ensure it is done.

The remote control will also have settings that can control the pressure of the splash. Depending on your preference you will be able to control the water during the wash. This means that you can increase or decrease the water pressures as you wish.

Similarly, the standard levels will be medium. The bidet toilet seat makes it easy to customize all these settings without any movements or getting into contact with water. Unlike in other methods of using western toilets, every control is only a button away.

All you need to do will be to call it. When the cleaning is done, switch off the cleaning mode to proceed to the next step.

If you are not completely familiar with the operators, the bidet toilet seat comes with a manual within the package.

Take time to go through the bidet toilet seat manual for a better understanding of how to use the cleaning operators. In addition, all installation procedures will be on the seat’s manual.

The wrong installations can easily interfere with the cleaning which is what we all want to avoid. Our aim is to thoroughly clean up the area. Therefore, to effectively use a flushing toilet without paper, make sure the nozzles are well installed.

  • Step 3: Drying off

Since water is involved, you will definitely need to dry off the water before putting your clothes back on. Do this to avoid any wet bottoms after using the toilets which could be in most cases wrongly interpreted.

To dry off the water, some bidet toilet seats will include an air drier that should take care of it. To activate it, press the air drier button of the bidet remote control.

The drying should commence immediately. The option of regulating the temperatures of this process will also be there. This means that the bidet will make it possible to dry off the water using the exact temperatures you will need.

Again, if you are not sure on the best temperatures to use, experimenting on a few will cause no harm. Try out a few to determine the best option for you. Relatively high temperatures are recommended to kill any bacteria and make the drying off progression quicker.

If your bidet seat does not have this advanced drier setting, a size-able cloth or towel should do. You will only need to part the area dry just as you would normally do after a shower. Make sure the area is properly dried before returning your clothes.

The cloth or towel should only be designated for this purpose alone to avoid more antiseptic infections. Also, you will require the towel hanged somewhere close to your bidet flushing toilet seat for convenience and easy access. The closer it is, the better it gets.


As mentioned before, the process is very clear and will only take three steps to complete. I hope this article has shed some light on how to go about the process without using toilet paper.

Especially for the first-timers, this method can take a while to get used to and should, therefore, be carried out with a lot of patience.

It is also an electric method and therefore, always undertakes these steps with absolute caution. Truly, you will need to avoid any trouble with such products. Also, make sure to flush the toilet before leaving the bathroom.

The bidet nozzles will often have a self-cleaning feature so that might not be a problem. This will make it easier and more conducive for the next person to use the western flushing toilet.

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