How To Rust Proof Your Shower Caddy?

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rust proofing shower caddy

Any shower caddy will make your life less stressful and keep your bathroom organized. It’s a very important tool for your bathroom to keep every bath product organized in one place and ultimately gives your bathroom a stunningly organized look.

Any metal, stainless steel made, or tension pole shower caddy will eventually rust over time. Expensive high-quality stainless steel made shower racks will last longer without rusting but at some point, you will notice the rusting. At that point, it will start losing its appeal.

But why they get rusted over time?

Your bathroom is a very humid area and you keep it there! That’s the reason it gets rusted so fast.

How To Rust Proof Your Shower Caddy?

Once it is rusted, it’s really difficult to get rid of it. Many tried cleansing their rusted caddies but the end result was to not promising. So you should take preventive measures to keep it rust-free.

Just because you have a chrome or stainless steel caddy, don’t think you don’t need to take preventive measures. No matter how high-quality it is, it will eventually become susceptible to such rusting. Follow these steps for the right preventive measures:

  • Clean The Caddy

You have to thoroughly clean the caddy first. Use a piece of steel wool or rust-removing cleaner to gently scrub away the already existing rust. Here is how you can remove rust from your caddy.

Let me remind you again. Only gentle scrub! Do not overdo it. Excessive scrubbing will remove the chrome coating from the caddy!

After giving it a gentle scrub, rinse it off and dry it thoroughly.

  • Deal with Rust Prone Spots First

Out of so many parts of your caddy, you will find some particular parts where the rust occurs most. Find such spots and apply clear nail polish on such parts. Make sure such pots are complexly dried before you apply the nail polish.

Now, why does it work?

Rust normally occurs where the air and water can easily corrode the metal. And nail polish is a pretty effective sealing agent to completely seal such spots from the metal so that the air and water can’t touch the metal at all.

  • Spray Rustolem

Other than the Rustolem, you can use any rust-preventing paint as well. Spray your entire caddy with the paint. This is the step where you can get creative as well. Use the color to match your bathroom décor.

When you are done painting, let it dry completely (for at least 20 minutes or more). When it is ready, it will look hazy.

  • Use Boat Wax/Car Wax

The next phase is to completely polish the entire caddy with boat wax. If you have water-repellent car wax, that will do the job as well. The boat/car wax works as a sealing agent. You gotta get rid of the wax now. To do so, use a piece of lint-free cloth to wipe off the wax.

At last, place the caddy in the bathroom. And you are done! Do the waxing every month so that water and air can’t touch the paint.

Last Words

Like I said before, it’s not a difficult job to rust-proof your caddy. However, you should not do this to a completely new caddy. Only when you notice your caddy is starting to have rust. And make sure to completely remove those rust before you apply the paint and waxing.

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