How To Replace A Bathroom Fan Light Combo?

You might be ignoring the importance of a bathroom fan light combo, but you must know how beneficial it is! Light will only provide brightness, but with a fan’s combo, you can get rid of the moisture in the air! But what will you do if your combo is not working? For an easy fix, you must know how to replace a bathroom fan light combo!

And for your convenience, we are here to help you install a bathroom fan light combo replacing the old one! Get your gears ready because now you don’t need to waste your hard-earned bucks on the electricians!

You can do it by yourself with some easy steps! Get ready to vent all the moisture out of the bathroom by making it clean and safe!

Things you Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Stepladder
  • Drill Machine
  • Wood- 1 ½ inch
  • Electric Tester
  • Keyhole Saw

Step by Step Process of Replacing Bathroom Fan Light Combo

how to replace a bathroom fan light combo

There are times when you see the bathroom fan light combo light not working. In this case, you might need to replace it and go for a bathroom fan light combo installation once again!

Step 1: Removing the Switch Plate

First of all, you have to go through the circuit breaker and switch it off. There is a specific circuit breaker that has the control for the light switch of your bathroom. And all you have to do is turn it off.

Now, you have to take off the switch place. Here, you might need a screwdriver. With the help fo the gear, you can easily take off the switch plate.

Step 2: Keep Testing

Now you have to take the electrical tester and test the wires. Look at the side of the switch. You will find the wires there. Now, you have to place the tester there. See if there is any light on the tester.

If you see that there is light, you have to ensure that you are turning off other breakers too. No matter you want to know how to replace a bathroom fan-heat light combo or you just want to check the light, you have to ensure your safety first.

Otherwise, this might be the reason of unwanted accidents. If you want it to be more secure, you can try to switch off the main break and be in the safest position.

And all you have to do is make sure that there is no light on the tester so that you can start with your work! Here, you should move on to replacing the switch cover.

Step 3: Disconnecting the Fixture

Now that you are here to replace the switch cover, you have to take a ladder.

  • Stepladder will make the working process easier for you. Get one of them and take it under the current light fixture.
  • After going up, you have to get your hands on removing the glove. Along with this, take off the light bulbs from the fixture.
  • Don’t forget to keep the screwdriver with you when you are up.
  • With the gear, work on loosening the mounting screws. As it is added to the junction box, you got to disconnect the fixture from the wiring. Here is an in-depth exhaust fan wiring guide.

Step 4: Removing the Junction Box

After disconnecting the fixture, you have to move to the inner part of the junction box.

  • Here, your first job is to disconnect the wire clamp. Do it and then approach removing the junction box. Be careful while doing this process as you don’t want to ruin the wiring.
  • Get your hands inside the hole of the ceiling and take the junction box out cautiously.
  • Now, check the attic space above.
  • After checking, with your full attention, slowly, you can push the wiring through this hole.

If you want to know how to replace a bathroom fan light combo without attic access, you can do it too! However, we are mentioning the regular process with the attic.

Step 5: Locating the Hole

  • First, take off the plastic grille. Now, take a look at the fan housing. Along with that, you have to take out the light and the fan assembly.
  • After getting these out, you can start looking for the attic. It is situated above your bathroom. After accessing the attic, you have to know where the hole is in the ceiling. Find the hole.

Step 6: Gliding the Wiring

Once you find the hole, you can take the fan housing and place it on the junction box hole. Make sure that it is set in the middle of the ceiling joists.

For your better understanding, you can use a pencil and draw a line to mark the outline of the housing against the drywall.

Now, taking the wood screws, you will need to fasten the braces with the ceiling joists. For this process, you will need a drill machine.

Now, get your hands on the electrical wiring that you have disconnected from the light fixture before. All you need to do is glide the wiring inside the fan housing panel through the hole.

Step 7: Drilling a Hole

After this, you can select a position where you want to place the wall cap. Look for a place in the exterior wall that is near to it.

  • Here, you have to mount the wall cap for the vent.
  • With the help of the power drill, you have to drill a hole.
  • Mark your favorite location and then locate the center of that marked area. Again, mark the center point.
  • With a power drill, drill a hole in the center. Here, you have to use a 1/4 -inch drill bit for drilling the hole.

Step 8: Making a 4-inch Hole

Now, your work will be to access the pilot hole.

  • For this, you will need an extension ladder. Take it and place it properly.
  • Now, take the power drill in your hands and try installing a 4 inches hole saw.
  • After this, make a hole that is 4 inches in size through the siding and the sheathing.

Step 9: Mounting the Cap

Now, move for working with the mounting flange.

  • Take bead of exterior caulk. Apply it all around the mounting flange of the 4 inches wall cap.
  • In this situation, your wall cap is ready.
  • Now, take the duct of the wall cap and get it inside the hole of the wall. After inserting it, you have to make sure that you have mounted the cap to the wall properly. Use 1⅓ inches screws.

Note: It is always better to settle for the stainless steel screws as they will serve you for years.

Step 10: Joining Duct parts

Here, you have to get back to the attic. Look carefully, and you will see that the 4-inch flexible duct is inside the vent cap, and another duct is on the exhaust fan.

All you have to do is attach them. After going to the attic, you have to secure these two parts. Use duct tape for joining the duct parts.

Step 11: Connecting the Wires

bathroom fan light combo replacement

After working with the wires and the duct, get inside the bathroom. Now your work is to tighten the wiring clamp. To be more precise, you have to tighten it surrounding the electrical wires.

The whole process will be done from inside the fan housing’s access panel. If you don’t know about the wires, you can search online and find the bathroom fan light combo wiring diagram.

If you notice, you will see a black wire that comes from the electrical switch. There is also another black wire that is in the access panel. All you need to do is add them up.

  • Take a wire nut for the job, and you can connect both parts easily.
  • After securing these two, you have to manage the white wires.
  • In the identical method, you just have to lay your hands and attach them with your wire nut.

Step 12: Covering the Panel

After adding, there will be some end parts of the wire. You have to wrap it around the green grounding screw in the fan housing.

Once you are done with this, you have to use a screwdriver for tightening the screws. Go through the access panel and tuck the wires into it. Take the panel cover, place it over the panel, and secure it.

Step 13: Securing the Fan and Light

Take the fan carefully. Now, glide it inside the fan housing. Go through the electrical plug and connect it with the access panel’s socket.

With the help of a screwdriver, you have to push the mounting screws and tighten them. In this way, you will be able to secure both the light and the fan to the housing.

Step 14: Placing the Grill

Take light bulbs on your hands and place them into the light fixture of the fan.

Hold the plastic grill on the housing and place it there. Before you push it inside the fan housing, go through the mounting wires.

You have to crack the mounting wires, put them in their slots, and get the plastic grill ready.

Step 15: Powering it Up

Now, you are almost done. You have secured the fan and the light on its position. You have also placed the grill.

Check if there is any problem or not. Switch on the circuit breaker first. With the help of the bathroom fan light combo switch, turn the light and the fan on.

Take a look at the fan and the light. If any of that is not working, you might have issues regarding the wiring.

Check and recheck before you place the grill again. Once you see the fan and the light working correctly, you are done!

We understand that the bathroom fan light combo replacement procedure is not that easy, but if you once get to know how it works, it will get easier!

Pro Tips

  • Before starting the work, wear safety glasses and gloves
  • Even if you are a pro, always turn off the circuit breaker
  • Before switching on the circuit breaker, clean the light and fan with a damp cloth
  • After installing the fan, deep clean the fan twice a year
  • Make sure you have read the instructions by the manufacturer before you start

Wrap Up

Now that you know how to replace a bathroom fan light combo, you can easily do it by yourself. All you need to do is get the required gears before you start. Also, don’t forget to check the proper installation method given by the manufacturer, even if you know everything.

After installing, let us know how you feel! Also, share your terrible experience with the bathroom fan and light combo.

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