How to Quiet a Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

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As a natural consequence, any bathroom exhaust fan will start making noise. If you buy a high-quality one, maybe it will happen 10 to 15 years later, but it will happen. Mainly the dirt and the dust are responsible to make the exhaust fan squeaky.

Luckily, you can fix the problem yourself as the mechanism of an exhaust fan is pretty simple and straightforward.

Trust me, you don’t need to call an expert to fix the loud noise of your bath fan. But I must tell you this, if you buy a cheap exhaust fan for your bathroom, it will make noise right from the first day. There is no point trying to fix it. It’s always a better idea to buy a new high-quality exhaust fan for your bathroom.

How to Quiet a Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

This is a very simple and easy to follow step by step guide to stop your bath fan making noise. Also, I have added an instructional video at the end of the article so that you face no problem following this guide. So, here you go!

  1. Safety first! Exhaust fans run by electricity and your first step is to switch off the electrical switch of the fan.
  2. Now you need to detach the vent cover from the wall or the ceiling. So, remove the exhaust fan vent cover that is attached to the wall or the ceiling.
  3. Once you remove the vent cover, you will notice a lot of dirt and dust in the vent housing. There will be the noticeable amount of dust and dirt on the blower wheel or the fan blades. Use any canister vacuum to remove all the dust and dirt.
  4. Now that all the dust and dirt are gone, it’s time to test the vent. Turn on the vent and check whether there is any noise.
  5. If there is no noticeable noise then your problem is fixed. But even after cleaning all the dust and dirt you notice that the noise still exists, then the problem is a little bit deep. Don’t give up yet! Still, there is something you can do to fix the problem.
  6. In this stage you need to adjust the blower wheel because maybe it is hitting somewhere in the housing and you need to fix it.
  7. Turn on the exhaust fan and use a flashlight to check where the fan is hitting in the housing.
  8. Once you discover where the fan is hitting, turn of the exhaust fan. Use any flat screwdriver to adjust the blower wheel so that it can’t hit anywhere in the housing.
  9. After adjusting the blower wheel and if it is spinning perfectly, there should not be any noise anymore. However, as an additional caution, drop a small amount of lubricant on the motor shaft so that it does not make any squeaky noise as well.
  10. Now that everything is fixed, you should put the vent cover back in place and turn on the exhaust fan. You will notice a significant improvement in the noise reduction of your bathroom exhaust fan.

Now watch the instructional video on how to quiet a bathroom exhaust fan. This will make you understand the above processes much easier.

Last Words

Modern exhaust fan should not make any noise at all. However, I should warn you against using any cheap exhaust fan. This will make your bathroom experience much worse. Always stick to the quality and pay some extra bucks. This will ensure you a trouble free exhaust fan for a very long period of time.

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