How To Install A Bidet [Learn With A Video Tutorial]

A bidet is a gadget used in the modern toilet seat to eject clean water after using the bathroom. It is not only a modern gadget but one that makes life easier, comfortable, and hygienic.

All bidets are designed for self-installation. They are easy to install and do not need plumbing services.

When buying the best bidet toilet seat or attachment, all one needs is the installation manual and you can do it yourself. Besides, at the end of reading this guide, you will also know how to install a bidet. However, if you are not able, then a plumber may do it for you.

how to install a bidetThe reason that makes the bidet easy to install is the fact that it taps into the existing cold or/and warm water supply channel behind your toilet.

Some bidets come with an in-built water heater system, therefore there is no need for a separate hot water line. This calls for a power outlet near the toilet to power the bidet seat.

It is also designed to use the existing toilet drainage, therefore, it does not need separate drainage when it flushes.

When you purchase a bidet, you will often get a manual that comes with it, with details on how to install it.

However, if you don’t get a manual or if the manual is somewhat complicated to use you can always refer to this article. There are a few simple and easy steps one can use to install a bidet.

Here is how to install a bidet

We have 10 easy steps to installing a water bidet. Besides, in the end, you will find a video tutorial on how to install a bidet.

Step One
Here, the assumption is that you have bought the best brand of your water bidet and now you want to install it. It is important to note; that installation sometimes depends on the type of bidet you purchase.

There are cold water bidets or cold and warm water bidets. Whatever the type you have, this first step will apply. Here it is;

  • Shut off the incoming cold or/and hot water. This can be done by closing all the water inlet from the respective wall valves
  • Then flush out all the water in the toilet tanks
  • Disconnect the current water hosepipe that connects the toilet tank to the wall.
  • Replace the hose pipe with the alternative short flexible hose that is usually included purchased package
  • Then tighten the flexible hose to the plastic T connector that is usually attached to the connection at the bottom of the toilet water tank.
  • You can use your hand to tighten the flexible hose.

Step Two

As mentioned herein, bidets may differ between cold water bidets from warm and cold water bidet. This second step is mainly when installing warm and cold water bidet. The need to have a unique hot water supply makes the whole difference from the ordinary cold water bidets. Again this only applies if the type of bidet has no in-built water heating system.

Here are the points to consider in this step

  • Disconnect the hose that connects the hot water supply valve to the sink unit.
  • It usually comes with a 16 flexible hose which can be used to substitute the existing pipe if need be.
  • Take the brass T connector and connect it to the hot water supply valve then connect to the sink water inlet
  • Then connect the flexible hose to the end of the Brass T connector, which is using the 3/8 inches of the flexible hose- small end.

Step Three
In this step, we will need to remove the toilet seat and cover. This step is now for those with cold water bidets. Toilets seat and covers are quite simple to remove all you need is to:

  • Unscrew the bolts and nuts fastening the toilet seat and cover.
  • You can do this with your hands since they are never tight.
  • However, you can use a proper screwdriver depending on how the seat and cover are fastened.

Step Four

Place rubber washers on each bolt hole where you unscrewed the toilet seat and cover. Then place the bidet on top of the rubber washers. After, you align the sliding seat adjusters to the same holes

Step Five

Now you can put back the toilet seat and cover on top of the bidet

  • Then put back the bolts and nuts and tighten them using the same screwdriver you used to remove them.
  • Ensure they are tightened in the right position.

Step Six
Step six is applicable to the warm and cold water bidets only. Cold water bidet will only need to connect to the usual water valve that brings cold water to the toilet seat only.

Here you will need to:

  • Take the flexible tube to connect the bidet’s cold water inlet to the Plastic T Connector on the toilet tank.
  • Measure and cut to fit and connect both sides (that is from the Plastic T Connector to the bidet).
  • The rest of the flexible tube will be used to connect the hot water inlet to the Brass T Connector at the sink.

Step Seven

Check for any leakages

  • Check the overall connection to ensure they are all fasted tight.
  • Then open the water valves to allow water into the system.
  • Check for any water leakage.

Step Eight

Check the pressure knob and set the bidet nozzle

  • Check the bidet, by turning the bidet’s water pressure knob slowly to the right.
  • This will help open the valve slowly and remove stagnant water.
  • Then set the desired position of the bidet nozzle
  • The bidet nozzle usually contains three positions for better water direction and effective cleaning. This can help in determining the best position that fits you.

Step Nine: Confirm the pressure

There is need to test the water pressure from the bidet.

  • Turn the water pressure and nozzle cleaning control slowly to the right.
  • Test the water pressure from the bidet to enure the pressure is comfortable for cleaning.

Step Ten: Test the temperature

The pressure and temperature should be checked before use. After you have checked the desired pressure:-

  • Test the temperature level from the control knob.
  • Check and adjust the temperature level to set the one that is most comfortable.
  • However, temperatures may vary with each day and the room temperature within the house, therefore understanding the knob control and temperature level will help in adjusting the levels everyday.

As promised before, here is the video tutorial on how to install a bidet.

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