How To Fix A Slow Flushing Toilet? [6 Methods Explained]

Before we go to the solution of how to fix a slow flushing toilet, we need to know about how the flushing system works in a toilet. This will help to fix the problem.

Water moves quickly from the tank to the bowl when you push down the flushing handle. The quick movement of water is very important because that’s what creates the suction in the pipe. And this is the actual flush of your flushing toilet!

Due to several reasons, water movement from the tank to the toilet bowl can be slow. This is what creates a poor or slow flush. There are several more reasons for the slow flushing toilet. In this article, we will identify them and give proper solution to fix it.

Reasons for Slow Flush & Their Solutions

There could be several reasons but luckily you can fix most of the problem yourself. Yes, there are some slow flushing problems that need professional help. But for now, let’s see what the common reasons are and how you can solve them yourself.

Check for Waste Blockage

This is the first matter you should investigate. Besides the solid and liquid waste, we often try to flush other things in the toilet that may create the partial blockage. In this situation, use the plunger to remove such blockage. Watch the video on how to use the toilet plunger.

As you can see, using the plunger is easy and this will fix the slow flushing problem most of the time. Sometimes you may need to use the toilet auger if the plunger does not work.

Fix the Vent

To allow water to flow freely into the waste lines there should be enough air. But if you hear gurgling sound nearby the drains, it means there is not enough air in the waste lines. You need to fix the vent.

Clear debris from the vent opening and using a garden hose, spray water into it. You may need to use the sewer auger to clear the vent pipes if the water backs up. Toilet auger and sewer auger are not the same. If you don’t have the sewer auger, you can rent one.

Watch the Flapper

As I said above, to have the suction to make a great flush, water must move quickly from the tank to the bowl. Open the tank and make a flush. Carefully notice the flapper while you make the flush.

Unless it rises until it is almost vertical, water can’t move quickly from the tank to the bowl. You need to shorten the chain holding the flapper to the flush handle.

Clean the Rim Feed & Jet Holes

Over time these holes will be blocked by mineral deposits like calcium and lime. Debris particles like rust may also build up. All of them will make the flushing system slow. You need to clean these holes.

To clean the rim feed holes, turn off the water supply valve first. Empty the tank by holding the flapper open. Pour 1 to 2 cups of toilet bowl cleaner down the flush valve opening. Make sure you don’t spill any cleaner into the tank.

For several hours or overnight, let the toilet unused. The cleaner should clean any mineral buildup in the flow channels. Turn the water supply back on and flush the toilet several times. To clean the jet holes, use the wire hanger.

Using Bleach To Clean The Toilet Bowl

You can clean your toilet bowl using the beach. Before you do so, make sure to stop all the water supply to the toilet. Pour almost a gallon of beach in the toilet bowl and let it sit there for almost 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes of waiting, flush your toilet. That should clean all the blockage that had been making your toilet to flush slow.  

Examine The Tank To Check Water Level

The water level in the tank should not be more than 1 inch below the top of the overflow pipe. If somehow the water level is below that range, there is not much water in the tank to make a strong flush.

There is a water level adjustment fill valve and you should adjust it to raise the water level.  

Last Words

If you have old toilets, most of the slow flushing problems occur. As you have seen, you can fix most of the common type problems.

Sometimes, you may need the help of a professional plumber. But if your toilet is too old and often shows symptoms of slow flush, it’s better to buy a new toilet. Within $200 to $300, you can buy a brand new strong flushing toilet.

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