Groomie Vs. Skull Shaver: Which Electric Head Shaver To Pick?

If you’re looking to shave your head, you have two great electric shaver options: the Groomie and Skull Shaver. Both shavers are specifically designed for shaving your head, rather than your face. They have differences in features, performance, and price that may make one a better choice for you.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the key factors you should consider when deciding between Groomie and Skull Shaver. You’ll learn the pros and cons of each shaver, see a detailed features comparison, and find out which provides the best shave for your bald head.

Now that you have a basic overview of each shaver, let’s do a detailed comparison of their features and performance.

Detailed Features Comparison

Here is a breakdown of the major features and specs between the Groomie and Skull Shaver:

FeatureGroomieSkull Shaver
Blades3 rotary floating heads5 floating blades
Contour FollowingPivoting head swivels in all directionsFlexible but no pivoting
Wet/DryFully waterproofDry use only
Battery Life60 minutes140 minutes
Charging Time8 hours3 hours
Cordless OnlyYesYes
LightNoLED battery indicator
Warranty1 yearLifetime replacement

As you can see, Groomie offers better wet shaving support and contour following with its 3 pivoting rotary heads. But Skull Shaver has a longer battery life, charges faster, and costs significantly less.

Shaving Experience Comparison

The most important factors are how close the shave is and how comfortable the experience feels. Here is how the Groomie and Skull Shaver stack up:


Groomie BaldiePro Head Shaver
Groomie BaldiePro Head Shaver
  • Groomie – The 3 rotary heads stay tight to the contours of your head for a close cut. Many users feel Groomie provides one of the closest bald head shaves of any electric shaver.
  • Skull Shaver – With 5 overlapping blades, Skull Shaver can shave nearly as close as a blade razor. The blades move independently to maintain close skin contact. Leaves just as smooth a shave as the Groomie.

Verdict: Both shavers deliver extremely close shaves on par with each other and surpassing normal electric shavers. For ultimate closeness, Groomie has a slight edge. But in reality, either will leave your head feeling freshly barbered and hair-free.


  • Groomie – The floating heads glide effortlessly over the curves of your head without irritation. Fully waterproof design allows for a comfortable wet shave. Reviewers mention the Groomie is gentle on sensitive scalps.
  • Skull Shaver – Provides a pleasant, irritation-free shave for most users. The vibrating blades don’t pull or scrape skin. However, some find dry shaving less comfortable than wet. Lack of pivoting motion can miss tricky angled areas.

Verdict: For comfort, Groomie wins out. Its wet/dry capability, pivoting heads, and gentle glide make shaving universally comfortable. Skull Shaver works well dry, but wet shaving is inherently more comfortable for some users.

Ease of Use Comparison

Convenience factors like handling, controls, and cleaning also affect the shaving experience:


  • Groomie – Excellent ergonomic grip makes it easy to maneuver all around your head. Fits nicely in hand. The pivoting head reaches difficult spots without needing multiple angles.
  • Skull Shaver – Lightweight and comfortable grip. Not as naturally ergonomic as Groomie, but still easy to handle. Requires angling the shaver more to reach awkward areas.


  • Groomie – Single button for on/off. No frills or complexity. Hold down button for a few seconds to turn on or off.
  • Skull Shaver – Similarly, one button controls power. Press to turn on, press again to turn off. Simple and intuitive.


  • Groomie – Fully waterproof so just rinse under water. The vacuum sucking action helps clear away trimmed hairs while shaving. Easy cleaning.
  • Skull Shaver – Must be hand cleaned by brushing out hairs. No water exposure allowed. More tedious maintenance than the Groomie.

For handling and controls, both models are on par and easy to operate. But Groomie pulls ahead for its easier cleaning thanks to waterproofing.

Battery Life & Charging Comparison

Cordless convenience is a major benefit of electric shavers. Here is how the battery performance shakes out:

Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO
Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO
  • Groomie – 60 minutes of cordless runtime from full charge. This is enough for 2-3 complete shaves before recharging. Quick charging not supported. Full recharge takes 8 hours.
  • Skull Shaver – Long 140 minute runtime allows 4-5 shaves per charge. Also includes a handy 5 minute quick charge for a single shave. Normal full recharge is just 3 hours.

Clearly Skull Shaver dominates for battery life, charging speed, and quick charge feature.

The longer run time and quicker charging reduce waiting to use the shaver again.

Big win for Skull Shaver.

Noise Level Comparison

Electric shavers can vibrate and buzz loudly, making for an annoying shave. Here’s how the Groomie and Skull Shaver sound:

  • Groomie – Reviewers note the Groomie produces a loud vibrating hum, especially at higher speeds. Noisy enough that some users feel uncomfortable using it around others.
  • Skull Shaver – Skull Shaver receives praise for its quiet, gentle motor. Vibrates at a frequency that doesn’t travel far and cause disturbance. Nearly silent even when used in the same room as others.

For noise level, Skull Shaver is clearly quieter and more discreet. The Groomie’s loud buzzing is a disadvantage if you prefer subtle operation or use around company.

Cost Comparison

Price often plays a significant role in choosing the right shaver. Here’s how they compare:

  • Groomie – At around $$ on Amazon, Groomie sits at the higher end of electric shavers. The price tag matches its premium design and performance, but is still expensive for many buyers.
  • Skull Shaver – Amazingly affordable at only $ on Amazon. Outperforms many competitors at twice the price. Exceptional value for the performance the Skull Shaver delivers.
Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO
Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO

Skull Shaver is the undisputed value winner.

You get excellent bald head shaving for a fraction of the Groomie’s cost.

Only pay more for the Groomie if you require its special features.

Maintaining a bald head requires specialized tools.

Using just any old razor or trimmer won’t give you the smooth, bump-free shave you want. The unique shape and contours of the head demand a shaver engineered specifically for the task.

That’s where the Groomie and Skull Shaver come in. Both brands design their products solely for shaving heads, not faces. This gives them advantages over general-purpose shavers.

The most important factors for head shavers are:

  • Ability to follow head contours – The shaver must maintain close contact with the varied curves of your head.
  • Comfort – Irritation, bumps, and nicks should be minimal. It should glide smoothly over the scalp.
  • Ease of use – You don’t want to struggle to shave hard-to-reach areas of your head.
  • Closeness – How near to the skin can the shaver cut? The closer the better.
  • Wet/dry use – Using the shaver in the shower with shaving cream or dry can impact convenience and closeness.
  • Corded/cordless – Cordless operation boosts maneuverability but requires charging. Corded models have unlimited runtime but less freedom.
  • Cost – Premium features come at a higher price, but value models can still deliver great performance.

We’ll dig into all these key factors between Groomie and Skull Shaver below. First up is a short overview of each shaver and its main pros and cons.

Groomie Overview

Groomie is a popular rotary style shaver with three floating heads that adjust to the shape of your head. It’s 100% waterproof for wet and dry use. The Groomie stands out for its pivoting head that follows contours extremely well.


Groomie BaldiePro Head Shaver
  • Excellent contour following
  • 100% waterproof
  • Use wet or dry
  • Built-in vacuum sucks up trimmed hairs
  • Cordless convenience


  • On the louder side
  • Short 60 minute battery life
  • More expensive than Skull Shaver

Skull Shaver Overview

Skull Shaver is an international bestselling brand specializing in bald head shavers. Their most popular model uses a 5 blade floating head design for close shaves. It has flexible head motion but not pivoting. Dry use only.


  • Very close shave
  • Inexpensive price
  • Long 140 minute battery
  • Can shave entire head on one charge
  • Nearly silent motor


  • Not waterproof
  • Less contour following than Groomie
  • Only dry use

Which Is Better For You?

Now that you know all the key details, which is the right bald head shaver for your needs and budget?

For most people, we recommend the Skull Shaver as the best choice:

  • Much more affordable price
  • Long battery life + quick charge
  • Nearly silent vibration
  • Lifetime replacement warranty

Skull Shaver provides incredible value and outperforms shavers costing far more. The only reasons to pay extra for the Groomie are if you:

  • Strongly prefer wet shaving
  • Need the longest possible closeness
  • Want maximum contour following

Groomie does excel at wet/dry shaving, closeness, and adapting to head shape. But for dry convenience shaving, Skull Shaver competes nearly as well for hundreds less.

Both are quality products and you can’t go wrong with either. Pick Groomie if budget is no concern and you want those premium perks. Otherwise take the bargain of the Skull Shaver.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are head shavers better than clippers?

Yes, electric shavers designed specifically for bald heads are better than hair clippers for shaving your scalp smooth. The floating heads of shavers like the Groomie and Skull Shaver glide easily over the curves of your head to provide a close, comfortable shave. Hair clipper guards are difficult to maneuver around the head and don’t shave as near to the skin.

Does the Skull Shaver really work?

Absolutely. The Skull Shaver is an exceptionally effective and convenient shaver for bald heads. The 5 blade floating head follows the shape of your head closely to deliver smooth, irritation-free shaves consistently. Over ten thousand 5 star reviews confirm the Skull Shaver performs excellently for a low price.

Which is better Skull Shaver or Freebird?

Skull Shaver is usually the better choice over Freebird for a few reasons: lower cost, longer battery life, higher customer ratings, and lighter ergonomic design. However, Freebird does allow wet shaving. For dry bald head shaving, Skull Shaver is superior in most ways and cheaper.

What razor is best to shave your head?

The Skull Shaver and Groomie deliver the best electric shaves for bald heads. Manual razors can provide a closer shave, but require more skill and introduce higher risk of cuts. Electric shavers designed specifically for scalps, like Skull Shaver and Groomie, offer the optimal combination of closeness, ease of use, and safety for bald head shaving.

Wrapping Up

We covered a lot of ground comparing Groomie versus Skull Shaver. Both deliver outstanding bald head shaving – Groomie with its pivoting wet/dry convenience, and Skull Shaver with its value price and long battery life.

For most users, we recommend the Skull Shaver for its stellar performance at an unbeatable value. But choose the Groomie if you prefer wet shaving or need absolute maximum closeness.

Hopefully this guide gave you the complete information you need to decide which of these excellent head shavers is right for your needs and budget. Whichever route you choose, you’ll be on your way to smooth, comfortable bald head shaving.

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