Golf Brush Head Toilet Brush Reviews 2023: Is It Worth It?

For cleaning your bathrooms, having a good quality cleaning brush is a must. But not any brush can clean the bathrooms properly.

Normal brushes with plastic bristles get damaged very easily as the bristles are not that durable.

The brushes with silicon bristles are expected to be better than the plastic ones. But is it actually better?

Here are some golf brush head toilet brush reviews for you to understand better if the silicon brushes are better or not.

Key Features of Golf Brush Head Toilet Brush

To know better about the golf brush head toilet brush, we need to know what features are included in it and how much of it is true.

Let’s check out some features that the company promises us to provide with the product

  • Durable Bristles
Golf Brush Head Toilet Brush

The golf brush head toilet brush is supposed to have more durable bristles than the normal plastic ones.

As it is made of silicon, the product is believed to have less wear and tear or any kind of damage the normal toilet brushes with plastic heads and bristles.

This brush is designed to resist any damage caused by the intense cleaning of the toilets.

The brush is supposed to last more years than toilet brushes with plastic bristles. If the normal toilet brushes last for 1-2 years, the silicon-based golf brush head toilet brush is designed to last for more than 5 years.

  • Quick-drying

The golf brush head toilet brush is designed to dry more quickly after use than the normal ones.

The normal toilet brushes with plastic heads usually a lot of time to dry and the holder is not good enough as no drainage system is there in the holder to drain out the excess water remaining in it due to the wet toilet cleaning brush.

When water does not drain out properly from the holder, it becomes very unhygienic and carries many diseases. That is why the silicon-based golf brush head toilet brush was designed to solve this problem.

It comes with a holder which has a proper drainage system to drain out the excess water remaining in the holder.

That is another reason for the brush to dry quickly and quicker than the regular ones we usually use.

  • Bendable Brush Head
Golf Brush Head

The brush head of the golf brush head toilet brush is flexible to move and bendable.

It is again another unique feature of the brush through which we can distinguish between the normal ones we use and this silicon-based based toilet brush.

The bendable feature of the brush is promised a better cleaning than the normal ones.

This feature silicon-based golf brush head toilet brush is very useful for cleaning the inner sides and corners of the toilets. Due to the bendable feature, they clean the corners which were impossible to clean and a nightmare to reach the corners.

That is why the bendable feature is way better at cleaning than the regular ones.

Things that Could Have Been Better

The main reason not to recommend this product is its quality of delivery and also not having the features they promised to provide along with the product.

It does not perform as much as it is expected to do. The number of features of its good performance is lesser than the number of its bad performance.

Let’s learn about more features that make me have such bad reviews about the product and which make them not recommendable at all.

  • Doesn’t Clean Properly

This product is supposed to clean the toilet much more than expected from the normal ones with soft plastic bristles which works fine to clean toilets.

But the product sometimes does not keep up to the expectations.

You cannot clean the specks of dirt accumulated in the inner corners of the toilet or the toilet like it was supposed to be cleaned.

It also takes too much time to complete the cleaning task and does not always do a good job. That is why is it often not recommended by those who have used it before.

  • The Handle is Too Small
Cleaning Toilet With Golf Brush Head

The handle which comes with the golf brush head toilet brush is too small to reach the innermost corners of your toilet.

It would just clean some of the outer sides of the toilet and that too is not very efficient.

You won’t be able to reach the insides of the toilet where you actually need to clean.

It would require you to lower down your hand to the level that it becomes disgusting for you to clean. Such hard work is not necessary for a hyped-up product like this one in the market. Although it is hyped up in the market, it is not worth the hype at all.

  • The Brush Holder is Flimsy

The holder which is provided with the golf brush head toilet brush is very efficient when it comes to drying the brushes. It also has a proper drainage system for the excess water coming out from the brush.

But the holder is too flimsy. It can easily get damaged after a while.

A durable brush holder is necessary for a durable brush. But this holder with the golf brush head toilet brush is not that durable.

It looks like it would break even if we touch it. If the holder cannot sustain that long, the brush will also face the same consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which type of toilet brush is the best?

The toilet brushes with nice grip with handles and durable bristles are considered the best toilet brushes on the market. OXO Good Grips and LOOEEZ toilet brush are some examples of such brushes.

How often should you change a toilet brush?

Usually, it is a good time to change your toilet brushes when you see the bristles getting damaged. It is good to change the brushes after a few months or twice a year in general.

Is the Golf brush head toilet brush worth it?

Although it gets hyped for its silicon-based feature, the golf brush head toilet brush is not worth the hype as much. Its performance is not up to the mark as far as we have learned.

Closing Remarks

Buying your toilet brush should be a great concern. So, don’t just buy a toilet brush to use seeing its hype in the market and the features promised by the company to provide.

Do your own research and buy the right toilet brush for yourself.

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