Gillette Slim Adjustable Vs. Rex Ambassador: Differences and Comparison

Appearance may not matter for a lasting impression, but it sure does for a first one. A dapper look will give you the advantage of a good first impression, but you’ll have to get a little extra if you want to stand out.

One way of doing that is good grooming.

There are plenty of razor options, but some are noticeably better than others. This article will focus on the Gillette Slim Adjustable vs. Rex Ambassadordebate, their differences, and a comparison of the two razors.

A One-Minute Comparison Table

If you’re in a hurry or just want the gist of the entire thing, this is for you. Here is a quick breakdown of the whole thing you can read in one minute. If you want a rush brief, just glance through it.

FeaturesGillette Slim AdjustableRex Ambassador
MaterialNickel coated brassMilitary grade stainless steel
Number of settings96
Blade gap (mm)0.38-0.990.30-1.29
Handle and grip90mm, good79m, better
Ease of useBetterGood

So, the basics and the quick breakdown are out of the way now. Let’s focus on the detailed breakdown of everything.

Comparison of Gillette Slim Adjustable And Rex Ambassador

This part of the article will focus on giving a detailed brief of the features mentioned in the table. You can judge and decide what product is the winner in a specific category based on this.

  • Material
Rex Ambassador Razor
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Material is more of a silent component between the two products. You wouldn’t think material really matters when it comes to razors, but it does.

The grip and ease of use can depend on the material, and of course the visual part.

Both razors are made of metals and look like they have a similar finish. The Gillette Slim Adjustable is made of nickel (or nickel coated brass is you will).

The Rex Ambassador is made of military-grade stainless steel. The difference is subtle but it is still there.

Rex Ambassador has been a stainless steel razor since the beginning, but the slim adjustable has changed its material options along the way.

Most vintage slim adjustable are nickel ones but if you’re having one pre-made for you then you can choose between nickel, rose gold, and rhodium.

Both razors perform well and the material doesn’t seem to affect that. If you’re thinking about visuals, the Gillette Slim Adjustable has more options than the Rex Ambassador.

  • Number of settings

The number of settings on the knob dial tells you how much you can play around with it. The Gillette Slim Adjustable has 9 settings and the Rex Ambassador has 6. It is a little hard to compare the aggressiveness of razors that way but let’s see.

The Rex Ambassador has 6 settings for shaving that go 1-6. 1 is the mildest setting and 6 is the most aggressive one.

The Gillette slim adjustable has a similar structure, the dial goes 1-9. 1 is the mildest shaving mode and 9 is the most aggressive mode.

The Gillette Slim Adjustable has more setting options and looks like it is leading this category, but there is a twist.

The dials of Gillette Slim Adjustable are fixed, you can’t turn the knob halfway to set the setting at 6½.

The Rex Ambassador is more flexible. You can half the given settings, just twist the knob halfway. So you actually get 11 settings and pretty good control of aggressiveness.

The Rex Ambassador’s highest setting is more aggressive than the Gillette Slim Adjustable one but that is subjective to the user.

  • Blade Gap
Gillette Slim Adjustable Safety Razor
Gillette Slim Adjustable Safety Razor

Blade gaps matter for close shavings and aggressiveness. The blade gap in your razor will tell you how much of a close shave you can get.

The Gillette Slim Adjustable has a bigger initial blade gap than the Rex Ambassador. The interesting part is how the gap changes with different settings.

The Gillette Ambassador’s blade gap is 0.38 at the mildest setting. The blade gap increases to 0.56 in setting 3.

And it is 0.99 in the highest setting. The Rex Ambassador has a 0.30mm initial blade gap. The gap becomes 0.63 in setting 3 and it is 1.29 in setting 6.

Rex Ambassador has bigger blade gaps for its higher settings. This means the Rex Ambassador is the more aggressive razor.

If you have sensitive skin, Gillette Slim Adjustable can be tough to handle unless you take the time to find the right setting for you.

  • Handle and grip

Handle and grip is important for both razors because they’re mostly for wet shaving audiences. A razor with a bad grip is a shortcut to nicks and cuts when you’re wet shaving.

The Gillette Slim Adjustable has a longer handle. The handle has knurls all over it to make sure it can come out the other end of all soapy situations.

The Rex Ambassador has bigger knurls and a “sure grip” technology they follow for good grip.

  • Ease of Use

Adjustable razors can be a bit tricky for new users. Unless you have previous user experience, finding the right setting for you is going to take time.

The Gillette Slim Adjustable is easy to handle. Changing blades is easy and you get what you see with the dials.

The razor is less aggressive because of the blade gap. This is a good point if you aren’t a fan of very close shaves.

The Rex Ambassador is the more aggressive one. If you have sensitive skin, this one can be your friend.

You’ll have to play around with the dials to find the right setting for you because they also turn to ½.

Which Razor Is The Right Choice For You?

It all comes down to personal preference. If you’re a veteran with vintage adjustable razors, then you can go with both.

If you’re looking for an aggressive razor, the Rex Ambassador can be your go-to. Rex Ambassador is the better option for sensitive skins.

The Gillette Slim Adjustable is milder between the two. If you’re looking for something like that and want a less close shave, this is the better option.

Make sure you don’t have sensitive skin though; this doesn’t work well with sensitive skin.

If you’re looking for something with a good grip, go for the Rex Ambassador. The grip is better, and you’ll have more control.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How do you clean adjustable razors?

Cleaning adjustable razors is pretty easy. Mix dish detergent (or other mild cleaners) and heat up the water. When it almost reaches a boil, turn your stove off.
Soak your razor in the hot water. Use a nylon brush and clean the razor up. You can use antibacterial soap but that’s not obligatory.
If you still have any patches with crud, borax and close to boil hot water will clean it up for you.

Is an adjustable razor good for beginners?

It is yes. Adjustable razors give better control and are easy to clean. The liberty of control is good for beginners who’re still playing around or looking for what they want.

How smooth is the Rex Ambassador’s performance?

Based on user reviews, the Rex Ambassador gives you what it promises. The shaving experience is pretty good, and it is easy to handle.

Is Gillette Slim Adjustable a good razor?

Well, you can be the judge of that. Performance is subjective to people but if it helps you, Gillette Slim Adjustable is one of the most popular adjustable razors.


The final winner of Gillette Slim Adjustable vs. Rex Ambassadordepends on you. Whatever you prefer will be the winner. You just have to be aware of your needs.

If you have sensitive skin, go for the Rex Ambassador with your eyes closed. If you want to experiment or are a beginner, go for the Gillette Slim Adjustable.

Either way, your shaving experience will get better no doubt.

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