How To Fix A Cracked Bathtub And Learn Some Preventive Measures Too!

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Before we jump to the fixing of a cracked bathtub, we need to know what type of bathtub we are talking about, right? Because, a single solution won’t work for all types of bathtubs like a plastic bathtub, acrylic bathtub, the bathtub made of fiberglass or some other kind of modern bathtubs.

More to this, we need to know what kind of crack we are talking about. And if we know what are the common causes of bathtub crack, we can prevent it from happening in the future. As you can see, this article is not just about fixing a cracked bathtub, it’s more than that.

Since the solution varies based on the type of bathtub and cracks as well, I will give you more than one solution. You will find a helpful instructional video on how to fix a cracked bathtub as well.

Since modern bathtubs are made of fiberglass mostly, I will give you a quick solution to fix it. The same solution will also work for the plastic made bathtub as well.

How To Fix A Cracked Fiberglass/Plastic Made Bathtub?

fixing cracked bathtub

You need to buy a bathtub repair kit suitable for plastic or fiberglass made bathtub from the local store. These kits contain epoxy and tinting materials for the cracked tub fixing. It is also widely available at any home improvement store as well. Such repair kits are also available for various color as well.

Buy only that one that matches your tub. Usually, these kits contain all the materials needed to fix a cracked tub. Now that you have everything you need, follow the step by step processes mentioned below:

  1. Read the kit’s instructions first. Does it say anything about using a mesh? Using a mesh has a relationship with the size of the crack. If the crack size of your tub matches, then cut a piece of mesh to fit the crack.
  2. Then make sure to clean around the cracked area of your tub. Make sure the area is not wet. If it is wet, dry the area completely. Very important!
  3. It’s time to mix the epoxy and the tinting materials. Most of the time the instruction of the kit will tell you where to mix it. You may mix it in a dish or the kit will give you a big to mix it.
  4. Now it’s time to spread the epoxy mix over the crack. You need to spread the mix quickly as it will start to harden as soon as it gets exposed to air. You are advised to use a putty knife to spread it.
  5. If the mesh is required, place it over the epoxy. Make sure to lay the mesh over the epoxy when it is still wet. Otherwise, it won’t work.
  6. Now, over the mesh place more epoxy. Make sure to smooth the top layer of the epoxy. That way the epoxy will dry smooth. Wait for a while to dry the epoxy.

The above step by step procedure to fix a cracked fiberglass or plastic bathtub may sound complex. To make it even more easy to understand, follow the video instruction.


Did you find the instructional video helpful? Now as I said above, let’s talk about what preventive measures you can take to prevent any crack.

Preventive Measures To Avoid Crack In A Tub

There are so many reasons why bathtub cracks may happen. Before we take any preventive measures, we need to learn why cracks happen. In a nutshell, there are mainly 3 reasons for the crack in the bathtub.

Number 1 reason of bathtub crack is the sudden drop of heavy objects on the tub and if the material of your tub is flexible, the crack will be more visible. This incident may create the same damage to other bathroom fixtures as well as your toilet, basin, and other fixtures.

The second reason is using a harsh chemical to clean your tub. And the third reason is the material itself which is lack of support.

A small crack, if it is left unattended for a while, will weaken the integrity of the tub further. Water and moisture will tract into the inside of your tube and causing more damage to your tube in no time. So, take actions as soon as you detect the crack.

Now, the first 2 reasons are easily preventable, right? Just make sure no heavy object falls and never use any harsh chemical to clean your tub. Now, take the following steps as a preventive measure to fix the third reason:

  • You can install support to prevent crack and for that, you need to use the expandable polyurethane. Go to your local hardware stores or any home improvement stores to collect the polyurethane. Buy a couple of polyurethane cans.
  • Somehow manage to access the underside of the tub and spray the polyurethane. Make sure to read the instruction that comes with polyurethane can.
  • Make sure to keep the polyurethane away from the tub’s drain. That way, your plumber can work on the drain if the situation demands.
  • You need to give the polyurethane enough time to expand. It takes some time to expand, so don’t forget to give it enough time.

If you have done this properly, your tube will have enough support to prevent future crack.

Pro Tips: If you want to keep your tub mold free and overall want your bathroom to be moisture and humid-free, make sure your bathroom fan is working properly. It’s very important to maintain the overall health of your bathroom.

Last Words

In addition, to give you the solution on how to fix a cracked bathtub, I have shared some useful preventive measures as well, right? Taking preventive measures is always advisable. No matter how efficiently you fix the crack, it will never be just like the new.

This is why always take preventive measures to protect your precious bathtub. No matter how sturdy and quality bathtub you buy, it will bound to crack unless you take preventive measures.

I hope you like this guide fixing a cracked tub. Let your friends and family members know about it. So, share it with them!

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