Dometic 320 Toilet Problems: Causes And What To Do?

It’s not exactly a secret that there are significant differences between toilets at your home and toilets in your RV. RV commode has rubber seals that prevent the water and odor from spreading. Dometic 320 toilet is specially designed for RVs.

But there are some issues with these toilets that you should know about.

You can solve many of these issues with proper care and maintenance. I will show you the issues of Dometic 320 toilets as well as give you solutions to overcome them.

So, let’s take this show on the road without further ado.

Issues With Dometic 320 Toilet

There are several issues with Dometic 320 toilet that should be addressed. Knowing them will help you make any decision.

So, here are some key issues with Dometic 320 toilet.

  • Spreading Bad Odor
Dometic 320 Toilet

The problem with RV is that it has a compact space. So, if your toilet has a foul odor, it quickly spreads through your entire RV.

The problem with Dometic 320 toilet is that sometimes its rubber seal doesn’t work correctly.

As a result, water from the black tank can spread through your commode. It will eventually spread the odor to your entire RV.

So, it’s a big negative point for an RV toilet. However, with frequent maintenance, you can overcome this problem.

  • Water Leakage

Another big problem with Dometic 320 Toilet is the water leakage. Sometimes water starts leaking from the base of the commode.

It happens because of a faulty flange. This round shape rubber part cannot keep the water from leaking.

That’s why water leaks from the base and spreads through the entire bathroom. It will eventually cause a bad odor throughout your RV.

Make sure you clean that round-shaped rubber regularly and check whether it’s okay.

  • Water Not Flowing Into The Bowl

After finishing your job, if you see no water flowing into the bowl, it instantly makes you angry. Well, it might happen with Dometic 320 series toilet.

A clogged water valve screen causes this problem. Somehow, the valve screen of this toilet gets clogged pretty fast.

As a result, water cannot come to the bowl when you flash. It can be irritating. On top of that, it’s pretty unhygienic as well.

So, make sure you clean the valve screen for water debris frequently.

  • Water Will Not Stop Flowing

We have already discussed the now water flowing issue. But sometimes, in Dometic 320 toilets, water does not stop flowing after a flash. It will cause multiple issues.

On the one hand, it will empty your water tank unnecessarily. And on the other hand, your black tank will top up.

This problem happens because of a faulty water valve. You will have to check the valve and change them frequently; otherwise, it will keep happening.

  • Parts Not Easily Available

Another problem with Dometic toilets is that their parts are not widely available. Since it’s an RV toilet, you won’t find it in regular shops.

You will have to order them from Dometic.

However, there are some off-brand parts available, but you might not find them near your home. Plus, there are lots of concerns about their quality.

So, you might not get Dometic 320 toilet parts easily if you need one.

Is Dometic 320 Toilet Worth It?

Installing Dometic 320 Toilet

Dometic 320 toilet is specially designed for RVs. We know RV toilets are different from regular toilets in our homes.

So, you can’t expect the comfort and features of those toilets in Dometic 320.

Nonetheless, these toilets are pretty good even though they have some problems.

This elongated toilet with a deep ceramic bowl and enameled wood seat will give you comfort you won’t find in other small-size RV toilets.

The full-rim flush is pressurized, and you will get a clean bowl after every flush.

Here are some good sides of Dometic 320 series toilets.

  • A Very Good Upgrade

Dometic 320 toilets are a pretty good upgrade from the previous versions, like the 300 and 310 series. Like those toilets, Dometic 320 is not made out of plastic.

This toilet is made of ceramic. As a result, the bowl is adequately glazed, and there will hardly be any waste residue after flush.

  • Easy To Clean

Since the toilet is made of 100% vitreous ceramic bowl and not plastic, it’s effortless to clean this toilet. The toilet will clean itself after flushing. But you should clean it yourself once in a while since it’s pretty easy to clean.

  • Homely Comfort

I’ve already said that Dometic 320 toilet is not like other RV toilets. It’s designed to give you the comfort of your home’s toilet.

With an elongated residential-style toilet, you can finish your job in comfort. Its full-size residential-style wood seat and standard height will make you feel at home.

How To Clean Dometic 320 Toilet Bowl?

An essential part of using an RV toilet is keeping it clean. By doing it, you can maintain the hygiene of your RV and make the toilet long. Here’re the steps you have to follow in cleaning your RV toilet.

  • First, put some water in the bowl and spread it using a silicone brush. It will be wise to avoid regular toilet cleaning brushes.
  • Then you have to apply the cleaning agent. RV toilet cleaners are available in stores; you can use any of them.
  • Now, scrub your toilet bowl using the brush and let it stay for a few minutes.
  • Finally, flush your toilet and rinse it well.

That’s how you are going to clean your RV toilet pretty well. Now, watch this cleaning video!

Essential Things To Follow

  • Clean The Toilet Frequently

You must clean your RV toilet regularly. Doing it regularly will keep your whole bathroom clean. At the same time, many problems can be solved simply by frequently cleaning the toilet and its parts.

  • Replace Faulty Parts

When there is a problem with a part, you should replace it with a new one without wasting time. This way, you can keep your toilet functional and make it durable.

  • Use Proper Materials For Cleaning

While cleaning, you should use the cleaner and tools that are specially designed for these toilets. Because RV toilets are different from regular ones, you can’t use regular brushes and cleaner to clean them.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How long is the warranty on a Dometic toilet?

Dometic offers 2 Years Warranty for its RV toilets for family use. The warranty starts from the day of the original purchase. But if it’s used for commercial purposes, the warranty will be valid for 90 days.

Why does my RV toilet keep filling up with water?

The reason your RV toilet keeps filling up with water is that the valve is stuck. In that case, you’ll have to replace it with a new one. It’s pretty easy, and you can do it yourself.

Why is my Dometic toilet not flushing?

There might be several reasons behind it. One of the reasons is the flush valve is not working. So, water won’t come into the bowl when you press the foot pedal.

Why is my camper toilet leaking?

A camper toilet can leak for several reasons. Faulty water valves, cracked bowls, improper sealing, and faulty flange seals can be the reasons behind the leakage.

Final Thoughts

Problems with Dometic 320 toilet are not minor, but they are not irreversible either. With the proper maintenance, you can keep it functional for a long time.

Like every other product, this RV toilet has some advantages and disadvantages.

This RV toilet wouldn’t be that bad if you could ignore the bad sides. Just make sure you keep it clean and regularly check the parts.

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