Best Deodorant Soap For Female Body Odor To Buy In 2024

There is no escape from sweating, so bad-smelling armpit and body are reality. But if you wash your body using the best deodorant soap for female body odor from a trusted brand like Coast, or Tom’s – I am pretty sure it’s a solvable problem.

Foul body odor is a confidence and slow relationship killer. Do yourself a favor, get the most recommended one, and love your skin once again.

6 Deodorant Soap For Female Body Odor Reviews 2022

soap for female body odor

They are not your normal bar soaps and you won’t see them in your local stores often. All the 6 recommended above work like a charm to get rid of body smell and moisturize skin. Le’s see why so many people have loved them a lot.

Tom’s of Maine

No more smelling armpit or vaginal sweating odor. It is not scented at all but is a great deodorant soap bar for everyone. I have placed it no. 1 in my recommendation list because it is highly recommended by experienced users.

soap for women's hygiene from tom's
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It completely washes away all the bacteria and germs from your entire skin. No bacteria no body odor.

Women who have very sensitive skin will find it very useful. Without any allergic reactions, it goes very easy on your skin.

It won’t make your skin itchy and red like what most commercial soaps do.

A blessing for the daily wash.

If you are fragrance intolerant, this is for you. The nice smell won’t cause any allergic problems. It’s very lightly scented (natural orange scented). And the scent lasts for a long time hiding your body odor perfectly.

A completely natural soap. No animal fat was used. It has multiple soaps to choose from and all the scents smell really nice. Once you get out of the shower, it won’t stick around. No residue is left on your skin. How cool is that?

Moisturizing body soap bar that is natural is very hard to find natural soap for body odor. It makes your skin perfectly moisturized. Only Tom’s got a larger collection of such natural soaps. 

The price is affordable, so you should get a couple of them if you are already a loyal user.

Why Should You Get It?

  • You can buy 6 or 12 bar soap packs. Each bar lasts for a really long time.
  • Available in 6 great smelling scents.
  • Proven to have excellent cleaning power. 
  • No artificial ingredients, color, or fragrances are used. Only natural ingredients.
  • Dermatologists tested. Professionals and experienced users have confirmed it keeps the skin moisture. Even in winter, it keeps skin moist.
  • It lathers up very well. 
  • No grimmy feeling afterward after taking a shower.
  • Never tested on animals. Say NO to animal cruelty!


  • Melt easily, but it lasts twice longer as any regular bar soap.

Coast Classic Original

The brand is in the market for a very long time and they made a name in providing quality deodorant soaps. It cleans really well and smells nice. So, if you are seriously thinking about soap for female body odor, Cost is a serious brand to consider.

Coast Classic Original
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Don’t take it other ways, but everyone hates females with strong body odor.

The smelling armpit and smell from vaginal sweating are hard to tolerate and love killer.

The smell of the Coast is so nice that your husband will love it even more. 

Many have been using for since the ‘70s when it was on the market for the first time.

Many are accustomed to it and can’t think of anything else. For those who have a hard time finding it in your local stores, this is your great chance. 

If you have any family members with strong body odor, do her a favor and give her this. You will notice a drastic improvement in body odor.

Lots of skeptical and picky people have fallen in love with the bar soap already. 

The clean scent has never changed over the years. That’s what loyal users love about it so much. Many have been using it for 20+ years.  And they recommend you use this if you have a strong body odor.

Do not let the body odor ruin your day and break your confidence. Coast has super effective cleaning power and invigorating scent to boost your confidence once again.

More Vital Information

  • Not just refreshing, it’s both hydrating and moisturizing.
  • Its invigorating lather is simply priceless. Many have confirmed that it leathers up really well.
  • Luxurious and rich feeling for the whole day. The clean feeling will last for the whole day as well.
  • Men love the invigorating scent of women that it leaves behind.
  • People will compliment your cleaned smell a lot.
  • Very reasonable price.
  • Many have been confirmed to have no residue after bathing.


  • Smaller in size than what it used to be.

Irish Spring Deodorant Soap

Does your body always feel dirty? Nothing can remove the strong smell. Well, Irish Spring is your answer. It cleans your dirty body really well and you will feel the clean body all day long.

Irish Spring Deodorant Soap
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No more horrible smell. Completely natural deodorant soap from a trusted brand that never lets you down.

Your skin will always feel fresh and moist with a nice smell. Regain your confidence back once again!

Smelling armpit and sweating body will always cause an odor that no one can tolerate.

You need something that can clean really well and leaves a long-lasting scent. Irish Spring offers you exactly the same.

Very nice to your skin. Many have confirmed it goes easy on your skin and never causes any itchy feeling. Who does not want to have a fresh-smelling clean shower every day? You won’t be disappointed. 

Many have been using it exclusively for 20+ years. For such loyal users, it’s hard to find the Irish Spring from local stores or anywhere nearby. It’s a great chance to get the same old good deodorant soap from here at a reasonable cost. 

A true blessing for itchy skin. You want to get cleaned as a whistle, this is what you need. It contains aloe vera and the smell is much better than the original scent.

Pros & More Features

  • You can get 20/30/48 bars in each order. Several buying options but I strongly recommend ordering the bulk if you don’t see it in your local store.
  • You can get the original scent if you don’t want to get the aloe.
  • 12+ hours of deodorant protection. Not just scent better, it makes your skin cleaner than regular soaps.
  • Perfect for every skin style. You can apply it to your face too.
  • Many have made it their regular soap for years. They don’t feel any need to change it.


  • Soft and disappears relatively quickly.

CeraVe Cleanser Bar

It’s a cleanser soap for women’s hygiene and is highly recommended to get rid of the strong odor. Do you get after-shower itchy skin?

Then it will be a blessing for you. No greasy feeling at all but extra soft nice smelling skin for the whole day!

CeraVe Cleanser Bar
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If you have dry skin and nothing works without giving you a self-loathing greasy feeling, I strongly recommend you to try this.

It has brought revolutionary changes in the life of multiple people who were suffering from such types of problems.

You can clearly tell it makes your skin comfortable and get rid of a bad smell.

It’s so moisturizing and gentle on your skin that you will be its loyal user years after years and call it the best deodorant soap for female body odor.

You will feel a difference even before the lotioning.

No longer do you have to be worried about your winter skin. Women with super dry skin hate winter! There won’t be anything other than a fresh scent and it won’t make your skin dry for sure. That’s the power of a hydrating soap!

As you know most other bar soaps leave a thin film on your skin and your skin gets even drier short after. But CeraVe hydrating soap will leave your skin super moisturized and you will fall in love with it permanently.

Try it today and there will be no going back to normal soap. The difference is too noticeable.

Features & More Pros

  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • It does not just clean, it restores your skin’s natural moisture.
  • Locks in moisture for 3 times longer time. It contains moisturizing cream of the same brand to nourish and moisturize your skin.
  • Perfect to be used on your entire body including your face.
  • Odor-free body for a longer time. 
  • No irritating fragrance was used. Perfect for sensitive skin (normal to dry skin). 
  • Lots of Dermatologists recommended soap for dry and sensitive skin.


  • Not 100% fragrance-free.

Dial Deodorant Soap

Dial fights odor like hell! A purely deodorant soap that’s main job is to fight odor. If you are living in an area where it is always hot and the environment is humid, this is what you exactly need to prevent your foul body smell.

Dial Deodorant Soap
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Why it can kill odor so well? Because it’s an antibacterial soap and it kills germs that cause odor and smell armpit.

The mountain fresh fragrance it leaves on your entire body is priceless. You will feel clean throughout the day. 

Not just it gets rid of odor from your body, but it cleans your body really well too.

Generates lather generously to clean you completely. This is the only natural soap for body odor you need a good hot shower.

Your husband will love the scent a lot. And why not? The scent is nice and apparently, almost everyone loves it. But it’s not overpowering and won’t cause any allergic reaction. 

This is something you don’t get much in your local store. Antibacterial soap that smells nice and does not cause any allergic reaction!

Many have confirmed that it keeps them fresh longer than most other normal soaps. Now, let’s get real. It’s an antibacterial soap to fight germs and bacteria. It’s not a moisturizing soap. You will still be needing to use lotion.

More Pros

  • You will get 6 bars in each order. Each bar is wrapped separately.
  • Won’t dry your skin, but use lotion after a bath nonetheless. But it rinses clean and it will exceed your expectations.
  • Lasts really long time. It does not melt as faster as normal soaps.
  • Clean smell for the entire day. 
  • It has a nice lather too. Many have confirmed it lathers really good.
  • Lots of people with normal, dry, and sensitive skin have confirmed it works for every one of them!


  • The price is a bit expensive.

Truremedy Naturals

In addition to your body odor, it’s perfect if you have skin irritation of any kind. The scent does not smell bad nor it is strong either. People who are very sensitive to smell have confirmed that the mild smell did not bother them at all.

Truremedy Naturals
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It does not make your skin dry either. In fact, there is a lot of feedback saying it made their skin super soft after taking a bath.

And it quickly gets rid of the bad smell. This is exactly what you need when you need a quick shower and you must smell good, right?

If your previous bar soap has made your skin super dry, give this a try.

It has already made skins super soft for lots of people. Your skin will get better day by day when you use it regularly.

When all other soaps failed to deal with the strong body odor, many have come to this. And it did not disappoint them. Read some reviews and you will see what I am talking about.

The tea tree-enriched natural soap lathers up really well and works great to fight odor-causing bacteria. It does not break down fast. So, it gonna be serving you for a long time. Very economical!

You should use any good antiperspirant to deal with your sweating and perspiration but you have to use this soap for quick action.

More Features

  • No harmful chemical used.
  • Proudly made in the U.S. without any animal cruelly. 
  • Wash away bodily impurities fast and thoroughly. No more ungodly odor from sweats and dirt.
  • Not just clean and moisturize skin, it heals your dry and itchy skin.


  • Some don’t like the tea tree oil flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which soap is best for bad body odor?

There are a couple of good soaps to fight your body odor like Dial Antibacterial soap, American Crew Deodorant Body Wash, Defense Soaps, etc.

Is deodorant soap bad?

It’s not bad. In fact, they are pretty good to fight your body odor.

Why do I smell bad even with deodorant?

When you switch to a new deodorant, it takes some time to adjust your skin chemistry before you see any result. If that’s not the case, you are probably using the wrong deodorant.

Why do my armpits stink even after I shower?

Keep your armpits clean and clear. Use any good antibacterial soap to shower. Use any good natural deodorant afterward. There should not be any armpits stink anymore.

What can I use instead of deodorant?

You can use lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, etc. instead of deodorant. Most people just use antibacterial soap and they are okay without any deodorant!

Final Verdict

Modern busy days need a quick shower and each should count when it comes to bad smells. Hot weather causes sweating and sweat causes bacteria to generate a foul smell. Get the best deodorant soap for female body odor recommended above today.

And you can thank me later!

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