Cremo Cooling Shave Cream Review 2022: Why Choose It?

If you are new to the beard shaving journey, feeling confused about choosing between conditioner and shaving cream is often a common practice. A cooling shave cream has multiple advantages to use. 

Having clean and comfortable shaving will be easy-going with cooling shaving cream. 

However, hundreds of options are there. Cremo Cooling Shave Cream is one of the most popular shaving creams, with tons of positive feedback on several online stores. So, it is not hard to see why people love this product. 

Let’s get into the Cremo cooling shave cream review to learn everything about this product. 

Reasons For Choosing Cremo Cooling Shave Cream

Judging a product’s quality requires you first to know its features or the benefits it will provide. Below are some of the top benefits you will get from using this cooling shave cream.

  • Safe & Natural Ingredients 
Cremo Cooling Shave Cream

Cremo cooling shave cream contains many natural ingredients, such as olive leaf extract, papaya extract, macadamia seed oil, lemon extract, etc.

Each ingredient contributes to making your skin healthy and beautiful.

For example, the olive leaf extract effectively diminishes skin redness issues and boosts new skin growth.

Apart from that, it increases the blood circulation in your skin area and makes it rejuvenated and detoxified.

Besides, papaya extract can reduce skin inflammation dramatically. It contains two special enzymes called chymopapain and papain that work as exfoliation. Removing dead skin cells and reducing acne is what you will like about it.

Other than these, the shaving cream contains macadamia seed oil that is well-knowing for moisturizing and nourishing. 

Its increased level of palmitoleic and oleic acid can help get rid of scars and chapping slowly. It works as a repairing agent to make skin fresh and smooth. 

Unique Molecules

It is necessary for shaving cream to properly stick to your skin so that you can have a clean and perfect shave. Since Cremo includes distinctive molecules, ensuring a smooth gliding seems simple while you move the blade in different directions.

You are less likely to experience skin irritation, razor burn, and nicks issues. This can help you get baby-like smooth skin with no or minimal cuttings. 

All you will love to have the comfortable and close shaving you were craving. 

  • Cooling Formula

It is common to experience a warm feeling while shaving your skin. Thankfully, this cooling shave cream includes peppermint and menthol to make your skin cool.

So, how does peppermint makes your skin cool? The ingredient triggers a protein named TRPM8 ion, which makes the cold receptor of your skin highly sensitive.  

This gives your skin a cold sensation feeling since it is directly related to your nerve cells. Also, the cooling agent gives your skin a fresher, healthier, and more energetic feeling.  

  • Barber Grade Formula
Cremo Cooling Shave Cream

Love to get a professorial grade shaving experience? Who won’t love to get it?

Just because you want to enjoy expert-level shaving doesn’t mean you need to go always to a barber.

All you require is to have the special shaving skills and the right product.

Since the Cremo cooling shaving cream includes barber grade formula, getting your desired shaving result is not complicated.

Its high-quality ingredients and top-notch results will give you a vibe of professional shaving. You will surely love the precise details of your shaving to have a feeling of professionalism. 

  • Higher pH levels

Since the shaving cream includes lemon extract ingredients, it has higher pH levels. It can aid you in eliminating unwanted oil from your skin.

Along with that, the shaving product has antifungal properties to clear any infection arising from shaving. 

Not to mention, vitamin C can decrease signs of aging and ensure a great improvement in skin texture and tone. 

Apart from these, it can repair your damaged skin that happened from excessive sun exposure. It has antioxidant properties to safeguard your skin.  

  • Smelling Mint

Love to get a refreshing scent? 

The Cremo cooling shave cream has a mint scent that gives you a cooling and fresh feeling after every shave. Its nice smell gives you a comfortable feeling while shaving your beard.  

  • 90-Day Supply

A little bit goes a long way. So, you need to apply a minimal amount for every shaving session. No matter how thick, coarse facial hair you have, a small quantity can smoothly get the job done.

Hence, the product can last for three months easily, even after every week of shaving. This makes it an economical option, preventing you from unnecessarily spending extra money each month.   

  • 5 Versions 

Not all will love the same version of shaving cream. Cremo cooling shave cream comes in 5 versions: Mint; Original, Sage & Citrus, Sandalwood, Silver water & Birch. So, you have multiple options to decide.

All of them have almost a similar formula except for their distinctive scent. For instance, you can get the Sandalwood version if you want to have a sensual and seductive smell.

Likewise, you can choose the Birch version when you prefer to have a sweet woody sappy green fragrance. So, different fragrances will give a different feeling.

Here is an experience sharing video with you.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Just because Cremo cooling shave cream provides a lot of benefits doesn’t mean it is free from cons. Here are some common complaints people have shared in their reviews. 

  • Needs To Go Through the Instruction 

Never make the mistake of using the product right away after getting it on your hands. Read the instruction on the product carefully.

Otherwise, the cream may clog up the razor, and you end up spending several minutes to jet-wash it. You need to use only almond-size squirt quantity. Not more than it!

Also, make sure to mix it with water properly to make it perfectly foamy. This will assist you in enjoying foamy shaving. 

  • Needs a shave brush 

Do you have a shave brush? If not, you may struggle to make the solution foamy. Unless it is perfectly foaming, your shaving experience won’t be as smooth as you expected. 

Just dime-sized amount in the shaving brush and enjoy the rest. 

  • Fragrances Could Be Long-lasting 

When it comes to scent durability, we prefer it to last as much as possible —and the same goes for cooling shave cream.

Not all versions of this product stay for a reasonable amount of time. A few of them vanish off its scent after rinsing the face with water.

However, most customers don’t give any bad reviews about the Mint version since its smell is pretty strong that can last a decent period.  

Final Thought

Is it worth buying this product after going through this Cremo cooling shave cream review session? 

Though this product has some minor drawbacks, its advantages are too good to ignore the flaws. Its affordable price and different version make it a versatile choice.

Apart from helping you to get clean and smooth shaving, it can leave a healthy effect on your face due to the natural ingredients. Since it is clinically tested, you can be 100% sure about its safety. 

Hopefully, this write-up has helped you get the right information about Cremo cooling shave cream. Thanks for reading!

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