Corner Toilet Vs. Regular Toilet: Key Features And Main Differences

No matter who you are, the toilet is something we all need to use daily. That’s why, choosing a new toilet for your home is a task is you should do very carefully, especially about the corner toilet vs. regular toilet debate.

There are many things to consider, but one thing people these days seem very confused about is whether they want a regular or a corner toilet.

In this article, I’ll discuss the differences and similarities between corner two toilet types and see which one fits your need the best.

A Quick Comparison Table

Though the type is different, the purpose both these toilets serve is pretty much the same. However, there are some other key differences that make them separate.

Each one is unique in its own way and build to be compatible with different homes and needs.

You might not notice any difference when you just sit one, but there are other differences between these toilets apart from their names.

Here I have made this quick comparison table to get a general idea about the differences we are going to see between corner and regular toilets. Also, if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to go through the whole article, this table will come in handy for you.

SpecificationsCorner ToiletRegular Toilet
Space efficiencyTakes less spaceTakes more space
Tank SizeTriangularRectangular
StyleMore stylishStandard look

Key Differences Between Corner Toilet And Regular Toilet

Now that you know the differences, let’s talk about them in detail. This way you’ll get a better idea and later it’ll be easier to make a decision.

  • Space Consumption
Corner Toilet

This is the most significant difference between a regular and a corner toilet. Day by day, the cost of bigger houses is increasing.

That’s why a lot of people allocate much smaller spaces for a bathroom in their house, compared to the past average size.

Now, with this smaller space into play, a toilet in corner of the room can be a real game-changer to unlock the corner space of your bathroom space and ensure the use of every square inch.

While regular toilets are installed against flat walls, the corner toilets sit at the corner increasing the usable space in your bathroom.

Additionally, if you are planning to install a toilet in industrial or compact spaces like under the stairs, the corner toilet stands as a better choice.

  • Tank Size
regular toilet

If you haven’t seen a corner toilet yet, you might be wondering how a toilet can save up space just by sitting at the corner.

Well, here is the interesting part.

The tank size is another key difference between a corner and a regular toilet that results in space efficiency.

While the regular toilet has the conventional rectangular tanks at the back, corner toilets have a triangular-shaped tank that fits perfectly into the corner of your bathroom space.

This way, those spaces at the corner get properly utilized. But in the case of regular toilets, the rectangular tank seems to stick out a bit from the wall, wasting space in your bathroom.

  • Different Style

The styling of the bathroom might not be a major difference for everyone, but I am sure most of us want a bathroom that looks clean and organized.

Now the difference between a corner toilet and a regular toilet might not be a big issue if you have a large space in your bathroom. However, if you have limited space, a corner toilet works better as a style statement with corner sinks and other stuff installed in other corners.

But if you have limited space and decide to go for a regular toilet, it not only can ruin the style of your bathroom wasting space on both sides of the toilet.

  • Installation

The last difference I am going to discuss here is the installation process for the toilets. As the location of these toilets is going to be different in your bathroom, so does the installation and the location of the waste line of your bathroom.

Now, if your bathroom is originally designed for a regular toilet, then installing a corner toilet as part of renovation can be a bit tricky.

On top of that, installing the waste pipe at the corner is more challenging when you are installing corner toilets as there is not much space to work with.

Quick Summary Of The Differences

  • Corner toilets has the best utilization of space as it sits at the corner. Regular toilets at limited space can be a waste of space installed on the flat wall.
  • Corner toilets have triangular tanks and regular toilets have rectangular tanks.
  • In limited space, corner toilets usually look more stylish and clean. Regular toilets can look messy and make it hard to install other stuff.
  • The waste pipe installation is trick for corner toilets. Regular toilets have standard installation.

Key Similarities Between Corner Toilet And Regular Toilet

Now that, we have discussed the differences, let’s talk about their similarities for the moment. These toilets have more similarities than differences.

Corner Toilet For small bathroom
  • Purpose

I mean it’s pretty obvious that both toilets have the same purpose of disposing of human waste and both of these toilets do that efficiently.

  • Flushing capability

The flushing capability is also the same for both toilets. Different types of flashes like single, dual gravity flush, pressure flush, etc. can be found in both toilet variants.

  • Shape

Though the tank size is different for corner and regular toilets, the bowl sizes available are the same. Both regular toilets and corner toiles come in round and elongated shapes.

  • Price

As both regular toiles and corner toilets can come with the same features and shape, their price also tends to be similar.

  • Water consumption

This is another similarity between regular toilets and corner toilets. Though they are installed at different places in a bathroom, the water consumption is the same.

So, Which One Stands Out?

As you have seen throughout the article, both regular toilets and corner toilets have their pros and cons. There is no clear winner as per se because both are good choices depending on your bathroom space.

If you are confident that your bathroom is big enough, then there is nothing wrong with regular toilets. But if you want to make the proper use of the limited space, corners toilets are hands down the best choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you swap between a regular toilet and corner toilet?

Yes, you can, but you have to make sure the plumbing will support it. It’s fairly easy if the plumbing is the same. If different, it’s still doable, but that’ll also require extra plumbing.

Can I install a regular toilet in place of corner toilet or vice versa?

You can do that in case you have a bathroom with a unique shape or have a design in mind. Otherwise, doing that doesn’t make any sense as that doesn’t serve both toilets’ key benefits.

Is corner toilets worth it?

Considering the low space consumption, a corner toilet can be considered a blessing. Except for the tricky waste pipe installation, it can save up a notable amount of space in the bathroom.

What toilet bowl shape is best?

As I mentioned earlier, both regular toilets and corner toilets come in round and elongated shapes. While an elongated shape is widely considered as the more comfortable option, round bowls can be great for saving up space.


No matter how you spend your time in the toilet, we all can agree that we spend quite a few minutes in the toilet every day. That’s why you have to be very clear about what you want as your toiler.

As I mentioned earlier, there is no clear winner between corner toilet vs. regular toilet. It just depends on the individual’s needs and the space available at home. No matter which type of toilet you go for, just get a high-quality one, and you should be good to go.

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