Why You Can’t Get Bathtub Spout Off And How To Fix It?

It is not a piece of cake when it comes to plumbing works. You thought of changing your old bathtub spout, but it is not coming out. 

Why can’t get the bathtub spout off? The problem pops out for different reasons.

Failing to get off your bathtub spout means the internal pipe might be corroded, the spout may have a huge amount of debris or mineral deposits accumulation. 

Let’s check out more details about this issue and how to fix a stuck tub spout.

Why People Struggle To Get Bathtub Spout Gets Off?

Like other bathroom accessories, it is necessary to change your bathtub spout after a certain time to ensure a functional bathroom system.

But we often face difficulty removing bathtub spouts that are excessively stuck inside the bathtub. Here are the top reasons behind it. 

  • Mineral Accumulation 

If your water supply has hard water, this can lead to an overmuchness of minerals. When you continuously use the same bathtub spout for several years, a huge amount of mineral deposit will accumulate inside the bathtub spout. 

This will make the spout stuck and prevent you remove it smoothly. 

  • Worn-out Bathtub Spout

Every bathroom accessory didn’t last a lifetime. They have a limited lifespan, and so does the bathtub spout. They generally last around 12-20 years. 

The continuous running water will make them weary gradually. You will notice various worn-out symptoms such as constant dripping, shower problems, rust, grime, leaking handles, etc. 

  • Calcium or Buildup Limescale

When your water supply contains dissolved calcium salts, you will notice white buildup or scale around the Bathtub Spout.

 When your water supply has iron substances, it will give a yellow hue or rusty appearance on the bathtub spout.

How To Fix Bathtub Spout That Is Not Getting Off?

unstucking bathtub spout

Your bathtub may have different types of problems such as screw-on tub spout, slip-on tub spout, etc. You have to implement a perfect solution based on it. 

  • Getting-off Screw-On Tub Spout

If your bathtub features a screw-on, a little twisting can help you get it off. However, if you are using the unit for a long time, it might have become hard.

Using a strong pair of pliers appears the best choice in such a case. It will help you to support the spout and rotate it in a clockwise direction. Finally, it will release. 

However, old caulk buildup or internal threading may make it too tight. In that case, you have to remove the caulk by scraping it from the lower area of the unit. 

Do it before rotating the spout. This will help you to get off the tub spout smoothly.

  • Getting-off A Slip-On Tub Spout

If your bathtub spout is a slip-on, removing their nuts or screws is necessary. After all, these screws are supporting the spout to hold on. 

Before unfastening the screws, cover the drain or pipe with something so that the nuts don’t get into it. After removing the screws, try taking out the spout towards you by firmly gripping it.

Make sure you don’t excessively twist it. Otherwise, you may end up cracking the internal pipe due to uncontrolled movement. Gentle action is always encouraged. 

Sometimes, the internal pipe may have copper threads, preventing you from removing the spout. You have to use a hacksaw or a wire tubing cutter to cut the tread. 

After cutting the thread successfully, put a screwdriver inside the spout and gently twist it off. If needed, you can put some extra force without overdoing it.  

  • Using Hair Dryer To Get Off A Bathtub Spout

A hairdryer appears as an easy solution if you still fail to get out of the bathtub spout. Switch on the hairdryer. Keep it at the opening of the bathtub. 

This will expand its structure when the temperature rises. Don’t put the higher temperature. Keep it low at first. Increase it gradually if needed.

Make sure you turn off the primary water supply line before using the hairdryer. This will prevent electrical shocks and ensure a safe condition. 

As an extra caution, you can use hand gloves. This will prevent any burning issues that can happen from the heated faucet.

Pull out the faucet carefully after properly giving hot air inside the bathtub spout. If needed, you can use any extra tool for better removal. 

  • Using Vinegar To Get Off A Bathtub Spout?

It is normal to see calcification inside the spout when you have been using the same bathtub spout for several years. This might be the main reason that is preventing you get it off. 

One of the most affordable and simple solutions is using vinegar. It can effectively get rid of calcification from the bathtub spout.

Put the vinegar in a bowl. Please get new fabric and soak it in the vinegar properly. Now, put the wet cloth inside the bathtub spout. 

Please keep it in that condition for a few hours and let the vinegar remove the calcium buildup from the bathtub spout. This will weaken the faucet. 

Once it has become weak enough, you can remove the unit with a simple twist. Clean the surrounding properly before installing a new bathtub spout.

Now, watch this video to see how it’s done.


A bathtub spout might be difficult to get off if it has become extremely hard. You have first to determine the type of tub spout your shower has and choose a solution according to it. 

Avoid putting extra force while removing the spout because too much pressure may damage the entire bathtub system.

We have already why you can’t get bathtub spout off and how to fix it. Make sure you follow the right solution based on the kind of spout your bathtub has and the problem it has. 

Choosing the wrong solution won’t help you eliminate the problem. Hopefully, this article has helped you fix the problem without facing any difficulty. 

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