Brondell 950 Vs. 1000 Bidet Seat: Which One To Choose?

Brondell is a well-known brand that offers top-of-the-line products. Apart from top-quality products, their customer support and after-sale services are impressive. 

Confused about choosing between Brondell 950 vs. 1000 toilet bidet seats?

Choosing between Brondell 950 and Brondell 1000 is relatively simple since both are manufactured from the same brand. This article will discuss in-depth details about these two products to help you select the best one.

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A Quick Comparison Table

Go through this comparison table if you want to know the primary details about these toilet bidet seats.

SpecificationsBrondell 950Brondell 1000
DesignSimple designAdvanced Design
Seat & Water temperature adjustability4 Seat & Water temperature adjustment options3 Seat & Water temperature adjustment options
Energy EfficiencyLess power consumptionMore power consumption
WeightLess weightyMore weighty
PriceLower priceHigher price

Both toilet seats are from the same manufacturer, but they have some unique differences, making them unique from each other.

They have almost a similar appearance. The Brondell 950 has a flat surface, while the Brondell 1000 has a slightly elevated surface at the bottom area.

Key Differences Between Brondell 950 And 1000

Sometimes, primary details may not give you enough details to make an educative purchase decision. That’s why I read the below part to have a good idea on two different toilet bidet seats.

  • Design

The Brondell 950, the Brondell1000 is a more advanced bidet toilet seat. Since the Brondell1000 has come into the market after the Brondell 950, it is common to have extra features.  

Both bidet toilet seats have some common features: a Self-cleaning nozzle, Adjustable water temperature and pressure, automatic power-saving mode, etc.

However, features like an Intelligent body sensor, an Adjustable warm air dryer, comfortable heated seat are absent in the Brondell 950. This gives you several reasons to own this unit.

  • Seat & Water Temperature Adjustability
Brondell swash 1000 bidet seat
Brondell swash 1000 bidet seat

One of the key functions of an electric bidet seat is adjusting the seat temperature and water temperature.

The Brondell 950 has 4 levels of water adjustability from 93.2ºF to 104ºF.

It also allows you to adjust the seat temperatures in four levels from 95ºF – 104ºF.

On the other hand, The Brondell 1000 has 3 levels of water adjustability from 89º F to 99.5ºF. It also allows you to adjust the seat temperatures in four levels from 88ºF to 99ºF.

  • Weight

Though both bidet toilet seats are from the same brand, they have a significant weight difference.

The Brondell 950 weighs 9.9 lbs for the extended version and 9.7 lbs for the round version.

On the other hand, the Brondell 1000 weighs 14.3 lbs for the extended version and 13.2 lbs for the round version.

  • Energy Efficiency

Since they are electrical bidets, they will consume a significant amount of electricity.

Compared to Brondell 950, the Brondell 1000 will consume more electricity because it features many advanced features that require more energy to operate.  

The maximum power consumption for Brondell 950 is 660W, while Brondell 1000 can consume up to 1200W.

  • Price

When choosing a particular toilet product, considering its price is important. Since the Brondell 1000 is a more updated bidet toilet seat, it is higher than the Brondell 950.

According to the Brondell official website, the price of a Brondell 950 is $399.00, while the Brondell 1000 will cost $599.00.

Hence if you are looking for an affordable option, the Brondell 1000 is a better choice —but you have to compromise some advanced features too.

  • Warranty

Warranty or after-sale services make the product more reliable. Though both bidet seats are from the same brand, they have a different warranty periods.

You should check them out first before you make your decision. 

Which One Stands Out For Your Toilet?

Brondell 950 bidet nozzle

Are you still confused about choosing between these two bidet toilet seats? No doubt, both models have many beneficial features to provide immense comfort to clean yourself.

It is better to give more priority to your requirements and budget.

If you want to have a less expensive model, which won’t consume a higher amount of power and has all the standard and basic features, the Brondell 950 is a decent option to consider.

On the other hand, when you want premium features from a bidet toilet seat, a longer warranty, and don’t have any problem with the budget, you can choose the Brondell 1000.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Brondell bidets good?

Yes, Brondell bidets are good since they have advanced features, premium design, and attractive body structure. Their bidet seats provide flexibility and immense comfort to use.

How long can Brondell bidet seats last?

With proper care, Brondell bidet seats can last 7 to 10 years. Since their latest models have 3 years’ warranty, they will not be damaged soon.

Are Brondell bidet seats easy to install?

The latest Brondell bidet seats come with all the important installation parts as well as the manual instruction for easy-going installation.

Are Brondell bidets worth the price?

Many people may complain Brondell bidets are a little bit more expensive than some other brands in the market. But you should also consider the extra features they are adding to their products apart from high durability.


Choosing the right bidet toilet seat is essential to have a comfortable position and clean yourself quickly and conveniently. 

Both Brondell 950 and Brondell 1000 are excellent toilet bidet seats, and they are great in their own way. However, you have to go to one side at the end of the day.

We have already mentioned all the nuts and bolts of both products and which one you should choose for a particular requirement. You first determine the type of toilet bidet seat you need and what extra features you need while considering the product’s price.

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