Brizo Litze Shower Head Review 2022: Is It Worth It?

Choosing the right shower head is always challenging. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have the best one in your bathroom. I have brought a high-quality shower head for you.

And I believe from this in-depth review of Brizo Litze shower head, you can find more about this shower head.

Brizo Litze is a high-performing, strong shower head with many added features and benefits. When you read through this article, you’ll know why I’m recommending this product.

There must be some reason why so many people use this showerhead. So, let’s dive deeper and see what it has to offer.

Features of Brizo Litze Shower Head

Here are some of the features of the Brizo Litze showerhead. After knowing them you can decide whether it’s a good product or not.

  • A Great Showerhead
Brizo Litze shower head

Brizo Litze is a 4 function Raincan showerhead with H2Okinetic Technology for better performance.

You can fill up your bathroom space with a distinctive design with elegance.

Besides, this high-end showerhead is made with excellent craftsmanship and innovation.

A meticulously handcrafted design coupled with a thorough inspection makes this showerhead an unbeatable product of its class. It will make your bathroom look gorgeous.

Plus, this faucet will last longer and give excellent performance.

  • An Adjustable Water Flow

Water flow is an essential feature of a showerhead. A good showerhead always comes with a balanced flow of water.

Too much flow will make your shower uncomfortable, and too slow flow will make you impatient. But a speed in between is perfect.

Brizo Litze showerhead combines precise engineering and artistry to balance a modern classic home environment and an urban commercial space. Its Low-Flow feature will allow you to control the water flow precisely as you want it.

  • Water Flow Performance

Since it’s a high-performing showerhead, you will get enough water per minute. Because of the adjustable feature, you can easily control the water flow amount. But the maximum water flow rate is 1.75 gallons per minute.

This shower will flow 1.75 gallons of water each minute at its maximum speed. There is no water-efficient filter, so you will get a heavy rain shower each time you go under this Raincan showerhead.

  • Material & Mounting Location

A high-quality and robust material has made the Brizo Litze showerhead robust and durable.

The primary material for this showerhead is metal. But you will get two types of material options from this product.

Either you can choose the steel option or nickel. Both come with a chrome finish for a smoother look.

Each of the two metal options will look beautiful in your shower space.

Brizo Litze is a fixed shower head that you must mount on the wall. Besides, it comes in a round shape. Its extraordinary combination of solid metal and a pretty good shape will make you fall in love with it.

  • Versatile Spray Pattern

There are a lot of spray patterns available for showerheads. Not all of them will make you feel happy. But I can vouch for Brizo Litze showerhead.

With two powerful and versatile adjustable spray patterns, you will have a nice bath each time.

H2Okinetic Full Body spray pattern and H2Okinetic Invigorating spray pattern will allow your showerhead to spray water efficiently and with style. So, it’s guaranteed that you will get an excellent bathing experience with this showerhead.

  • Available Color

Showerhead color is another important feature. With great color options, your bath space will look fabulous. Besides, many available options mean there’s a high chance your showerhead will match your bathroom interior.

However, the Brizo Litze showerhead is available in five colors. You can choose between Luxe Steel, Chrome, Luxe Gold, Luxe Nickel, and Polished Nickel. All these colors are excellent and will make your space vibrant.

  • Warranty

You will get a Lifetime Limited Warranty with a Brizo Litze showerhead for residential use. However, you will get a 5 Year Limited Commercial Warranty for commercial usage.

Besides, the product comes with a 30-day return policy. After receiving the product, you can return it and claim a refund within 30 days if you find any defect.

  • Price

Price is another crucial factor when choosing a particular product. Knowing the price will help you make the right decision. The list price of the Brizo Litze shower head is $337. But with a discount, you will get it for as low as $243.

What Could Have Been Better With Brizo Litze Shower Head?

Although Brizo Litze has many superior features that make it an excellent choice among people, there are some drawbacks. You will get a complete picture of this product when I address them.

These are minor issues that can be solved quite easily. So, here are some cons of Brizo Litze showerhead:

  • More Showerhead Shape

You will get a round-shaped Brizo Litze showerhead. While it’s a great shape, many people would like other options. So, the manufacturer can consider this issue and introduce more shapes like rectangular, square, etc.

  • A Better Commercial Warranty Terms

For commercial usage, you will get only a 5-year limited warranty. But Brizo Litze showerhead manufacturer could do better. They could offer a more extended warranty to attract more commercial customers.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is Brizo a good shower brand?

Brizo Litze is an excellent shower brand that offers high-quality bathing items like a showerhead, faucets, etc. They produce the best value luxury products.

What is the highest rated shower head?

Kohler Forte Shower Head is the overall highest rated showerhead. Apart from that, Sierra Classic Plus and Moen Attract Dual Shower Head are also on the list. 

Who makes the highest quality shower heads?

Kohler, Hopopro, Moen, Brizo, etc., are the top-class brands that produce the highest quality luxurious showerheads.

Is brizo a luxury brand?

Brizo is a luxury fitting brand that produces bathroom accessories like showerheads, faucets, etc.

Final Thoughts

A good showerhead can make your bathing experience exceptionally good. Be it in your house or outside, you will get a relaxing bath if you take a bath under a high-performing showerhead.

After reading my Brizo Litze shower head review, I’m sure you are already convinced about this shower head. So, what are you waiting for? Go and bring one home.

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