Blackland Sabre Razor Review 2022: Is It Worthy To Buy?

We are living in the 21st century. How many of us are still using traditional three-pieces of razors. Who wants to change the blade regularly?

But Blackland is an exceptional brand that introduced vintage three-piece razors in an advanced way.

Their newly introduced Sabre Razor has got a lot of positive feedback. Here we go for an in-depth Blackland Sabre razor review to let you learn everything from top to bottom of this product.

Let’s jump in!

Features of Blackland Sabre Razor

Blackland Sabre razor

Why should you buy the Blackland Sabre Razor when many modern shavers are available? It must have some good features to offer, right?

Here are notable factors that set this product apart from competitors.

  • Stunning Design

Traditional Three-pieces of razors look relatively a little bit old-fashion. But Blackland took the challenge seriously and utilized all the modern technologies to give it a stunning appearance something you can see on iKon ShaveCraft 101.

Its vibrant, sleek, and elegant design puts you in a delusion whether it is really the traditional razor. Its shiny coating gives your confidence and a proud feeling while holding it.

Most traditional razors come with a flat design where you hold them while shaving. But this unit features slight round textures.

Apart from giving an attractive outlook, it will conveniently add extra comfort and grip to hold the razor.

  • Single-edge GEM Blade

Precisely Shaving your beard requires a higher degree of control. After all, you want to have a clean and effective with no irritation or blood.

This razor features a single-edge GEM blade that is made of high-quality steeling. Showing superior performance with extreme precision is what it is well-known for.

Compared to traditional blades, it is super sturdy and has impressive durability to perform consistently even after several shaving sessions.

Getting the smoothest possible shaving experience is what you will appreciate about this high-quality blade.

  • Two Base Plate Levels

There are more than dozens of shaving styles. A razor should be versatile enough to let you customize your shaving style.

Thankfully, the Blackland Sabre Razor has two base plate levels. This allows you to go in different directions to create a unique beard pattern while shaving the unwanted areas easily.

In addition, many users rated it one of the best safety razors. Most of them either have no cuts or minimal cuts while using it.

Whether you have light beards, sensitive skin, or a beginner, this user-friendly razor can give you a comfortable shaving experience.

  • Three PTFE-coated Gem Blade

The razor blade is three PTFE-coated to decrease friction significantly and shave your beard in a better way. It has a premium edge that can last for a long time.

Additionally, superior quality stainless steel is used to make this Gem blade with aluminum backing. This type of construction is highly resistant to corrosion.

Besides, it has a balanced weight distribution to provide a smooth and convenient shaving experience. They are incredibly strong too.

Compared to traditional blades, Gem Blades have reduced thickness. This decreases their price. Also, it becomes lightweight.

You can shave around 10-20+ times with every blade depending on how much beard you shaved. 

  • Machine Finished Or Polished Finish

 You have options to choose between machine-finished or polished finish. A razor with a machine finish has an easy look and has standard construction like other razor blades. Its price is a little lower than a hand-rubbed or polished finish.

Plus, machine-finished blades have a consistent and eye-catchy finish with unique patterns. It will ensure a safe mark cut for each and every shaving session.

Polished finished razor has a little bit higher price than machine finished. It has excellent corrosion resistance.

It can offer an incredibly comfortable shaving experience for a customizable shave.

The manufacturer followed a multistage process to get rid of machining marks from its edge, providing it a classic and mirrorlike finish.

  • Fully CNC Machined Product

Since each Blackland Sabre Razor is made through a fully CNC machine, they have flawless construction as per the design.

Hence, the efficiency of the product remains constant for all Blackland Sabre Razors. You don’t have to fear picking cheap quality razors as they have no chance of manufacturing errors.

  • Guaranteed For Life

It is good to have a razor that has a lifetime warranty. Its sturdy construction ensures no cracking or damaging issues. All you need to do is change the blades from time to time and nothing else.

Also, the manufacturer offers a 30-day risk-free return policy to return their product if you don’t like it.

You can also exchange between machine finished and polished finish when you want to switch to another blade version within 30 days of purchase.

  • Impressive Performance

You will appreciate its bigger blade gap and higher blade exposure to offer a properly shaped edge. Instead of being aggressive, they work gently on your skin.

You don’t need to put extra pressure regardless of how thick your beard is. Effortlessly getting a close shave appears as simple as you expect. No drama!

What Could’ve Been Better?

No doubt, Blackland Sabre Razors have a top-notch quality. But it has negatives sides too. Here are they:

  • High Price Tag

Blackland Sabre Razor has a high price tag compared to other regular razors. If you are always sticking to buying a regular razor, you may think twice before getting this premium brand razor. It might be out of budget for many people.

As per the official website of, its price is around $220.00. Plus, you need to spend $45 to get a machined finish blade and $55 for a polished finish blade.

  • Issues with Handle Attaching

Several users complained that they often needed to attempt multiple times to attach the handle to the screw. It would be better if they could do it at the first attempt to prevent wasting time unnecessarily.

  • Regularly Blade Changing

Changing the blade after 10 to 20 shaving sessions is necessary as the blade’s sharpness and performance will degrade over time.

Spending a good amount of money is necessary since each blade replacement will cost around $45- $55.

Hence, if you are used to shaving every day or several times each week, the blade will merely go more than two months. This will increase your monthly cost.

Wrapping Up

If you are a beginner and prefer to have a premium version razor, you can consider Blackland Sabre Razor. Its elegant lines, impeccable finish, and smooth operation.

It can be a super comfortable daily driver for regular use. It works like magic.

You will get irritation-free, close shaves with the Sabre due to its engineering masterpiece. It is versatile to do various shaving styles in precise angles.

It is a must-have option for any adult if you can overlook its premium price. Hopefully, this Blackland Sabre razor review gave a complete idea about this product.

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