Bidet Pros And Cons [And Why The Americans Should Use It More]

Bidet toilet seats are now becoming very popular and more preferable especially for people who have used them for a while. They are most common in luxury hotel rooms and some even use them as amusement objects.

With these kinds of numbers, are bidets really that helpful or could it be that these bidets are only meant to entertain the rich? Hopefully, this article should help us conclude if bidets toilets seats are any better especially on flushing toilets.

Below is a list of pros and cons of bidet toilet seats in flushing toilets.

The pros Of Having A Bidet

gorgeous bidet
Bidet Brings Both Comfort In Your Life & stunning look in your bathroom

The main major advantages of a bidet toilet seat include:

  • Flexible

Bidets toilets seats come in such a way that they will fit on most toilets models we currently have. These seats will work irrespective of the shape of your toilet.

In addition, there are so many available choices to choose from. In most cases, you can easily find a bidet toilet seat that will match all your wants and needs, particularly in families.

What’s more, in case you want to move out to a new house, you will be able to easily carry your seat to your new house and install it. This means that they are very convenient and quite flexible at the same time.

  • Easy Maintenance And Service

For maintenance, once the bidet seats are attached to your flushing toilet, there is no much maintaining to do. The seats will come with a self-cleaning that will handle everything for you. They are also very easy to service.

With just a few tools, you can remove the seats for repair and fit them back quite easily. This makes them very easy to maintain and therefore a lot durable to use.

  • Come With Warranties

On purchase, the bidet toilets seats will also come with really amazing warranties of usually from three to five years. This means that its quality is guaranteed in case of any replacements you require.

This simply shows how confident the bidet toilet seat manufacturers are with their products. Therefore, if you have wanted to try out the seats, you should definitely get one.

  • Good Quality And Very Attractive To Have

Bringing in a bidet toilet seat will be among the best renovations you might ever do to your bathrooms. Just as I mentioned earlier, these seats are used to bring a lavish and modern look in the many luxury hotels we know.

With their good quality, your bathroom gets a really attractive appearance which is what most of us want. Rather than the usual cheap and ordinary look in the common flushing toilets, the bidet toilet seat goes an extra mile.

Some Cons That You Should Be Aware Of

Some of its demerits that come with a bidet toilet seat include:

  • A Little Tricky To Use

This remains to be among the major cons the biggest toilet seat has. This is because, on a purchase, the manual does not include any details about how to use it. In many cases, the first-timers are left to figure everything out for themselves which is quite frustrating.

This makes the seat more prone to damage if the user is not properly familiar with using it. Leaving out very important guidelines is, therefore, a huge disadvantage that greatly restricts its users.

  • Takes A Lot Of Time To Install

Although the manual will come with clear guidelines on how to install the bidet toilet seat, the process is really long and quite tiresome. The process is also a bit complex to handle it alone.

To get everything especially the nozzles perfectly centered, in most cases you will require an extra hand. Also, make sure to test the spray nozzles before sitting on the toilet to avoid shooting water across the room.

  • Not Really Environmentally Friendly

The bidet toilet seats were created with an aim to reduce environmental pollution by eliminating toilet papers. To some extent, these seats served the purpose but not entirely.

This is because, the shower clean effect the bidet toilets seats will give, has only left many, precisely the first-timers, uncomfortable and intimidated. This is mainly because, after getting the rare or front splash, having the wet bottom is not a great feeling.

As a result, people still use toilet paper to pat dry which defeats the whole purpose of the bidet toilet seats. For this reason, the seats are not really environmentally friendly.

  • Rumor About Infections In Females

In cases of uneven front and rare nozzles, a splash meant for the rear can easily extend to the front. This makes it very dangerous particularly for females. They are more likely exposed to bacteria causing infections which can be a really big deal.

Although experts have had a lot to say concerning both sides of the claim, it is still a very serious issue that has raised a lot of concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the downsides of using a bidet?

It requires a little extra renovation and more space in the bathroom to install it. Besides, if you are not careful, there is a risk of wetting your clothes.

Do you still have to wipe after using a bidet?

No. The bidet will take care of that. More so, it will air-dry your butt!

Are bidets healthier than toilet paper?

Definitely, a bidet is a healthier choice than toilet paper. It’s more gentle and hygienic than toilet paper.

Do bidets spray poop everywhere?

No. The nozzle of the bidet is designed in a way so that such a mess never happens.

Do bidets make a mess?

Nope. It’s the neatest and clean system invented in history to clean your butt and bathroom without creating a mess.

Bottom line

To conclude, the bidet toilet seats have shown to be convenient and more helpful to humans. The issue of maintenance is also well handled and easily enabled if need be.

Moreover, the seat’s quality is not doubtful and this means it can be very effective for its user. These seats will also bring a lot of uniqueness to your power flushing toilet and your overall bathroom.

However, if you are quite active and aggressively ready for the challenging bit when installing the seats on a flushing toilet, then, by all means, go for it. It may take a lot of your time, but it is definitely something you can handle with a friend.

Ensuring the installation is made correctly and right will be very important especially with the issue of bacterial infections.

Making the nozzles well and perfectly centered can help reduce the risk but the chance of getting infections will still be there.

In any case, you get to decide whether or not the bidet toilet seat will be of any benefit. I hope this article was informative and educative enough to help you to make a decision.

Clyde Mitchell

I run a hardware store nearby Court Anaheim, CA. Over the last 7 years, I have been blogging about home improvement and yes, I own From me and this website, you can expect some useful tips on great ideas for a modern bathroom.

2 thoughts on “Bidet Pros And Cons [And Why The Americans Should Use It More]

  1. as far as environmental, you can purchase one with a dryer, heated water and about any other feature one wants. seems common sense goes out of the window with us now a days. you are washing urine and feces from your behind! where do you think it comes from? well, wash THERE. As far as infections for women, good point. they have DUAL sprayers, but THAT one. installation? very simple. come on people, don’t we have ENOUGH control over our thinking? use your brains…

  2. When toilet paper became impossible to find earlier this year, I bought a bidet attachment for my toilet. $40. I installed it in about 15 minutes by myself and it works perfectly. As far as cleanliness, a quick rub with the fingers while the spray is on does very nicely. Drying? Why? It is just water now and dries quickly. Besides, I find the cool dampness for a minute refreshing. Wash your hands afterward (you do anyway, right?) and you are set to go.

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