Best Step Stool For Toddler To Reach Bathroom Or Kitchen Sink In 2020

The best step stool for toddlers should be safe, sturdy, and have optimal height. Even better, if it has dual-step or multiple steps. Based on parents’ favorites, I have narrowed down them into a shortlist. Have a look!

List Of Best Step Stool For Toddler For Bathroom 

Secure Home by Jessa Leona

best step stool for toddler from Jessa Leona
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This is one of the most selling toddler stools for bathrooms or anywhere parents like to place it. Sturdy, durable, and unbeatable price makes it so popular among parents.

Apart from using it for potty training for new toddlers, it can be used for older toddlers too. Why? It’s a 2 step or dual-height one. That makes it versatile.

With its 10.3 inches height, your toddler can reach the toilet seat easily or stand at the bathroom counter to brush teeth and wash hands. In fact, he/she can help you in the kitchen too.

It has 4 full corner rubber grips so that no matter how slippery the bathroom floor is, it will not slip. Very important to ensure the safety of your baby. With its soft-grip steps, your toddler’s feet will find comfort and the necessary support they need.

With this one, potty training is a breeze. The good news is, they have the exact match potty seat also. And you can buy the potty training seat along with this one.

Using it will make your bathroom as well as kitchen safe for your little one. He can even reach the bathroom vanity sink as well to wash hands. Unless you get it for your kid, he will use your dog (just kidding!).

Features & Pros Of Jessa Leona

  • The dimension is 10.3″ High x 12.7″ Wide x 14″ Deep. Let me explain it more. The lower step is around 5.5 inches deep whereas the upper step is 6.75 inches deep. Lots of parents verified that it has the perfect height for 2 to 3 years old daughters. It’s pretty lightweight, weighs only 2.3 inches but can hold up to 150 pounds.
  • Proven to be secured for any bathroom floor types.
  • Can hold up to 150 pounds.
  • Highly appreciated and recommended by parents.
  • No annoying and impossible to remove stickers.

Cons Of Jessa Leona

  • If unlucky, you may receive a broken one which is pretty rare. But don’t worry, you can always return it claiming a new one.

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Little Partners for Toddlers & Adults

Little Partners
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For those who don’t like plastic options and need the best step stool for toddlers made from wood, you can have a look at this Little Partners’ wooden footstool with a handle for the bathroom or kitchen.

Since it can hold up to 250 pounds, it’s great for both toddlers and adults. This is the one you gonna ever need.

As it is made of wood (durable birch wood with poplar core Laminated veneer lumber Construction) NOT plastic, it’s a little bit pricey. But trust me, it gonna pay off for a very long department.

So, how can it add value to your daily life?

It comes in 7 beautiful colors so that they can perfectly match your interior decor. Due to its cuteness, you don’t have to hide it.

As it can support the weight of an adult, as a parent you can easily lay the baby into the crib without having back pain. Also, when bathing your little one, you can use it as a bathtub seat so your knees don’t get sore.

In short, you can use it in the nursery, the kitchen, the bathroom, or wherever you want. Consider buying 2 if you don’t want to move it from here and there.

It’s a great one with a handle for a toddler that grows with your baby. As you can see it has 2 steps with a non-tip design (rubber grip steps).

It gives the perfect boost in height for your little one and will continuously do so as your baby grows. A perfect option for a toddler who always says ‘Let me do it and truly your little one can do it safely.

kid on footstool to reach his table
Give the kiddo a footstool!

Features & Pros:

  • The dimension is 32 x 15 x 20 inches and weighs only 6 pounds. As you can see it has a height of 15 inches. To make it even more simple, the height is as – 1st Step is 8″ above ground, 2nd Step is 12″ above Ground, 3rd Step is 15″ above Ground.
  • 7 beautiful colors like Apple Green, Ebony, Espresso, Natural, Pink, Soft White, and Stone Grey.
  • Has 2 steps. The first/lowest step is fixed and the upper step is movable which you can set in 3 different settings.
  • The highest level of safety is ensured. Comes with an anti-slip guard.
  • Tips: You should use any wet towel to clean the anti-slip grips. Using a dry towel or tissue paper won’t do the job. Take care of this model with rails, it will serve your kiddo for a pretty long time.


  • Very few reported having an issue with the paint. Only after a few months, does the paint wear off.

KidKraft Two

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If you need a great one that has 2 steps and looks gorgeous but wants to have it within your budget, KidKraft Two for toddlers is your solution.

Perfect for bathroom, kitchen, or wherever your little one needs some extra height to reach the sink or go to the toilet.

It’s the most selling model on some major online stores and is loved by hundreds of parents due to its cheap cost.

It has bad news though. It’s slippery. You must use an anti-slip grip. The good news is, that you can buy the multi-functional skid-proof stickers along with them so that it never slips in the bathroom.

Buying some non-slip pads is still a good idea as you are getting a wooden footstool for the bathroom or kitchen at the cost of a plastic option.

But for the price, stylish design, and sturdy construction, it is not only one of the most popular footstools for the bathroom but also one of the greatest step ladders for the kitchen too.

The non-toxic lacquer finish which is easy to clean and the built-in handles have made it really easy to carry it from here and there.

Features & Pros of KidKraft

  • It has the perfect dimension of 15.38″L x 13″W x 14.13″H” whereas the lower step is 6” high. The weight is 10 pounds.
  • Wood construction is NOT cheap plastic.
  • Perfect for 3 to 8 years old toddlers wherever they need some extra inches in height.
  • If the flooring is tile or wood, it will slip. So make sure to use some non-slip pads on the bottom of it.
  • Very easy to assemble. Just follow the instructions.

Cons of KidKraft

  • Super slippery! Again, don’t forget to use non-slip pads.
  • Not ideal as a potty training option but great for the older toddler to go to the big potty!

Little Colorado Natural

Little Colorado natural
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Let’s start with 2 good charming facts. It’s made in America and from pure pinewood (really!). It’s a two levels wooden footstool that can hold an adult and is made to last for a very long time.

Aren’t those enough facts to love it? To many parents, these facts are enough to be the top-quality one.

But that’s not all…

It comes with a built-in carrying handle and you can have it at an affordable price. Within a very short time on some famous online store, it got a lot of parents high appreciation.

Just like them, you will also like its sturdy wood construction, awesome craftsmanship, and no assembly feature.

Anywhere like bathroom, bedroom, closet, or kitchen, your little one needs a handy step up, Little Colorado will be there. It’s not only sturdy enough to hold an adult, but it’s also pretty lightweight too so that the kid can carry it alone.

However, if you plan to use it in the bathroom or anywhere there is slippery/wet flooring, you are recommended to use rubberized grip tape. Also, as it comes unfinished, you can color it with your kid’s favorite color.

Features & Pros Of Little Colorado Natural

  • The is 13 inches W x 12 inches D x 11 inches H.
  • Meets ASTM International and 16 CFR safety requirements.
  • Any great model should not tilt. May parents confirm that this one doesn’t tilt anywhere?
  • Even after several years of using it for the little one, parents verified that it is still working just fine as new.
  • No bad smell as it comes unfinished and there are lots of parents’ recommendations for friends and families.

Cons Of Little Colorado Natural

  • Unless you use any rubberized grip tape, it’s not safe in the bathroom or anywhere with wet flooring.
  • The height and size of the steps are made for the toddler only. So, if you as a parent want to use it for yourself, not ideal for you.

Ostrich Toilet Step Trainer Ladder for Kid

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This one is made solely for the purpose of toilet training. You can’t use it anywhere other than the toilet. But, if your kid needs some extra heights to go to the adult toilet, it is really second to none. Lots of parents already loved it and recommended it to you.

It’s a great toilet seat chair that fits perfectly any type of toilet available around the world. It has featured padded cushions so that your toddler has maximum comfort.

The anti-skid ladder base is really large enough to ensure the additional safety of the toddler.

When finished with the potty, dismounting is really easy and you can fold it for easy storage. So, you are actually getting a great folding footstool with a handle.

For potty training, it’s a Godsend potty seat with a ladder that will save you from a lot of unwanted difficulties associated with potty training. Instead of the potty seat, you are seeing in the picture, it can be used directly with the toilet seat.

Features & Pros Of Ostrich

  • The dimension is 25.6 x 14.9 x 3.7 inches. It weighs only 4.9 pounds.
  • So far it’s another great model for little boys and girls. It comes with 3 color options like Blue, Green, and Pink.
  • Adjustable steps. You can set the steps as you want. So far, it’s a really popular one for your kiddo.
  • No movement at all, so your toddler is perfectly safe.
  • Saves you from cleaning the potty after use. A big issue for many parents!

Cons Of Ostrich

  • Your little one can’t set up it. You need to set it up for the toddler each time.

Heyok Baby Dual Heigh Solution

heyok baby
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Did not find your favorite one yet? Here is another one that I am gonna cover to help you find the best step stool for a toddler.

This time it’s from Heyok Baby and it has won the Mom Choice Awards for its outstanding performance for the toddler.

Don’t you just love to see your toddler brushing his teeth, washing hands, and so on himself? Well, sometimes he may need a little help to reach the basin, right?

And you can give him the extra height with this award-winning model. It’s very new in the market but has already won the hearts of so many parents.

With this 2 steps solution, your toddler now can explore the house more independently which will ultimately give him/her much-needed confidence.

Many parents have confirmed that it’s durable and sturdy. Also, there is an anti-slip rubber mechanism on the bottom of it. Perfectly safe for your little explorer!

It’s very lightweight, so your toddler himself can carry it wherever he needs it. Reaching the sink or going to the toilet is not very easy for your toddler. Also, you can clean it easily with wet cloth.

So many parents have confirmed that it is perfectly safe. In addition to the anti-slip rubber, it does not slide on the tiles as well. No safety hazard for your little one.

The lightweight but sturdy one is also available at a very reasonable price. Since it’s 2 step model and last really long, it will serve your toddler for a very long time.

Features & Pros of Heyok Baby

  • The dimension is 4″ x 12.9″ x 10.2 inches. It is a perfect dimension to fit almost any bathroom set up. The first step is about 5 inches high and the second step is about 10.5 inches high.
  • It can hold a toddler and adult having weight up to 176 lbs-220 lbs.
  • Not all plastic models are safe. But this one features anti-slip rubber pad feet to prevent sliding or falling off the toddler. Also, has rubber mats on the steps to prevent slip.
  • Parents have confirmed the fact that the rubberized grip seems to hold pretty well to prevent the skid.
  • If your bathroom sink is high, your toddler can’t reach it. Give this to him and it will give him the extra boost of confidence and height to reach the bathroom sink.
  • Suitable for versatile usage like potty training, brushing teeth, washing hands, and so on.

Cons of Heyok Baby

  • The bottom step is not deep enough for the heavier toddler.


You love to keep your toddler around you while cooking in the kitchen, but your LO is having trouble with the height. This will not only solve the height issue (no matter what the height of your toddler is), it will add extra beauty.


The size is just perfect even for a small kitchen. If you want to give a little boost to the height of your little one, have it.

You won’t regret it. So many people bought it when their toddlers fell off the chair or table, and their problem was solved!

With its sturdy construction, parents have reviewed it as a stable one that is safe for any toddler. With any model with handles and sides, your little one will never be in danger.

Enjoy more time with your kids wherever you are in the home. This is something that every parent should have.

But will your kid love this toddler step stool with rails?

Almost all the parents who bought this have confirmed that their kids loved it very much. Now they have more leisure and tension-free time for themselves. Also, your toddler will get the confidence she was lacking.

Your toddler can move around comfortably and safely because it has enough space. However, this is for only one baby. Does not fit two of them at the same time. The folding and adjustable height option is really awesome. You can make it fixed but not recommended.

Pros & Features of Guidecraft

  • Available in 3 of your favorite colors Walnut, Brown, and Grey.
  • At the highest level, the platform has a height of 17 inches from the ground. The lowest setting is 15 inches.
  • The 2 height settings are really helpful, it will grow with your toddler!
  • Made from solid hardwoods; meant to last for several years.
  • Since it is foldable, you can keep it for several years when you don’t need it.
  • Reasonable price for such a nice one.
  • Easy to clean. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean it.
  • Structurally safe for toddlers with a non-toxic smooth finish. No parents felt any safety concerns about it.
  • Very easy to assemble. I could not find anyone who faced trouble assembling it. Just follow the instruction. Should not take more than 10 minutes.
  • When assembled, the dimension is 20” L x 21” W x 37” H.
  • No matter whatever you do in the kitchen, let your toddler be with you safely.
  • Experienced parents have loved it and recommended it. So many positive reviews about this one.

Cons of Guidecraft

  • A little bit heavy.
  • Not usable in the bathroom comfortably.

California Home Goods

Nothing feels so good as seeing the little one becoming independent. That’s the way they become confident. It feels so good when your toddler can put the dishes in the sink, and help you with laundry. And it will help your toddler to achieve that.

California Home Goods
California Home Goods

The soft grip of the bottom is really useful, it will never ever slip. In fact, a lot of happy parents have confirmed the fact that they never faced trouble slipping it. Your toddler is safe!

It’s a great potty training option in addition to giving an extra boost in height to reach the countertop or kitchen sink. Now your toddler can wash her hands herself.

It’s so lightweight that your little one can carry it herself and take it wherever she needs it. That way all you need to buy is just one.

You don’t have to buy many of them to keep them in the bathroom and kitchen separately. However, you will get 2 of it per order which is enough.

It’s a 2 steps model, meaning no matter what the height of your toddler –  she can use it. Also, your little one can use it for a very long time. The material is of high quality, so it will last long with its full integrity.

FYI: This is only for the toddler, NOT for the adult. Don’t try to stand on it.

Pros & Features of California Home Goods

  • Nonskid bottom for extra safety. Each corner has a rubberized grip.
  • The height, width, and depth are 10.5 inches X 11.50 inches X 14 inches. The height of the first step is 5.5 inches (with non-slip grip) and the second step is 10.5 inches high.
  • A must-have tool to make the toddlers self-dependent. With your little supervision, they can brush their teeth or go to the toilet themselves.
  • Sturdy construction; can hold up to 150 pounds. Stable performance years after year. No flimsy feeling at all.
  • No health hazard at all regarding the material of it.
  • Reasonable price; so many parents have called the price a ‘steal’.
  • Great recommendation from parents as a great one for toddlers to boost confidence.

Cons of California Home Goods

  • Instead of the soft rubberized top of the second step, it features hard plastic though the first step has a rubber grip. Some don’t like it. It would be great to have a rubber grip on the top as well.

Reach Up from Little Partners

For potty training or using the adult toilet, your little one needs an extra boost in height. A few inches boost in height can boost the confidence of your toddler.

Just for the potty training or reaching the countertop – sometimes a bare step stool does not work. Maybe your toddler needs the handle as well.

Reach Up from Little Partners
Reach Up Step Stool from Little Partners

That’s where the Little Partners comes in. It’s seriously sturdy and with the handles, your little one will feel more secure and confident. It will make all the difference in potty training.

Having 2-steps make have made it extremely useful irrespective of the height of your toddler.

Totally skid proof, no chance of sliding. Extra safety is crucial when it comes to toddler safety. Not all children can use a handle-free model like mine. They need extra help like using the handle. For those, this is really a great option to consider.

It’s not a cheap step stool, and you can imagine why. It’s in the market for sale recently but received high appreciation from a lot of parents. Within your budget, you can get this. Enjoy more time with your toddler while you’re cooking in the kitchen.

Pros & Features of Little Partners

  • Can carry up to 250 pounds with a dimension of 18.2 x 21 x 32 inches.
  • Made from solid wood with sturdy construction.
  • About 15.5 inches in height from the floor to the back of its back wall.
  • Weighs only 16 pounds, easy to move around the home adults.
  • It gives you all the benefits of highly expensive models without being expensive! You already know how costly any wooden step stoop with rails can be, right? Well, the price of this one is surprisingly reasonable.
  • Well-made and meant to last for several years. Definitely another great one with a handle for your toddler. Good purchase!

Cons of Little Partners

  • A little bit heavy. Don’t let your kid carry it by herself.
  • Maybe a little bit higher for the toilet.
  • If you have ADA-accessible stuff like sinks, and toilets – it may not be of optimal height.

Acko Dual Height [2 Pack]

Acko Dual Height
Acko Dual Height

Not only do they look so beautiful, but these non-slippery models are also the ones you need for your toddlers to give that much-needed extra boost in height. They are so lightweight that your kid can carry it.

Besides, you are getting two of them, so you can put one in the bathroom and the other one in the kitchen or wherever you want.

And you are getting two at a very reasonable price. In fact, it is less expensive than many others that I have reviewed above.

Even on hard surface floors, it won’t slip. Why? Because it features a rubberized bottom. In fact, the rubberized bottom part is relatively larger than most other models. Totally skid-proof! So toddlers like to jump off it without being injured.

Being a two steps model, your toddler can reach any tall sink or toilet irrespective of her height. Those extra little boosts really matter to give your little one grow self-dependency and self-respect.

A great one for potty training. The height is just perfect for your toddler. Now she can brush her teeth herself, go to the bathroom and wash her hands with your bare supervision. Even your little one can use it to climb the bed.

Pros & Features of Acko

  • Well-made and sturdy construction. Can hold up to 330 pounds. Sturdy construction with quality material (premium grade plastic) ensures that it will last for a very long time.
  • The size is 13 inches’ x 12 inches’ x 10.5 inches.
  • Dual-step has made it suitable for kids having various ages. They are always growing, right? Well, that’s why you need it. Help your toddler become independent with this one.
  • Anti-slip rubber mats on the bottom; perfectly stable on any floor types.
  • No harmful chemical used that may harm your toddler.
  • Parents who have been using it for their toddlers have recommended it for their friends and families.

Cons of Acko

Before you make up your mind about having this, learn the following cons.

  • Slippery surface of the steps; a deal-breaker for so many parents.


A curious toddler always wants to explore everything and gradually develops a sense of being independent. He wants to brush his teeth himself, go to the adult toilet himself, or just want to be with you while you are in the kitchen.


The only one problem he faces is his height. He can do all of the above with a little extra boost in height.

Using a traditional one can do that but sometimes he needs something better for safety reasons. So here comes the one with the rails.

UNICOO adjustable model with handrail can be your answer. It’s a little bit expensive but worth every penny.

Made from solid hardwood which is meant to last for a very long time. In addition to helping your kid, it adds extra beauty to your home.

It’s called a learning ladder because it will help your toddler to learn all the necessary things in life to make her self-dependent. While you are in the kitchen, keep your toddler around you with it. She will learn to see you cooking, let her do some dishwashing, and so on.

Pros & Features of UNICOO

  • When assembled, the overall dimension is 19.5″L x 14.8″W x 37″H with a weight of 31 pounds. Can hold a weight of up to 250 pounds.
  • 4 Adjustable height settings, so you can make the necessary height adjustment to keep pace with your growing toddler. Suitable for babies aged from 12 months to 6 years.
  • Extra safety measures are taken. No chance that your little one can fall off it. Harmful chemical-free finish, no health hazard.
  • A little assembly is required and it’s so easy to do that.
  • Safe investment. UNICOO stands behind its product for an extended period. If you face any trouble, just contact them.
  • High appreciated by experienced parents. You are welcome to read some of their reviews before you make up your mind.

Cons of UNICOO

  • Have complained about the paint job.

Cozy Dreams Anti-Slip Model

Cozy Greens
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Another great one for a toddler is the anti-slip toddler footstool for the bathroom from Cozy Dreams and parents on a tight budget love it so much.

The cheap price and quality of the anti-slip top and bottom toddler footstool has made it the top-quality model for the bathroom for your little one.

It gives your kid the right boost of height to reach the toilet or bathroom sink confidently. The smooth rubber never lets your kid slip. In one word, it eliminates the fears of your kid climbing.

It is perfectly safe for any bathroom floor whether it is slippery or not. The GrippySafe Anti-Slip Ringprevents any sort of shifting and ultimately develops your kid’s stability.

The step of the stool has the perfect size to help your little one climb on the toilet.

Made from high-quality materials to last a lifetime and the ergonomic design make sure to fit it around the toilet of any style. It’s pretty lightweight and super easy to clean which has made to so popular among parents. Also, it has an exact match potty ring. So, when you pair the ring with it, it will be the ideal potty training combination.

And one last thing you need to know about Cozy Dreams. For every purchase you make from them, they donate a small portion of the proceeds to a children’s charity foundation. So yep, you are not just helping your kid, you are helping other kids too.

Features & Pros Of Cozy Dreams

  • The dimension is 6.1’’H x 7”W x 11”L and weighs only 1.5 pounds.
  • Comes with a most helpful free ebook on potty training.
  • No issue like buckle or slip reported by parents.
  • Fits any bathroom decor.
  • Excellent customer commitment from the company end. Any you face any trouble with it, contact with them. They will replace it.

Cons Of Cozy Dreams

  • Due to delivery, very few parents received the already cracked one.

Tenby Living Jumbo

Tenby jumbo
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The average parents’ rating of Tenby Living is really very high in comparison with their counterparts. It’s a cheap one with the jumbo size that makes it a great one for many parents.

The extra-wide and extra tall model has a non-slip surface so that there is no chance of slipping.

The wide steps are really helpful for wiggly toddlers and this single feature has made it a standalone sturdy toddler stool than the rest of its counterparts.

In fact, no parents reported having that issue using it in their bathroom or kitchen.

There are non-slip caps which is completely removable to help you out draining water off the surface.

On the underside of it, there are non-slip extra-large rubber grips (on all 4 corners) to make it even safer for your toddler by keeping it in place.

It can serve you well to get your toddler on the toilet, reach the kitchen sink, and help you out in case you have a very tall crib in your nursery.

Features & Pros Of Tenby Living Jumbo

  • The dimension is 14.9 x 13.8 x 9.3 inches. It is pretty lightweight, weighs only 1 pound. It can hold up to 220 lbs of weight, so any adult can use it.
  • Very sturdy plastic construction, perfect for long time use.
  • 2 colors: Green and Yellow.
  • No report of sliding and slipping from any parents who already bought it.

Cons Of Tenby Living Jumbo

  • Not suitable color options to match with interior decor.

The Potty Stool for Toddler Potty Training

potty training
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If you are first-time parents, pay attention! Potty training is really tricky and if you make mistakes, you will regret them for a pretty long time!

Do it right, it gonna save you from a lot of troubles. And it can help you out doing it the right way.

Looking for a great one solely made for potty training the right way? Here it is and it’s made in the U.S.A! To stylish parents who have a decent budget, this is the ultimate one which is second to none so far. It is pricey but your toddler and especially ‘you’ will like it.

It is pricey because to ensure safety, stability, and comfort for your baby, they have employed high-cost manufacturing methods. This one comes with safety handles and a comfortable platform for your little one.

It makes your little one independent to go the bathroom and helps to boost most precious confidence. The handles will make sure your toddler can climb it securely. Also, they work as a secure armrest when your baby is seated.

Apart from potty training, your toddler can use it as a footstool too. So, just like lots of parents, you won’t regret having it even though it’s expensive. And after several years of using it, you will also say it is one of the high-quality toddler step stool with rails that every parent should have.

Features & Pros

  • The dimension is 23 x 23 x 25 inches.
  • One of the only model that has sanitary grip areas.
  • It works with every toilet, so you have nothing to worry.
  • It is made of high-quality plastic and it is completely washable.
  • Assembly is really easy.
  • Very secure and extended rails so that kids can get up and down independently.
  • Proven to be sturdy for a very long time.


  • Only 1 step.
  • Not suitable for parents with a low budget.
  • If you have a too small bathroom, it’s not suitable for you.

OliaDesign Children’s ( Slip Resistant & Two Levels )

OliaDesign slip resistant
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As the name suggests, it’s a 2 levels model that is slip-resistant for any flooring type. The anti-slip materials used on the underside of it have made it real steady.

And the good news is it’s very cheap and should be within anyone’s budgets for a toddler step stool to be used in the bathroom or anywhere else.

No matter whether reaching for the faucet or perching for the toilet or helping in the kitchen, it is a great tool for giving a little boost in height.

Many parents verified that the stool worked great for potty training for their little one. As it has 10” height in the tallest step, your older toddler can easily use the adult potty.

It’s a really sturdy and compact but lightweight model for a bathroom. A lot of parents said their little ones loved it and carry it all the time to turn on and off the light, wash hands and go to the bathroom.

Features & Pros of OliaDesign

  • For maximum performance, it has the perfect dimension of Width: 12.2 ” Depth: 7.5 ” Height: 5.1 ” and can hold up to 77 Pound. The tallest step has 10” height. This is the max height needed for any toddler.
  • You will love the stable yet simple design once you touch it.
  • Made from high-quality polypropylene and used synthetic rubber to safeguard against slip.
  • Very easy to move it as it has nice handles on both sides and it’s pretty lightweight.
  • Has a blue color one-level version too for half the price.
  • Lots of parents’ recommendations for their friends and families. Most of them are repeated buyers of the stool.
  • Most parents bought more than one piece and they are happy about it as it saves them from carrying it.

Cons of OliaDesign

  • Not suitable for a too-small bathroom.

Features Of The Top-rated Kids Step Stool

kid on footstool to reach kitchen

Kids love to be independent just like everybody else. Letting them use the best toddler step stool for the bathroom will give a confidence boost in a lot of ways.

But spend some time thinking about how many of them you need and where actually you gonna put them. To save yourself from some hassle moving it from here and there, it is actually wise to have more than one footstool. But before choosing any, make sure these following 3 facts:

Safeguard Against Slip: If your bathroom is wet most of the time and you don’t have any floor rug, the floor is slippery. You have 2 options. The right option is to use a floor rug.

Another option is to get something that does not slip easily. For this, you must ensure it is slip-resistant and base and step (non-slip grips).

Also, never leave your toddler alone when it is in use in the bathroom. VERY IMPORTANT!

Height Requirement: Maybe you are looking for one for the kitchen or a toilet but how many extra inches your toddler gonna need? Measure it first! Then decide to go after 1 step or 2 models. Plastic or wooden does not really matter. If you are going with 2 steps, make sure to get one with a handrail.

That’s The End!

That’s it for now. Pretty long article on finding the best step stool for toddlers to be used in the bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else. I did not cover any cheap model that is available for sale at the price of more or less $10 to $12.

And, you really should not use them because they possess safety hazards and your baby will quickly outgrow them. Buy anyone from the above reviewed for the bathroom for your little one and you can bet to use it for a pretty long time.

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  1. Jessa Leona’s Secure Home toddler step stool seems promising and I found a lot of positive reviews on it. But the price is too low which is little bit confusing. Is the quality any good? How is the grip and how long normally do they last? Should I buy multiple of them?

    1. Hi FirstNgan,
      Thank you for your comment and sorry for the late reply.
      The vast positive reviews tell everything about it. Lots of parents have been using it for years. They are sturdy and proven to last long enough.
      Based on how many rooms you have and how many places your little one roams, you should determine the number to buy. That will save you lots of time bringing the single-step model here room to room.

  2. Single step or double step toddler step stool will be great? I have 2 years old boy and I need a step stool badly. But I am little bit confused about the single step or double step stool. Also, Are those plastic made step stool skid proof? I am terribly scary about such incidents. What they attach to these step stools to make them non-slippery?

    1. I am extremely sorry for the late reply. Was busy prepping other stuff.

      As to your question, all the models reviewed above are non-slippery. Various models use various technologies or used various materials (anti-skid rubber) to make them skid proof. You can buy any one of them for your baby with confidence. Also, I will suggest you read some real user’s feedback before you decide to buy any of them.

      Let me know if you need to know anything more.


  3. The Little Colorado Natural Footstool you have reviewed above, is it made of pure wood? I really like the step stool for my toddler and I have a plan to buy it. Only I am not just sure whether it is made of pure wood and it is completely anti-slip. I heard slippery step stool is deadly enough to cause serious injuries to the toddler!

    My wife has a height of only 5 feet and she is pushing me to buy a step stool as well. Can she use it?

    1. Hi Mandy04!

      Thank you for your nice comment and I am EXTREMELY sorry for the pretty late reply!

      It’s great to see you have an interest in Little Colorado Natural model. You can be 100% confident that it is made from pure pine wood. Another charming fact about this one is that it is made in the United States Of American! Very few models are made in the USA. So about the quality of it, you really should not have any doubt.

      It’s an anti-slip model as well. Not just your toddler, your wife and even you can use it in the bathroom, kitchen or wherever you need to use it. It’s so sturdy! To get rid of your confusion about it, I recommended you read as many reviews as possible from the link I provided above.

      Let me know if you need to know anything more about this one.


  4. Isn’t it a real possibility that such toddler step stool possesses a real threat of deadly accidents from slipping? Yes, I know it is a must-have for the toddler to reach various stuff. Kids are always explorer and they need to have a peek at everything. That’s why they need a step stool badly.

    I am telling you this because I bought a step stool for my toddler a few months back and my little daredevil fell off several times! It’s because the step stool was super slippery:(

    Since the accident, I never let my toddler use the step stool. But recently, he is looking for it super badly. What should I do? The step stools you reviewed above, are those truly non-slippery?

    1. Hi Myron04!

      Thanks for your nice comment and I am truly sorry that I am replying pretty late and also sorry that you had really bad experience with yours.

      Can you name the brand of that? Yes, all the models I reviewed above are skid-proof. Follow my link that I have provided in the article and read some real reviews from parents. Only then you can understand that all those are non-slippery.

      A slippery model can possess real threat for the toddler and for any adult who uses it. So, before buying one, as a cautious parent, you must confirm that it is an anti-slip model.


  5. It’s great to see you have covered almost all the most popular model. I see there are some plastic made and wooden made models for a toddler. Which one do you personally recommend?

    The wooden option seems really pricey to me but it looks beautiful. Will it last long enough for my toddler to grow? I read some negative reviews about wooden toddler step stool. What should I do? I am really confused!

    1. Wooden model would be a great option for you. Yes, its true that the last less than their plastic made model counterparts. But if you can maintain it properly and since they are most of the time plastic coated, so I believe wooden model will last long enough to grow with your baby.

      About negative reviews of some users, you will find negative reviews on almost anything! But you must consider how many users are recommending it. That should be your main selecting criteria.


  6. I can see you have reviewed a lot of them and almost all of them are popular with great reviews. What I am wondering whether there is a dual step version of Cozy Dreams Anti-Slip model. I simply like the design of the Cozy Dreams and the price seems fair to me.

    But unfortunately, I could not find any dual-step version of it. Can you help me out? It would a great help for me if you can find the dual-step version of that model.

    1. Thank you for having interest in my review article. Cozy Dreams for the toddler is great and you are right the design is so adorable. Unfortunately, I could not find it’s dual-step version as well.

      If you are interested, you can go for the Tenby Living Jumbo for the toddler. Its dual step and I think it will serve your purposes.

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