Best Bathtub To Buy in 2020 [Freestanding Luxury Tubs]

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Buying a bathtub online is common nowadays. For the same quality, you have to pay a lot less than your local store for the same brand you prefer. Besides, it will save the transportation hassle as well.

Top 15 Best Bathtub To Buy In 2020

In total, you will get 15 reviews. But the following 10 are most popular that you should have a quick look.

S.N.ImageNameOur Rating (10 Max.)Go To
1.American Standard Cambridge9.8
2.Woodbridge 67" Freestanding Bathtub9.5
3.Empava 67" Freestanding Acrylic Soaking SPA Tub9.2
4.American Standard Evolution(Model. 2422V002.020)9.0
5.KOHLER Archer Bathtub (Model. K-1123-0)8.5
6.AKDY Freestanding Tub (Model. F210)8.3
7.American Standard Evolution (Model. 7236V002.020)8.0
8.American Standard Whirlpool7.5
9.WoodBridge 67” Modern Bathtub7.0
10.59” Woodbridge Bathtub (Model. B-0012)6.8

Now that you have the recommended models, let’s have in-depth reviews.

American Standard Cambridge (Model. 2461.002.020)

best bathtub from American Standard
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When you are completely exhausted and you need a mind-blowing bath to have the maximum relaxation, Cambridge should be your ultimate choice. A solid but completely lightweight one with more than 14” in depth.

I have put it at the top of my list because it has already won the heart of many and they have recommended it as the top-rated option for you. The porcelain finish keeps the water hot longer than you need to ensure your complete bath.

But there is a catch…

It is not a cheap one. But for the quality and long-lasting performance, it should be your in choice if you have a decent budget. It is a deep soaking model and if you want to have the feeling of an old cast iron model, you are making the right choice.

There are pretty good reasons why it will give you the most comforting bathing experience. The classic design is eye-soothing. Your stressful days are over with a deep soaking bath with its 26-degree angle lumber supportive contour headrest.

I request you reading as many customer reviews as you can before you make up your mind. And I am pretty sure you will end up getting the conclusion that it is both stylish and comfortable.

Even though I said it earlier that it is not a cheap one, but I want you considering this one to have in your bathroom.

Imagine buying such a thing from the local store, bringing it in your home and installing it in your bathroom. Do the math adding all the cost.

Now, the cost of the American Standard Cambridge will be definitely lower than that. You already know that among all the popular brands, American Standard is a prominent one, right?

Features & More Pros of American Standard Cambridge

  • ADA compliant with a bath seat installed at the drain end.
  • Comes with a 5 feet right-hand drain.
  • Slip-resistant bottom of the bathing well.
  • 60” X 32” X 17 ¾ inches is the overall dimension whereas the bathing well dimensions are 54” X 26” X 17”. Please notice that the RIM dimension is 54” X 26”. Believe me, its a great model for a standard size out there.
  • The size is just perfect when you have so many stuff in your bathroom like bathroom vanities, toilet and so on.
  • Americast materials ensure durable performance than the traditional cast iron made models.
  • A lot of customers have reviewed it as a well made and sturdy model. Several of these users have been using it for years.
  • Available in multiple colors like bone, linen, and white finishes.
  • Very easy to install, need only 2 persons. Fits into standard bath alcoves easily.
  • This 5 feet model is more spacious than most of its standard-sized counterparts. So, let’s say you weigh more than 550 pounds, still, you will have the comforting fit.

Cons of American Standard Cambridge

Though pretty rare, there is a possibility that you may receive a broken/defective model. Before you sign the paper, check it carefully. And don’t worry, if you found yours defective, just contact their customer support.

Woodbridge 67″ (Model. B-0002)

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It has more depth and length than the American Standard Cambridge previously reviewed above. Just by looking at it, you can tell it is more elegant and sophisticated. To me, it’s my second favorite.

They call it a great acrylic model to have a leisurely soothing bathing experience because this is a really deep one having 67” in length.

For the price and quality, so many professional contractors have called it another great choice. It is so beautiful that the look is eye-soothing. The size is just perfect and it will take the ultimate beauty to your bathroom to the next level.

The walls are pretty wide that you can install a faucet there. The acrylic construction and double-walled model will keep the water warm long enough to give you a relaxing bathing experience.

The shape of your body will be perfectly aligned with the ergonomic design of the WOODBRIDGE. And WoodBridge is a famous one among all the high-quality brands.

The price is reasonable and it will serve you for a very long time. Why? The reinforced fiberglass construction has made it last long enough to get the maximum value of your money. The glossy long-lasting finish prevents it from dulling and scratching.

You will find the U.S.A. based support team of the WOODBRIDGE super helpful. Whether you need professional help for the installation and replacing any parts, just contact their support team. The support team alone has a lot of appreciation from the satisfied users.

More Features & Pros of WOODBRIDGE 

Before I am going to reveal some of its cool features, I need you to be alarmed about something. Before you receive it, make sure the box has ‘WOODBRIDGE’ logo and ‘BTA-1504’ as supplier part number. Also, the overflow cover should be rectangular, NOT round.

If you don’t see those two, simply refuse to accept it. Now, let’s talk about it’s some cool features.

  • The dimension is 67” L X 31 ¾ inches W X 23” H with 60 gallons of water capacity.
  • Pre-installed overflow and drain.
  • Pretty easy to install and clean. Also resistant enough to fight against chemicals and cosmetics products. More people seem worried about cleaning it. As I said, it is very easy to clean and the wand on the faucet has made it really simple to clean.
  • Features a flexible drain.
  • UPC and CSA certified. It meets or exceeds the regulatory ANSI Z124.1 & ANSI A11219.7
  • The matching faucet is also available. You need to buy it separately though.
  • It comes with a durable drain pipe. With the right installation, it should serve for a very long time.
  • Features hidden adjustable legs so that you can perfectly level it with the flexible hose drain.


The drain is a little bit slow to run, so you may need to reinforce the system.

Empava 67″  (Model. EMPV-FT1518)

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As the name suggests, when you need the SPA like bathing experience after a busy day, this freestanding acrylic soaking model is the right choice for you.

Made in the U.S.A. with the latest technology and quality material (For just the material used, it’s definitely one of the high-quality models.). Lots of customers have reviewed it to have the SPA experience at home. So yes, if you are looking for a high-quality one, consider this one as well.

You definitely don’t want to feel squished when sitting in it, right? Well, with this large model you will have a comfortable bathing experience like others. It is really large and has enough space to fit 1 or 2 people. So yeah, welcome your loved one as well. It’s’ another popular soaking model and both of you will love it!

Holding the heat long enough is a must to have a pleasant bath. Lots of the customers have confirmed the fact that it can hold the heat for a pretty long time.  People love it not only just for its visually appealing look, but for its promising long-lasting bathing experience.

You will be paying a pretty good amount of money, so it should serve for a pretty good time. Well,  the premium quality acrylic construction and reinforced fiberglass have been used to make it durable and strong. A premium quality model that worths every penny you spend.

They call it the most practical and beautiful among all the popular freestanding bathtubs money can buy. The curved shape has amazed a lot of people. And for the quality, the price is really fair.

Like you, lots of people have cross-checked as many models as they could but ended up with this one eventually.

More Features & Pros of Empava

  • To meet quality and safety standards, it meets or exceeds ASME standards & it is cUPC certified.
  • When you install it in your bathroom, make sure to secure it to the floor. I need to talk more about the installation. It is not easy to get the drain right. You should get professional help to install it if you don’t think you are a PRO.
  • It is a lightweight solid and sturdy model, so your plumber will find installing it easy. But make sure to hire a professional plumber. FYI: the drain is in the center of it.
  • The overall dimension is 67” Long X 31.5” Wide X 26.77” deep. Fits comfortably 1 or 2 people.
  • 58 gallons of water needed to fill it. Fills it very quickly.
  • Antibacterial glossy surface with the overflow made of brushed nickel and pop up drain.
  • There won’t be any moving once you install it to the floor securely.
  • Comes with built-in leveling feet. The metal made feet are adjustable.
  • Even though the drain is located at the center of it, it is highly unlikely it will accidentally release the water.
  • Has so many compliments and recommendations from the professional plumbers and happy SPA lovers!

Cons of Empava

  • There are some incidents that happened to a few people that the drain leaks slowly after a while.

American Standard Evolution (Model. 2422V002.020)

American Standard Evolution
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Remember the first American Standard I reviewed above? Though that one is the best bathtub and that model is costly, but this one is less expensive with the same level of comforting bathing experience. It is 5 feet long but the depth is really deep.

To simply put, this is one of the deepest acrylic models without being too wide. So, if you have a small bathroom with a small budget, look no further. This is the one you are looking for.

To have the SPA like feel, it features the dual molded-in armrests. Lots of people have been using it for a very long time and they have reviewed to have SPA like experience with it.

Just keep a TV in the bathroom so that you can watch your favorite shows while bathing. Trust me, you will have a SPA like an experience as well!

Just because it is inexpensive (which is I believe beyond your imagination) does not mean it won’t last for long or have poor quality. It is one of the top-notch acrylic models with reinforced fiberglass. Just make sure to buy the Deep Soak Max Drain from the same brand.

But how comfortable it is? Does it have a sloped back to have the maximum comfort?

Yes! It features a sloped back and so many have reviewed it to be really comfortable. You won’t be needing any pillow for your neck. Also, you should not be worried about scratching or fading of color. All you need is to properly clean it regularly.

More Features & Pros of American Standard Evolution

  • If you are looking for one of the deepest ones within your limited budget to have the completely soaking SPA like experience, go for it.
  • Since it is too deep, getting in or out of it may be problematic for children or disabled family members. So, you can install a vertical grab bar on the wall.
  • It is available in multiple colors like linen, bone, white, & arctic white to match your bathroom decor.
  • The overall dimension is 60”L X 32” W X 21.5” H. You can install it in a 32” X 60” alcove.
  • Features under-mount installation.
  • With the right plumber, you can install it in the shower as well.
  • You may need to insulate around it to hold the warmth of the water during the whole time of the bath.
  • The bottom is pre-leveled.
  • As I said above, you need to order the Deep Soak Max Drain which will ultimately allow 3” more water level.
  • American Standard is a trusted brand name, so you don’t have to worry much about the quality. Their models are widely used in renowned hotels, airports, and stadiums. In fact, there is a statistic that every 3 out of 5 Americans home use their products.

Cons of American Standard Evolution

  • The armrests have made it a little bit narrow, so it won’t feel wide enough for some people, especially if they are overweight.
  • Some reviewed it not being totally slip-resistant. You may need to buy the anti-slip pad if it seems slippery for you.

KOHLER Archer Reviews (Model. K-1123-0)

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For your comfort, KOHLER has brought to you this model at an affordable price. KOHLER is a pretty trustworthy one among all the popular brands, right? This 5 feet long model has a comforting depth and you can completely submerge yourself.

To take your comfort level to the next level, it has gentle lumbar support. The shape of your body will perfectly align with this one which is too many users, another great quality option.

Now, before I go any further with this review, I need to make you aware of something. Every model requires the overflow drain, right?

Well, you need to buy it exactly from the same brand. To help you out, you should buy the K-7271 or K-7272 clear flow slotted drain.

Since the Archer features a textured bottom surface, it is a skidproof one. When you are in it and having your comfortable bath, it won’t move a little.

Features a low stepover height, so getting in or out of it is easy for all the family members of all ages. Now, that’s cool, right?

It is really deep and most of the owners have reviewed that this one is their better than expected deep soaking units.

I am not saying this is the deepest one out there, but it is adequately deep enough to completely submerge yourself. And I am pretty sure it is a lot better than most of the cast-iron models.

As you can see in the picture, the look is not just beautiful, it is gorgeous!

More importantly, the comfort is unparalleled. The small armrests will make your bathing experience even more comfortable. The armrests are not too wide, but they will do the job just fine.

More Features & Pros of KOHLER Archer

  • The overall dimension is 60” L X 32” W X 19” H. To many, it’s another great model to consider.
  • Available in 2 colors: Thunder Gray & White to perfectly match your bathroom interior.
  • Features an integrated tile flange for the 3 walls installation.
  • It requires to be set in mortar.
  • They call it a skirted one because it is designed to fit in between 3 walls.
  • You can use it as a shower as well just like many others have already done. But it’s slippery inside, so be careful.
  • The installation is easy and no special plumbing is required. However, the installation should be done only by a PRO.
  • It does not retain any dirt and it is very easy to clean.
  • The price is so fair and reasonable. You won’t be regretting having this.
  • Great customer support! Contact them for any help you may require.
  • Use the handheld shower to rinse it off after each shower. Don’t use any harsh chemicals to clean it.
  • Has great reviews and feedback from a lot of its happy customers.

Cons of KOHLER Archer

  • Have incidents of cracking the fiberglass after a few years. But the good thing is you can contact KOHLER ASAP & they will take care of such problems.
  • For some people, 32” width is not wide enough.
  • Inside of it is very shiny and slippery, may be dangerous to stand.

AKDY Reviews (Model. F210)

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For those who don’t about AKDY:- The end home improvement manufacturer has been ranked no. 75 among the 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in 2015.

One thing that is common to all of the models of the company is that all of them are exceptionally beautiful. Their sense of design is totally unparalleled.

Not just beauty, only the top-quality materials have been used to produce this model. For the higher quality, you need to pay a higher price.

So, yes the price of AKDY is a little bit higher than other brands. But with a decent budget, it worths every penny. It’s your dream choice if you have a decent budget.

This is an exceptionally large & deep freestanding acrylic one. Your master bathroom deserves something better & this is the one.

The beauty of your bathroom will go to the next level with this one. The elegant design has already impressed a lot.

A lot of people have left their reviews after using it for several years. In summary, they are just impressed! The beauty and performance hold just like the new even after several years.

Lots of people have recommended it to have extremely comfortable bathing experience. The shape lets you perfectly align your body & it is so deep that you can completely soak yourself.

The wide walls are just perfect for your added comforts. The curved contours will take your comfortable bathing experience to the next level.

More Features of AKDY

  • You can move it easily when it is empty.
  • The overall dimension is 66.9”L X 30.5”W X  30.5”H.
  • Installation is fairly simple and straightforward, though it should be done by the professionals only. Comes with everything needed for the installation except the tub filler.
  • Acrylic finish and no scratching at all. The finish works great for heat retention. Your long soaked bathing experience is ensured.
  • 79 gallon of water capacity which is suitable for your bathing need or maybe the bathing need of your pet as well.
  • The drain is located at the center.
  • The pearl white acrylic finish is simply gorgeous. So many call it one of the most recommended one out there.
  • It is a skidproof model. Secured by the drain &  the adhesive make it immovable.
  • Smooth and glossy surface. Anti-erosion and no bad smell at all. It is aging-resistant as well.
  • For this quality, the price is fairly reasonable. Go to the store & check the price. You will understand what you are getting at what price.
  • Adjustable metal feel comes free.
  • Awesome customer service from AKDY.

Cons of AKDY

  1. If you want to use a handheld or freestanding faucet, you can. However, the deck faucet is not possible without making holes.
  2. In rare cases, you may receive a cracked one. Don’t refuse to accept. Simply accept it and inform AKDY. This will make it easier for AKDY to send you a new one.

American Standard Evolution (Model. 7236V002.020)

American Standard Evolution
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It’s really hard to find a really BIG model for people having a height of more than 6-feet. You already know that. Well, American Standard has brought this model to solve your problem finding the big one.

It ’s a 72” long model! It is a really deep model as well, so it gives you everything to give you the most desired bathing experience you deserve.

But do you know the cool part?

It matches perfectly well with every type of bathroom decor because you can get it in multiple colors.

American Standard has brought this model with a promise to last for a very long time. It is an acrylic model with reinforced fiberglass.

That gives it the most strength and durability. All you need to buy is the Deep Soak Max Drain which will give you an additional 3” level of water.

It is soo deep and long that some people reviewed to have the experience of the miniature individual pool and they consider it as another awesome choice.

I must warn you, it takes a lot of water to fill it! But you will love it when you can completely soak yourself & stretch your legs.

There are two molded-in armrests to give you added comfort. The sloped shape will perfectly align with your neck and back.

The overflow is very special which allows having the deep water level. The finish is also great, no dirt or residue can build up and it is very easy to clean. Allows drop-in or alcove installation. Your plumber will find it very easy to install.

According to its many users, this is the most luxurious tub you should have at an affordable cost. For such quality & size, you would have to pay almost twice the price.

More Features & Pros of American Standard Evolution

  • The dimension is 72” X 36” X 21 ½ inches. The water depth to overflow is 18.5”. Fits 2 full grown adults.
  • People call it a monster one. Normally you get 60” long one, but it is 72” long and 32” wide!
  • Available in multiple colors like white, linen, arctic white, etc.
  • Any type of faucet can be used, but it is recommended using 7” faucet to get the maximum result.
  • Being one of the greatest acrylic models, it is well made and strong, but there is no insulation.
  • Above the drain, there are 3 holes. These holes are for drain overflow mounting.
  • Though it depends on how hot the water is, it will retain the heat for almost 20 to 30 minutes.
  • No skidding at all! Perfectly stable when you are in it. The bottom is textured, so it won’t move a little.
  • In some customer reviews, you may read that some installation parts are not qualified enough. But with the right plumber, all the installation parts will work just fine.
  • Unbelievable price for such a big & beautiful one. Experienced users call it a great one among all the cheap bathtubs for sale.

Cons of American Standard Evolution

  • Some users have reviewed that the drain plug assembly does not work without much effort.

American Standard Whirlpool (Model. 2771VC.020)

American Standard Whirlpool
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Finally a jetted model from the American Standard! For your complete relaxation & satisfaction, this is second to none. Yes, you have to pay a little extra for it, but the whirlpool model totally worths it.

The jet power is great & if you pay a little extra for the 1.4 horsepower motor, it will be a great investment for you.

The cool part is that you can completely control all the individual jets or even turn it off. If you love bubbles, then you are in the right place.

Nothing is so soothing than having a great bath in the hot water with great bubbles after a tiresome day. You will love it having this one of the top-quality options on earth!

As I said above, it is a costly model of American Standard, but people who have bought it – all of them are very happy. Some of them said it’s like their dream comes true.

In addition to the adjustable jets, the water stays hot as long as you want. It will add more beauty to your bathroom.

Since you are paying a handsome amount of money, I am sure you are wondering how long it will serve you, right?

Well, a lot of people have been using it for years without any trouble. So your investment is pretty safe. Just like all other top-quality models of the same brand, this model is also reinforced with fiberglass.

It features the patented EverClean technology. This prevents bacteria to grow in the circulation pipe. Since no mold, mildew, or fungus can’t grow there, there will be no deterioration in the pipes and no foul odor as well.

Those who have already used this have recommended it for your next level of bathing experience.

More Features & Pros of American Standard Whirlpool

  • 60” long and 36” deep unit which requires Deep Soak Max Drain and you need to buy it separately.
  • Self-driving pump having 1.4 HP.
  • Both drop-in or under-mount installation is possible.
  • For your added comfort, it features dual molded-in armrests.
  • With the side-mounted on/off feature, you have greater control over the jets.
  • Don’t get confused, the drain is located at the end of it.
  • A true white color model that should match any bathroom decor.
  • With a dedicated GFI circuit, it has the capability of an inline heater.
  • Despite all the features & surprisingly soothing bathing experience, the price is pretty reasonable.
  • The Deep Soak Max Drain allows an additional 3” more water.
  • In total, there are 8 jets.
  • Has lots of compliments from the professional plumbers. They call it both beautiful and comfortable.
  • It stays shiny always & it’s very easy to clean. Don’t use any harsh chemicals. You can use any microfiber cloths.

Cons of American Standard Whirlpool

  • You can’t use it as a freestanding version, you need to install it against 3 walls of your bathroom.

WoodBridge 67” (Model. B-0001)

WoodBridge modern
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Because of its elegant craftsmanship, this particular model is my all-time favorite. WoodBridge is already prominent to deliver high-quality models with the most affordable cost.

But with this one, they took it to the next level. This extra-large model is a great candidate for your master bathroom. Just like so many others, you will also call it another great collection from WoodBridge.

Just by looking at it, you can tell it is made of high-quality material and the look is just beautiful. The wide walls will keep the water warm for long enough to complete your comfortable and relaxing bath. The surface is so smooth and the round contour will give you a great bathing experience.

If you try to get it from any big store, you will end up paying a huge extra sum of money. But here you can get it within your budget & without breaking your bank account.

So many people were hesitant to order it online for the first time, but all of them are happy now. Their reviews & recommendations are simply overwhelming.

The best part is that with its flexible tube drain, you can install it to your existing plumbing, This is an ergonomic model yet it is so lightweight. So you can move it easily & the installation will be hassle-free.

It is skidproof and it is made of high-quality acrylic and reinforced fiberglass. Altogether, it is strong & durable. People call it a great one among all popular acrylic models.

So you will get the return on your investment for so many years to come. It is large enough for man & it has the perfect shape for the women as well.

More Features & Pros of WoodBridge

  • You should have a faucet to give it a complete look. As usual, WoodBridge has the matching faucet for you. You need to buy the faucet separately though. Also, make sure it is freestanding.
  • The push pop up drain & the brushed nickel overflow is included with it & pre-installed at the factory.
  • It is a large model with deep space. The overall dimension is 67”L X 31 ¾ inches W X 23” H.
  • Gentle slope for your maximum comfort.
  • 2 layers of acrylic construction which ensure the highest insulation.
  • It just sits on the floor & it does not move around.
  • As always, make sure you don’t receive the counterfeit product. Make sure the logo ‘WoodBridge’ is there on the box.
  • Huge recommendations from experienced users for this elegant model. Lots of them got compliments from their guests.
  • Installation is fairly simple & you can do it to your existing plumbing. However, I would recommend hiring a professional plumber.
  • Very quick delivery once you order it!
  • Really great customer service. For all of your problems, contact them.

Cons of WoodBridge

Though rare, you may receive faulty design like it may not get completely drained.

59” Woodbridge (Model. B-0012 )

WoodBridge acrylic contemporary
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Another great one from WoodBridge. After extensive looking & comparisons among various models and brands, lots of people have bought this model. Why?

The lightweight construction, simple clean lines, and the promising shape to give comfortable soaking bath are the prime reasons.

The good thing about this model is that it’s available in multiple sizes. So no matter what the size of your bathroom, this model will work just fine. The white elegant design is so lovely!

Lots of PRO plumbers have confirmed the fact that the acrylic construction is strong. If you have a bad experience having bad smells from cheap bathtubs, you should try this.

Lots of its customers have confirmed having NO bad smells even after several years.

You will definitely love the pop-up drain & the brushed nickel. It is a deep soaking model & you won’t be having any trouble stretching your legs while bathing.

No regrets at all from its users. It worths every penny. The stylish look will make your master bathroom even more beautiful.

If you are trying the WoodBridge for the first time, it will totally change your bathing experience. The beauty of your bathroom will be totally transformed.

Lots of its users have reviewed feeling lucky to have this ‘dream comes true’ model which they call another high-quality model from WoodBridge.

More Features & Pros:

  • Available in multiple sizes like 59”, 67”, 71”. Depending on your height & size of your bathroom, choose the right size.
  • For the 59” model, the overall dimension is 59”L X 29 ½ inches W X 21 ⅝ inches H. The maximum water depth to the overflow is 14 ½ inches. 60 gallons of water to fill it. So many people have reviewed it to be another high-quality soaking model.
  • Just like all the models of WoodBridge, it features the wide double-walled design for maximum insulation. Can hold the warmth of the water for a pretty long time.
  • Gentle slope to give your body the maximum comfort. The ergonomic design will perfectly align with your body & give you a relaxing bathing experience after the end of a stressful day.
  • As usual, it is durable & strong because of its acrylic & reinforced fiberglass construction.
  • UPC & CSA certified: Durable and safe.
  • For your existing plumbing, it comes with a flexible tube drain.
  • For perfect leveling to the floor, it features flexible feet. Once installed by a professional, it won’t make any movement.
  • To avoid receiving any counterfeit product, make sure the box has the ‘WoodBridge’ logo including ‘BTA-1506’ as part of the supplier number.


  • The drain that comes with it is flimsy.
  • Unless you are careful, you may receive the counterfeit product. So pay attention to the logo that I mentioned above.

FerdY 67” Acrylic Stand Alone

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You are familiar with some of the famous brands like American Standard, KOHLER, WoodBridge, etc. FerdY is a rapidly growing brand because of its highest customer satisfaction and reputation.

The one you are seeing in the picture is made of high-quality material like acrylic and reinforced fiberglass. It’s a large one and holds plenty of water. The water stays warm for a very long time to give you a calm and relaxing bathing experience.

For such a large sleek modern looking model made with quality materials, you would have to pay 2 to 3 times. When you read some of the reviews of its users, you will see what I am talking about. Most of the customers have said its definitely one of the top-rated choices.

It’s a 67” large soaking model to let you have full-body immersion. It’s large enough for even 2 people having a bath simultaneously. The curved design is great for any modern bathroom décor.

The high-quality environment-friendly material used ensures the non-toxic operation and non-cracking tub for so many years to come.

More Features & Pros of FerdY:

  • Available in 2 sizes: 59” & 67”. The large size has a dimension of 67” L X 32” W X 23” H with the capacity of 86 gallons of water. When it is full of water, you will have around 40 cm depth (Trust me, it’s another great soaking model out there!).
  • It’s a 2 pieces’ unit and designed with the outer & inner shell.
  • It is cUPC approved and meets US standards. You have nothing to worry about.
  • The bottom features a stainless steel bracket and it can hold up to 800 kg.
  • For the maximum insulation, it features a double-walled design.
  • With its adjustable leveling feet, you will have a stable one on any surface.
  • Durable acrylic finish. Resistant enough for any kind of household chemicals and cosmetics. Lasts for so many years to come.
  • The quality and appearance will let you have the experience of the high-end one within your budget.
  • You can have a SPA like bathing experience with this ergonomically designed model.
  • Smooth high gloss WHITE finish, very easy to clean.
  • Features strip type overflow to avoid the spill over the surface.
  • Integrated overflow and brass drain. Both of them are bright chrome finish.
  • Highly recommended by lots of users for its long-lasting performance and elegant yet sleek look. It is very affordable as well and definitely one of the good ones.

Cons of FerdY

  • Cheap drain connector.
  • Without a professional plumber, you may find it difficult to install. It comes with a great illustrious manual for the installation. Let your plumber read the manual first very carefully.

Ove Decors Rachel

Ove Decors Rachel
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It’s a 70 inches large model, so perfect for your master bathroom. It has the largest space that you can have from any model. The water depth immersion is 15.4 inches; perfectly suitable to submerge yourself.

For the quality – it is made of 100% pure acrylic and reinforced layers of fiberglass. The reinforced fiberglass is the reason it is so lightweight yet very durable and strong. It is resistant against scratching and yellowing.

In comparison with other popular brands, it is one of the top-rated models that will increase the beauty of your bathroom & increase the value of your home for the resale purpose. Though it’s not one of those cheap bathtubs for sale, yet you can have it at an affordable price.

Users have appreciated their beautiful style and design. And it is also the promise of the Ove Decors to deliver only such models that are made of the highest standards of design and style.

Not just the beauty, it is recommended for the most pleasing bathing experience as well. No matter how tall you are (even if you are more than 6’ 3”), you will find it perfectly comfortable for soaking.

Plenty of room! Besides, the double-walled construction works as great insulation and can retain the warmth of the water for a very long time. Can fit 2 people, so yeah…welcome your loved one!

Now, in case you want to do the installation yourself, the following installation video should be helpful for you.

More Features & Pros of Ove Decors Rachel

  • CSA/ULC certified.
  • The dimension of the model is 70 inches W x 30 inches H x 34 ¼ inches D. A little over 60 gallons of water required.
  • To lessen your installation, it comes with the pre-installed overflow & pops up drains. Also, if you need a flexible p-trap for the installation, contact Ove Decors.
  • It’s a pure white one with a smooth finish and the color of the metal drain in chrome. If you are looking for a freestanding one with a front drain, this is the one!
  • You can install a well-constructed floor mounted faucet from the same brand. You can also install the deck mounted faucet, freestanding faucet or a wall-mounted faucet. However, please make a note that it does not have any pre-drilled holes, so you need to decide on the faucet yourself.
  • Features are hidden adjustable feet for the sturdy and stable installation.
  • There is a seam between the top and sides, but you won’t notice it because it is tucked under a little bit.
  • Features the lovely backrest for your soothing bathing experience.
  • It’s well-built and will last for a very long time. Ove Decors always stand behind their products, so should you face any trouble, just contact their support team.


Though it is one of the greatest models in 2020 with a reasonable price tag, you should have a look at the following facts:

  • Maybe slippery for some when getting out of it.
  • Installation may seem a little bit difficult. Hire only the pro!

ARIEL Platinum (Model. AM128JDCLZ)

ARIEL Platinum Whirlpool
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The functionalities go beyond your imagination. What do you normally expect even from one of the most luxurious models? Well, let me tell you what you should expect from a luxurious whirlpool model.

Enough bubbles, deep soaking bathing, and so on. But it comes with chrome faucet as well in addition to the pre-installed overflow and drains. It features a touchscreen keypad to control its functionalities and it has the radio Bluetooth radio as well.

What more do you need to have a SPA like bathing in your own bathroom? And you can have it within your budget. It’s a very large one (71” long), so fit it to your master bath and install a TV. Now, you have your own SPA in your very own bathroom!

But that’s not all…

The LED chromotherapy lighting will add more serenity to your bathing experience. Wouldn’t you call it another great freestanding model? Well, read some of its real user reviews. You will understand what I am talking about.

The hot water stays hot for a pretty long time and along with the 18 whirlpool jets will give you a deep messaging experience. More to this, you can adjust the speed of the jets like higher and lower. Trust me, it has all the latest bathing technology that you can dream of.

More Features & Pros:

  • The overall dimension is 71” L X 37.4” W X 27.5” H. The depth of the overflow drain is 18 inches. The internal dimension is about 64” L X 26” W X 18” deep.
  • The color is white but other fixtures like faucet and drain are chrome.
  • It’s a freestanding one, so you can put it anywhere in your bathroom.
  • Pretty straightforward electrical operation. All you need is a dedicated 110V electricity with 15amp GFCI breaker.
  • There are 4 round knobs control for the thermostat, water flow directly to it, tub cleaner, etc.
  • For the whirlpool motor maintenance and other plumbing access, there is a large removable panel at the back of it.
  • It comes with 4 adjustable legs to level it on the floor. Very stable, no movement at all while you are bathing.
  • It comes with a flex hose drain assembly. Make sure your installer uses this to avoid frustrating installation.
  • To make your bathing experience more relaxing and comfortable, you can use bathing salts and oils. But when you are done bathing, make sure to clean them all to avoid corrosion of the fixtures.
  • The price is really reasonable. It’s almost impossible to have a whirlpool model with this size at such a price.
  • Really great customer support. Whether you have a missing part or need any help regarding installation, just contact them.

Cons of ARIEL:

  • The radio feature is a poor choice. Instead, they could have something like a Wi-Fi feature.
  • Poor installation manual. Make sure you hire a pro to install it.


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Well, you know the AKDY already, right? They are very choosy about the design and functionality. That’s why all of their models are luxurious and expensive than other brands.

This one is no exception and I must warn you, it is not a cheap one at all. You should have a decent budget for this particular model. But, this luxurious highly elegant model worths every penny.

When you return from a stressful workday, you need to soak in the peaceful tranquility. Only a modern and elite model can give you that experience. Recommended by a lot of experienced users and plumbers.

AKDY is famous to use the latest cutting-edge technology to manufacture its luxury units. It is no exception. With advanced technology and a brilliant sense of design, it uses only high-quality raw materials.

There are some complaints about the drain of it, some users have reviewed the drain to be of low-quality. If your plumber says so and advises you to change it, please do it. You can get any high-quality drain at a very cheap cost.

Also, with the right plumber and installing it the right way, you should not face any trouble. You will be happy having this one just like so many other customers. FYI: the drain is located at the center of the lower part of it.

Tips: Experienced users has recommended putting some grout to cover any gap (if any) on the downside of it.

For the price, you will be amazed by the beauty and performance. Almost all the customers are happy with this great freestanding tub. You won’t be regretting! After using it for some days, you will also call it another gorgeous model.

More Features & Pros of AKDY:

  • The high-quality acrylic made unit has a dimension of 62.99″ Length X 26.38″ Width X 30.70″ Height. It’s a bigger one than any standard size model, so you may need a little bit more gallons of water to fill it.
  • Extra deep. You can easily immerse yourself in it and comfortably move around as well.
  • The acrylic is of premium quality to ensure strength and durability.
  • Pure white color to bring mesmerizing beauty to your bathroom. The color won’t fade even after several years of usage.
  • Features adjustable metal feet to ensure stability.
  • It’s lightweight and very easy to install. Comes with everything needed for the installation. However, you need to buy the tub filler separately. Don’t forget to hire a professional plumber to install it securely to the floor.    
  • Matching faucet available, you have to buy it separately.
  • Meets or exceeds the ASME code standards.
  • Anti-bacterial surface. No chance to grow mold & mildew. No bad odor as well.
  • Non-porous surface. So it’s very easy to clean and there is no health risk.

Cons of AKDY:

  • In very rare cases, you may face the problem of a slow drain. For such types of the problem or for your any problem related to it, contact their customer support.
  • The plastic hose is flimsy and you may need to replace it.
  • Does not work well as a shower.    

KOHLER K-1100-RA-0 Expanse

KOHLER Expanse
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Contemporarily designed that coordinates pretty well with any bathroom fixtures. KOHLER is a pioneer delivering such quality that is so eye-soothing to look. It’s available in multiple colors as well.

If you are remodeling your bathroom and have a plan to install an elegant model consider this curved model from KOHLER. It will add great value to your bathroom and increase the resale value of your home. Lots of people reviewed this model that way!

For your obscenely comfortable bathing experience, this one is second to none. There are lots of repeated customer of this model because of its gorgeous look and affordable cost.

The size and depth are huge. The curve of it alone gives tons of room. Install a curved shower rod and you will notice plenty of added space in it.

It comfortably fits two people to have an intimate bathing experience. Give your bathroom a modern touch with this one without spending much. Lots of its users have reviewed it to be another great model that money can buy.

It’s a 5 feet long model yet there will be plenty of room in your bathroom because of its expanse curved design. It’s acrylic made and by just looking at it, you can tell it’s a nice quality built one.

Once you order it online, the delivery will be quick and it will arrive pretty sooner than you expect. KOHLER is a trusted brand across the world and their after-sales service is great. Should you face any trouble, just contact them!

More Features & Pros of KOHLER Expanse

  • The overall dimension is 60 inches X 32 inches X 17 inches. As you can see, it’s a wide and deep model. At the center, the curved integral apron bows to 38 inches.
  • Available in multiple colors like white, biscuit, and almond.
  • The textured bottom has made it totally slip-resistant.
  • Features integral tile flange and right-hand drain.
  • 60 gallons of water capacity.
  • Perfectly matches with curved shower rods to give your more bathing space. Plenty of space inside to move around.
  • Very easy to install but do the installation by a professional.
  • It’s a great choice among all the cheap units out there.

Cons of KOHLER Expanse Curved

It’s a new one and there are not many reviews about this model. However, those who have reviewed it, nobody left any negative reviews. The price may seem a little higher though to people with a limited budget.

Buying Guides To Get The Best Bathtub

Beautiful bathroomBuying online something big like a bath requires extra precautions. Besides, you have to pay a lot to get the item. You should be more careful than buying an item like a flushing toilet.

Following some extra precautions and guidelines may save you from a lot of trouble and disappointment. Pay extra attention to the following questions and solutions:

What is the Right type of bathtub to buy?

As you know there are various types like claw-foot, standards, whirlpool, etc. Most people go for the standard one because they are suitable for any type of bathroom.

However, if you want more relaxation and willing to pay a little extra, you may consider a whirlpool one. With the jets/bubbles, the bathing experience is just awesome.

What are bathtubs made of today?

They are made of acrylic, fiberglass, cast irons, etc. The current trend is most of them are made of reinforced fiberglass with acrylic. Altogether they made them strong & durable but lightweight. So, you should stick to the fiberglass made model.

How long do fiberglass tubs last?

As I said above, they are expensive home improvement items. So you want to last it long enough to pay off. Usually, fiberglass models last around 10 to 15 years. This is quite a long service period that you can expect.

How deep is a soaking tub?

The deeper the model you can get, the more relaxing and comfortable bathing experience you will get. Normally, soaking models have a depth of 15” to 25”. Also, keep in mind that the deeper model requires more water as well. Based on the depth, width, and length, you may need 60 to 90 gallons of water to fill it.

Size of the Tub & Your Bathroom

While buying one, make sure you have the right size. First, know the size of your bathroom then decide how long it should be.

What can I use to clean the bathtub?

Most of them have the self-cleaning mechanism. The surface is so smooth that no dirt, mold or mildew can grow there. However, if you feel to clean it, don’t use any harsh chemicals.

Any cloth made of fiber should do the trick. Make sure, you have the working bathroom exhaust fan installed out there to avoid the moist environment after you have our shower.

Final Thought For Your Best Bathtub

A pretty long article, eh? But it totally worth your time. A bathtub is something you don’t buy regularly. So, it’s better you gather as much information as you can to make the right decision.

Let me know in the comment box if you need to have more information.

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