Best Bathroom Vanities With Sink & Faucet Review 2018

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Vanity is the key to bathroom décor. It does not only make the bathroom attractive, it provides more counter space. There are various sizes and vanity styles on the market, and this means that you can always get the perfect vanity that suits your purpose. However, before you choose the perfect vanity, you have to plan for it. If you are looking for one of the best bathroom vanities, you have to consider a number of factors. 

3 Recommended Best Bathroom Vanities Comparison

It’s a long article. Before you go any deeper, let’s have a look at the following comparison table for the bathroom vanities. It may save you a lot of time. Besides, you will get in-depth reviews on each of them as well.

Abbeville VanityRunFine VanityFine Fixtures
  • Large storage.
  • Counter tops & sinks pre-installed.
  • 8 functional drawers.
  • 3 colors available.
  • 2 doors & 1 drawer.
  • Long lasting finish.
  • 16x12 inches.
  • Made from wood.
  • Perfect for small bathrom.

Best Bathroom Vanity Reviews

If you are one of those people finding it hard to select the best rated bathroom vanity for the money, the following review could be of immense help. These are considered to be the best bathroom vanity brands. You may find them in your nearby store but the best place to buy restroom vanity is online store as you can read what other people are thinking about it. In a single place, you can know about all the best prices on fresh room vanities of multiple companies.

Here are some affordable bathroom vanities you can consider to have.

Abbeville Bathroom Sink vanity Model CF28885BU

Abbeville Cottage bathroom vanity
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I am reviewing it first because it is most popular and definitely one of the best vanities for small bathrooms so far. You will love the 46 inches cottage style sink cabinet and it will add casual elegance to any bathroom decor. On popular online store, it’s the best vanity available for sale so far and you will definitely love the antique blue finished shutter style door. The countertop is made of one large genuine white marble. The matching under mount porcelain sink completes the vanity.

Apart from the wonderful look, it has other fantastic features that make it unique and here are some of them:

Fully assembled: If you order the vanity, you are going to get it to your house fully assembled. This is a big relief to lots of people, especially inexperienced owners. This is because it saves you the hassles of finding for somebody to help you assemble the parts. Both the countertop and sink are pre-installed.

Dimensions: The size and dimension of the restroom vanity are 46.75 by 21.75 by 34 inches with 185 pounds in weight. Very Sturdy. The sink dimension of the vanity is  15.5 X 11 X 6.5 inches.

Storage: Most importantly, it offers enough storage space. This is where you can store your important items and the compartment has a back panel opening pre-cut from where plumbers can have access to the system and perform some installation or repair works when it becomes necessary.

8 drawers: The vanity is easy and simple to use once installed. Apart from enough storage space talked about earlier, it has eight functional drawers and these drawers have underneath wood glides.

Durable: Proven to be durable for lots of satisfied buyers. As said earlier it is produced from superior quality marbles. You are paying a good sum of money to something good from where you can reap the benefit for a long time because it is going to serve you longer.

Cons Of Abbeville Bathroom Sink Vanity

  • Since it is pre-assembled, you have no option to customize it. You have to buy what you see.

As you can see from the features, this is a superior quality restroom vanity and it is recommended.

RunFine RFVA0069W Virteous Vanity Cabinet

RunFine Virteous Vanity cabinet
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From RunFine, it is another one of the best bathroom vanities. If you have little space for the vanity and your budget is tight, then you can opt for this RunFine restroom vanity. Just like small restroom vanities,  it is meant for smaller spaces and perfect for anyone looking for cheap bathroom vanities with sink. Despite the fact that it is one of the best rated bathroom vanities for small bathroom, it has more storage space that you don’t expect from any cheap vanities for bathroom. The color can last for a long time.

The modern vanity has 2 slow close doors and 1 drawer with 4 chrome knobs. The sink has 3 closely distant holes so you can install a faucet which you need to buy separately. The basin sits on the cabinet not secured to the wall. It has other fantastic features and some of them are reviewed below:

Color variations and dimension: The dimension of the vanity is 34″ high, 24.6″ wide, and 19″ deep with the weight of 109.6 pounds. It comes in 3 color options like Grey, Walnut Finish, and White Finish to match any bathroom decor.

Space: As you can see from the description above, you can see that the vanity is meant for those with small bathroom spaces. It can be comfortably accommodated in your bathroom without occupying much space. Even though it does not occupy space, it provides enough storage space. This means that you can store some of the bathroom items inside the vanity.

Quality finishing: You will love the finishing quality. It is certain from the superior production that this model is finished to serve for a long time. You will like it for that because you cannot be spending your money on the vanity every time.

Easy Cleaning: It is not difficult to clean and that is because of the impeccable finishing. It is a question of using a cloth and a detergent and clean it with ease.

Assembling: The vanity comes fully assembled. This means that you are going to remove it out of the box fully assembled. This is great for many people because it has solved the most basic problem for them, which is the problem of assembling the vanity. All you need is to install it, or you hire a professional to do the installation for you.

Cons Of RunFine Virteous Vanity Cabinet

  • It is not accompanied by a faucet

In all, this is a perfect restroom vanity for smaller spaces.

 Small Restroom Vanity Cabinet & Sink From FinFixures

small bathroom small bathroom vanity cabinet
Click on the image to check price on Amazon on Amazon

This is the best bathroom vanity for the smaller bathroom that comes assembled. Many people already bought and loved the vanity because of the great minimalist design and stylish look. The vanity is made out of wood which will serve for a pretty long time. The sink is made of porcelain. There are a bottom drawer and 2 matte chrome handles.

Overall, the vanity is made of pressed wood whereas the big front door is made out of high gloss lacquer. The cabinet has the dimension of width-16 1/2″ depth-11″, and height-33 ½”.

You will love the shiny white vanity for your shiny white bathroom. The price is so reasonable that anyone can afford it. It has other fantastic features that make the brand great and here are some of them:

Elegant Design: The is elegant and the workmanship is incredible. Because of the beauty, it would add value to your bathroom just like it already did for lots of bathrooms. It will make a great impression on your guests; they would appreciate your value.

Great Space Saver: The vanity does not occupy enough spaces in the bathroom and that is because of the small design. The way it is constructed, it is certain that you are going to use it comfortably in your smaller bathroom. One of the difficulties many people encounter is discovering a small designed restroom vanity that can fit their homes. This product is a big relief because it has actually solved that problem of smaller bathrooms.

Sturdy & Durable: The vanity is made out of the superior quality wood. It is not an ordinary wood, but a superior quality pressed wood, and that means that it cannot damage easily. Many experienced buyers already verified that it has been serving them for a pretty long time.

Finishing & Easy Cleaning: The restroom vanity is perfectly finished and that is why it is compatible with other bathroom decors. Because of the superior finishing, it is really simple to clean it when it becomes dirty. It has storage space and that is where you can store some of your tiny bathroom items and others.

You would be surprised at the quality of this fresh room vanity. It is stylish and classy. This is a beautiful vanity and it can add to the value of the home. The look of your restroom vanity talks a lot about your aesthetic values.

Cons Of Small Restroom Vanity

  • Does not come with a faucet & drain pop up.
  • Not perfect for the bigger bathroom.

In short, its a great one among affordable bathroom vanities that has lots of recommendations from experienced users.

Restroom Vanity Cabinet Glass Vessel Sink Faucet From Elimax

restroom vanity cabinet with vessel sink
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Finally here comes a pure wooden vanity cabinet with glass vessel sink and 12” high faucet. The black granite top vanity vessel sink is an elite class. It’s not that cheap bathroom vanity sets like the previous two discussed above. But if you are looking for one of the best vanities for small bathrooms, you should not hesitate to buy this great 2 soft close doors vanity.

Don’t like to have the glass sink? Maybe some other options? Yes, it’s possible. Before making the order, talk to them and let them know your choice. They will send sink of your choice. Isn’t that cool? Apart from that, it has other great features and here are some of them:

Dimensions, Color, and etc: Looking for a 30-inch bathroom vanity? The overall dimension of the vanity is 31″wide, 22″ deep, 33.5″ high (counter). Whereas, the cabinet dimension is 30″ wide, 21″ deep, 33″ High and sink dimension is 16.5″ L X 16.5″ D X 5.5″ H. Color of the cabinet is dark cherry finish. The color of the faucet and drawer handle is chrome/brush nickel.

Effective customer support: Moreover, the company provides a first class customer support. This can be very helpful for first-time users and other users who may be having issues with this product. You can always get help from them when you need it. They can help to deal with an installation issue and other problems you may be having with the product.

Do it yourself installation: Because of the perfect construction, you can install the fresh room vanity by yourself. It is a question of following the instructions provided for you and having it installed. You can do the installation alone, but is always recommended that you get somebody to help you in the installation process. Most of the items needed for the installation are provided and this is going to facilitate the installation process.

Storage space: The product has storage space where you can store some important bathroom accessories such as your toiletries and other related products. The storage space is relatively large and this means that it can contain lots of items.

Quality Design: It looks rich and gorgeous. If you are thinking of quality, then you have to give it to this restroom vanity because it is the best in terms of quality. This is what you should expect because it is designed with the finest quality materials available in that industry. You are going to derive the value for your money because the quality would actually meet your taste.

From the way the product was designed, you can see that it can fit perfectly in different bathrooms. It would just suit the space. Apart from that, it may not be difficult to have it installed in your bathroom because it contains all the accessories needed to have it installed. Your plumber would simply pick those accessories and have your vanity installed for you.

In all, this is a good product and you are going to derive a value for your money when you use the product. It is highly recommended.

Abbey Bathroom Vanity with Marble Countertop

Abbey Bath vanity cabinet
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Need a bigger vanity for your bigger bathroom? Kitchen Bath Collection has the perfect solution for you. It’s huge! The price is huge too 🙂 So, if you need to have a good quality BIG vanity and you have a decent budget, consider having this 100% birch-wood made vanity. The countertop is made of marble. To be more specific, it is authentic Carrara marble of Italy. The countertop has beautiful double thick edges.

That’s not all….

The vanity comes with a white ceramic sink, pop-up drain & P-trap. To make the job easier for you, it comes fully assembled by the manufacturer. The faucet you see in the picture and the matching marble backsplash comes as a gift fully free with the vanity.

The Shaker style designed vanity is perhaps the best in the market with soft close doors and drawers. Wherever it is installed, it would add value, because of the great difference it is going to make. It has the most interesting features and it is not surprising that it is rated high by its users. Here are some of the features:

Dimension: The dimension of the vanity is 48 inches wide x 22 inches deep x 35 inches high with the weight of 210 pounds.

Gorgeous Design: When you want to buy this type of product for your bathroom, the most important feature to look into includes the design. Lots of people love the design. It is designed in such a way that it fits perfectly in any bathroom decor. The sink and the countertop are perfectly designed. They are in the right proportion and at the correct size. Apart from the fact that it fits perfectly in the bathroom where it is installed, it is classically designed and it is a great beauty to behold. It makes an impressive statement about the aesthetic value of the owner.

Huge Space: Space is another important feature to look out for this vanity and you can see that designers made judicious use of space. This is because it has enough spaces to accommodate most of your bathroom items, especially your toiletries and other tiny bathroom items. You can store towels as well. It is a good product and it is highly recommended for those looking for space.

Ease of use: Most importantly, this restroom vanity is simple and very easy to use. It has a drawer rail, which makes it easy for the users to open the drawer when they want and close it when they want. The wood quality is a good attribute though it could have been better if the wood quality is improved to something better. You can see from the features described above that this is the best bathroom vanity you can buy with money. It has every feature you want from this type of product.

Cons Of Abbey  Vanity with Marble Countertop

  • The drawer rail is sometimes stiff.

These few shortcomings notwithstanding, this is the best rated bathroom vanity on the market today and it is strongly recommended for those looking for quality.

Restroom Vanity Cabinet Left Designed Ceramic Top Sink Faucet From Elimax

Elimax's Bathroom vanity cabinet
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Purely wooden made vanity that comes with faucet as well from Elimax. Perfectly designed for small and medium-sized bathrooms. And the best part about this one is that you can buy the vanity alone without the sink and faucet. Even you can buy a different faucet. Also, the cabinet comes with soft close doors and drawers. Make sense why this is one of the best bathroom vanities? Read more…

The vanity has other fantastic features that make it great, and here is a review of some of them:

Dimensions & Color Options: The overall dimension of the vanity is 31 ¾” (80.65cm) wide, 18″(45.72cm) deep 33-⅝” (86 cm) high (counter). The cabinet dimension is 30-¾” (78.1cm) wide, 17″(43.18cm) deep, 33″ (83.5cm) High whereas the sink dimension is 31-¾” (80.65cm) wide, 18″(45.72cm) deep. The drawers are on the right side with the dimension of 12″WX16″ D.

It comes with 2 color options like black oak and espresso oak. Each of these colors has 3 different positions of the sink like left, center, and unique.

Sturdy & Durable Construction: You are paying a big money for the vanity, so the first question you have to ask is how durable is the vanity. It is obvious that the vanity is designed with real wood. This is quite different from the pressed board. The implication of this is that the product is highly durable and study. It’s a verified fact by lots of real buyers of the vanity.  It is going to last you for a long time and you are going to have real value for your money.  

Ease of use: The vanity is easy and simple to use. The drawer works perfectly well. It is easy to open the drawer and to close it after use. Moreover, it is not difficult to clean the vanity when it becomes dirty. It uses a nice hardware. Many people are happy using this product, because of the high-end values. The minor complaint is that the top, which is not composed of marble, but a pure white top.

Incredible Design & Easy Installation: It is a well-designed restroom vanity. It can fit the bathroom very well and when it is installed, it looks great. Because of the fantastic design, you discover that it is not difficult to install it. Your carpenter and plumber can easily install it and the process is facilitated by the fact that everything you need to have it installed is provided for you. It is a great product and you are going to like it for the efficient design.

Cons Of Vanity

  • The quality of the free faucet is poor.

In all, this is a high-class restroom vanity. It has everything you want and because of the high-end features, they are strongly recommended.

Stufurhome GM-5116-48-TR 48-Inch Single Vanity

Stufurhome bath vanity cabinet
Click on the image to read more reviews on Amazon

Add a royal look to your bathroom with this elegant vanity from Stufurhome! The 48 inches hand crafted and hand finished vanity is a true feast for the eyes. This is a charming fresh room vanity because of the intricate design pattern. With it’s 9 drawers and 2 doors, there will never be any shortage of storage.

The travertine marble countertop that blends perfectly with the cabinet’s wood color and the white under-mount sink has made it standalone.

The fantastic design and the great carving have made it one of the best bath vanities. It has everything you want from the best performing vanity. Here are some of the fantastic features that make the product great.

Huge Storage: The dimension of the vanity is 48 x 22 x 36 inches. With that dimension, the vanity has enough storage spaces where important items like your toiletries and other bathroom accessories can be easily accommodated. This is a great feature because it helps to make your bathroom look great and well organized. Apart from the fantastic storage spaces it has provided for its users, it can fit very well in the bathroom where it is installed. This is a great restroom vanity to behold and you are going to like it for the storage spaces.

Incredible Décor: It makes the bathroom look great because it makes a great difference in terms of décor. It does not only fit very well in the bathroom, it improves the aesthetic value as well. The vanity is very attractive wherever it is installed. Your guests would rate you high because of the difference it can make to your bathroom.

Attractive cabinet: The vanity has an attractive cabinet as well as high-quality drawer hardware. The cabinet is not only attractive; it provides enough space as well. There are 2 doors and 9 drawers.  It is designed with superior quality manufactured wood and because of the superior quality drawer hardware, the vanity will last for a long time.

Cons Of Stufurhome GM-5116-48-TR 48-Inch Single Vanity

  • Faucet and backsplash not included.

In short, this one is truly one of the best vanities for bathrooms and many people appreciated it highly.

Double Restroom Vanity Set From Urban Furnishing

Jocelyn double bath vanity cabinet
Click on the image to read more reviews on Amazon

Why do people need best quality bathroom vanities apart from adding beauty? It’s Storage! Need huge storage in the restroom vanity? Stuck with the size of the vanity? Having trouble with matching the color?

Urban Furnishing has solved all of your problems with this one. A double size fresh room vanity has more than enough space to store everything you need.

It has the Italian Carrara marble countertop with matching backsplash. As an added bonus, it comes with a gorgeous matching framed mirror and doubles under-mounted sink in a rectangular shape. All the drawers and doors are soft closing.

One thing that makes the vanity great is the sturdy solid construction. Whereas most of the vanities on the market uses MDF/particle board, it uses solid wood. It has other great features that make it unique.

Size, Price & Color Variations: No matter what size or color is your bathroom, this one is still your best shot. It comes in 3 different sizes like 36 inches, 42 inches, and 60 inches. All of the sizes have color variations like Charcoal, Distressed Grey, and White.

Major Dimension Info: For the 36 inches vanity, the overall dimension is 36.0″w x 22.0″d x 34.5″h. The dimension of the mirror is 34.0″w x 31.5″h. For the 48 inches vanity, the overall dimension is 48.0″w x 22.0″d x 34.5″h and its mirror dimension is 44.0″w x 31.5″h. The overall dimension of the 60 inches vanity is 60.0″w x 22.0″d x 34.5″h and its mirror dimension is 56.0″w x 31.5″h.

Storage: Deeply recessed compartments give you all the possible storage in a vanity to store your all bath essentials. Even for a very large family, only one of the vanity is enough to solve the storage problem.

Ease of use & maintenance: Furthermore, the product is very simple and easy to use. It uses a soft closing hinge this makes it easy to close the drawers when you have finished using it. It makes the closing easy and gentle. The same type of hinges is used on the door. It is a user-friendly vanity. It is convenient and comfortable to use.

Cons Of Double Vanity Set From Urban Furnishing

  • Faucets are not included.

In all this is one of the best bath vanities. We are recommending it, because of the exceptional qualities.

Affordable Bathroom Vanities Buying Guide

Right after the awesome toilet, you need a vanity to complete your bathroom. If you are looking for modern restroom vanities, you have to consider some important features to make the correct decision. Most experienced buyers may not find it difficult to make a choice, but for inexperienced buyers, making that choice may be an issue and they need a guide.

You have to consider the type of materials used to design the vanity, the price, as well as your purpose and other important factors. The following criteria are equally applicable to cheap bathroom vanity cabinets as well.

  • Material: The most important factor to consider when you are making your choice is the type of materials used to make the vanity. This means that you have to consider the wood quality. The wood should be able to withstand moisture and humidity challenges. Solid wood vanities are often considered best because they are more stable and durable.
  • Size: Another important factor to consider is the size. All the bathrooms are not of the same size, and because of that, all the best bath vanities could be different from the standard dimensions. You have to measure the dimensions of your bathroom and choose only the correct size when you are making your choice.
  • Height: Height is another issue to consider whenever you are making your choice. The standard height is thirty-two inches. Some modern designs are thirty-six inches. You have to determine what is comfortable to you before making your choice.
  • Vanity Type: Vanity type is another important consideration. You have to choose among the various types on the market, which include free-standing, floating type, open space, as well as vessel sink and so on. Consider what you want, and choose only those ones that are suitable for your needs. There could be several other factors. Watch the video on what else to check.

Final thoughts On Bathroom Vanities

These are the best bathroom vanities you can buy with money. They are durable, elegantly designed, and easy to use. Most of them arrive already assembled and the installation process is not difficult as everything needed for the installation is provided. All these products are recommended. Some of them are cheap bathroom vanities. They are the best deal on restroom vanities. You are going to get real value for your money.

Best Bathroom Vanities With Sink & Faucet Review 2018
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Best Bathroom Vanities With Sink & Faucet Review 2018
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  1. BestNewton

    February 18, 2018 at 1:15 pm

    I have just remodeled my master bathroom and I am thinking about installing a vanity in there. It’s a double size bathroom, so I am considering having double size bath vanity as well. My preference is wooden made bathroom vanity that will last for many years.

    I have read your reviews on the bathroom vanity and found some of them pretty promising. My concern is that are those really made from wood? How come the carry such a bigger furniture intact to my location?


    • Clyde Mitchell

      April 22, 2018 at 1:41 pm

      Thanks for reaching out and I am very happy you have found my vanity reviews helpful. Yes, a double sizes vanity will be perfect for your master bathroom. If you have completed reading my reviews, then probably you already know about Abbeville bathroom vanity with sink, right?

      I think that will be your best choice if you prefer antique style design. For modern style, you may consider buying Abbey Bathroom vanity. It’s also double sizes. To have confidence whether they will last long or not, read as many reviews as you can from the link I provided above.

      Many people have been using it satisfactorily for many years without any trouble. They are both made of quality materials and the countertops are made of pure marble.

      Let me know if you need to know anything more about the bathroom vanity cabinet.



  2. EusebiaSmall

    February 26, 2018 at 4:06 pm

    I have a very small bathroom and I am considering about buying a new bathroom cabinet. I need to store all the necessary stuff like towel, stored tissue box and other things in the bathroom. Since the size of my bathroom is really small, I guess I have to go for the smaller one.

    It seems to me RunFine will be a good choice for me. I need a little bit more information on the basin and sink faucet. Does it come fully assembled or I have to do it myself? Also, I am a little bit confused about the color of the vanity. Can you clear my confusions?


    • Clyde Mitchell

      April 22, 2018 at 1:39 pm

      Thank you for your great interest in the RunFine Bathroom vanity. It’s an excellent choice for smaller bathrooms. The size of the vanity cabinet is small but it’s full of surprises! There are lots more spaces than you expect from a small size bath vanity.

      About the sink faucet, there are holes in the vanity so that you can install the faucet easily. Also, the basin actually sits on the vanity not attached to the wall. Please read my review of it again.

      Yes, it comes fully assembled. Once you remove it from the box, you can place it directly inside your bathroom. Just install the basin and faucet and you are done!

      Let me know if you need to know more about RunFine bathroom vanity.



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