Best Bathroom Fan With Light And Heater 2018 [With Installation Tutorial]

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Panasonic is the one that can give you the best bathroom fan with or without light and heater. Apart from it, there are Delta Breez and Broan. But if you want a noise-free exhaust fan that can move air efficiently, Panasonic is the one. Only Panasonic has a lot of exhaust fan models. They have only the fan, fan with light, and fan with light & heater. So which one to pick? I have narrowed down the list of vital information that you must know.

Use the following table of contents to save your time.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Comparison Table

Wall mounted or ceiling mounted, all the following bathroom fans are just perfect for your bathroom with power air flow capacity and fewer noises. They are all recommended by more than thousands of happy users as well.

WhisperCeiling FV11VQ5WhisperWarm FV-11VHL2WhisperLite FV-11VQL6
  • Most recommended.
  • 50/80/110/150
  • Lowest noise:
    0.3 sones
  • ENERGY STAR certified.
  • Fan + Light, night light.
  • 30,000 hours condenser motor.
  • 110 CFM.
  • 3 level safety for the heater.
  • Fan + Light.
  • 80/110/150 CFM.
  • 4"/6"
    dual duct adapter.
  • ENGERGY STAR qualified.

10 Best Bathroom Fan Reviews 2018

Based on popularity, powerful but noise-free air flow, and price – I have made short reviews on 10 most popular ventilation fan. Each of them comes with different CFM capacity, with multi-functionality and so on. So, pick the one that best suits you.

Panasonic WhisperCeiling Mounted Fan: Model No. FV11VQ5

Panasonic exhaust fan
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Most popular & highest selling bath fan so far. You need to get rid of the mold and you need to have the long lasting bath fan, Panasonic WhisperCeiling ceiling mounted fan is all you need. Just like thousands of happy customers, I have recommended it as the best bathroom ventilation fan. In addition to this, I am gonna cover more 9 bathroom exhaust fan reviews. But I believe this is the one you will buy eventually. Why?

Okay. What do you expect from a bath fan? Obviously, it should evacuate air a lot and run very quietly, and should be very long lasting, right? Well, that’s what it is proven to deliver! For medium size bathroom to large size bathroom, it’s the one! For too small size bathroom, it may be a little large but still a good choice.    

Because of it’s enclosed condenser AC motor and double-tapered blower wheel, it can move air without ANY NOISE! The WhisperCeiling model of Panasonic is called the workhorse of their product line because it can move air twice the rate of other brands. You can actually feel the air movement when it does so.

WhisperCeiling exceeds the performance standards set by ASHRAE 62.2, ENERGY STAR 3.0, and LEED. It can actually move the larger volume of air using less energy than most other brands. That’s the reason the motor remains cool for all day long and gives this ventilation fan a long life. To increase the lifespan of the fan, it is equipped with a thermal cut off fuse and the motor never gets overheated.

Panasonic has made it super easy to install the fan. So that you can have a flexible duct layout and design, it incorporates an integrated dual 4 inches or 6 inches duct adaptor. Besides, it has a double hanger bar system which is expandable up to 24”. Now, positioning the fan is much easier. So again, this is the best choice for new and remodels residential applications. Here is the tutorial that shows how you can replace you old fan with this one.

More Features & Pros of Panasonic WhisperCeiling Mounted Fan

  • Choose from 4 air evacuation capacity: 50 CFM, 80 CFM, 110 CFM, and 150 CFM. Most popular is 110 CFM.
  • Stainless steel made square shaped ventilation fan has a dimension of 16.7 X 14.2 X 10.8 inches with a weight of 10.4 pounds.
  • The entrance of outside air is absolutely impossible due to its built-in damper.
  • UL listed fan.
  • 120V electricity required. Perfect for use in the U.S.A.
  • In compliance with CA Title 24 and WA State Code.
  • Meets strict standards set by EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency).
  • Improved blade design for better performance & longer life.
  • Most energy efficient and long-lasting.
  • Tremendous recommendations from experienced users.
  • ENERGY STAR rated & certified by Home Ventilation Institute (HVI).
  • User-friendly Installation.
  • Among all Panasonic bathroom exhaust fan, this is the most popular.

Cons of Panasonic WhisperCeiling Mounted Fan

Being the best bathroom ceiling fan, it has some issue that you should consider.

  • No light.
  • Few incidents of fogging.
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Panasonic WhisperWarm Review Model: FV-11VHL2

Panasonic ventilation fan with light
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Another best bathroom exhaust fan from Panasonic. Most complete ceiling mounted fan from Panasonic. The WhisperWarm heater ventilation fan comes with 2 options. You can get it with light or without light. In my previous Panasonic exhaust fan reviews, I believe you have noticed that one does not come with a heater. That’s the reason Panasonic WhisperWarm is so popular and getting high appreciation real fast.

For the everyday chilly morning, WhisperWarm lets you add comfortable room heat in the bathroom. The heating capacity is 1400 watt and within just minutes it can bring back room heat to a chilly bathroom. Whether you are a residential remodeler trying to add some extra value to the bathroom or you run an assisted living facility and trying to add some comfort for the residents, this is the right choice for you.

WhisperWarm from Panasonic is much smaller, quieter, and warmer.  For the best result, you should install it not more than 8 feet from the floor to the ceiling. Now, let’s talk about its airflow capacity. When you talk about Panasonic exhaust fan, you really should not worry about its noise. In fact, you will forget whether the fan is on. The fan will never let the humidity or fog to grow inside the bathroom.

It seems a little bit pricey but very cost effective as it will serve its purpose for a very long time. Like all Panasonic ventilation fan, WhisperWarm has enclosed condenser motor for a longer lifespan. Along with thermal fuse protection, it has 3-level safety features for the heater.

In addition to the heater fan, you will also get 2 CFL bulbs and a night light. Having this one will ensure you continuous & trouble free service for many years to come.

More Features & Pros of Panasonic FV-11VHL2 WhisperWarm

  • The dimension of the heating fan is 18.1 X 13.3 inches with a weight of  39 pounds. 120V electricity which is compatible with the U.S.A. The fan comes in white and cream color.
  • Grille size is 18 1/8 inches to 13 5/16 inches. Duct diameter is 4”.
  • You will need 20 amp dedicated circuit.
  • 110 CFM air suction capacity. More than enough for medium to large size bathroom.
  • Long lasting permanently lubricated AC motor.
  • Stainless steel made the heating element. Along with chrome wire, it features magnesium oxide for even heat transfer.
  • Built-in damper to prevent outside air to enter the bathroom.
  • Separate control for the heater, fan, and light with makes it another best bathroom exhaust fans with light and heater.
  • A true blessing for winter time.
  • The quiet bathroom exhaust fan has an easy installation.
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Panasonic WhisperLite Fan

Panasonic exhaust fan and light combo
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You need long showers but want to keep the moisture as low as possible without creating any noise. Panasonic WhisperLite is the right solution. It’s not just a ventilation fan, it also comes with a light as well. A significant improvement tool for any sized modern bathroom. People call it the best exhaust fan with light from Panasonic.

In addition to the nightlight indicator light, it comes with a CFL bulb and rest assured the light is clear and bright. Most people have liked the fact that it can effectively remove moisture. In fact, you can feel the air movement and there will be no noise absolutely. The most effective airflow ensures that there will be no chance to build up mildew.

Now, I need to clear some concerns about the light. The light uses 2 CFL bulbs that have GU24 pin type base. It’s true that finding these bulbs in the market is somewhat difficult. However, if you search popular online store like Amazon for a GU24 CFL, you will find them. So, I must say you should really consider this fan irrespective of the CFL bulb issue.

You should use a 6” duct to install this fan. You could get away with a 4” duct but it will compromise the air flow and there will be noise. 6” duct is a little bit larger and many people don’t like to put a large duct on the roof. If you have a medium to larger size bathroom, you should use the 6” duct. But if you don’t want the 6” duct, this fan may not be suitable for you.

For new installation or replacing old fans, this can be your major lifestyle change maker. Just read some of its reviews from the customers. Panasonic is the standard setter of the exhaust fan. If you don’t want to see any fog in your bathroom or don’t want to have wet walls in a noise-free way, this is the right choice for you. Here is a video testimonial of it from a user.

More Features & Pros of Panasonic WhisperLite Fan

  • The dimension of the ventilation fan is 16.7 X 14.2 X 11.5 inches with a weight of 13.7 pounds. Runs with 120V of electricity which is suitable in the U.S.A.
  • 3 different air moving capacity like 80 CFM, 110 CFM, and 150 CFM. Most popular is 110 CFM.
  • All installation brackets are included.
  • To cover up your errors while installing, it has a large fan cover.
  • Helpful nightlight feature.
  • Removes moisture effectively without creating any sound. Sometimes, you will forget that the fan is running.
  • Thermal fuse protection for the long life of the AC motor.
  • ENERGY STAR rated. In fact, it is in compliance with ventilation standards set by LEED, CA Title 24, and other green building standards.
  • You can control the fan, light, and night light separately using the different switch.
  • Happy customers have installed it in all of their bathroom replacing old other brands.

Cons of Panasonic WhisperLite Fan

  • Incomplete installation manual. Only covers new installation not how to install it replacing old fans.
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Broan 655 Heater Bath Fan with Light Combination

Broan exhaust fan with heater and light
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If you are looking for the best bathroom exhaust fans with light and heater and a little noise is not a big issue for you, you should try Broan exhaust fan. This is basically for those who need heater & light with the ventilation fan at an affordable cost that lasts long.

With this heater ventilation fan, now you can have a comfortable bathroom without having to heat up the entire house. The instant heater will give you comfortable warm in no time.

Another prominent feature is its light. If you remember, using LED bulbs is not possible for most non-branded exhaust fan. But now you can use LED bulb with Broan 655 Heater ventilation fan. The most convenient thing about the heater fan that you can control each of the fan, light, and heater separately or you can simply run them all together.

But what about its main function to move air?

Well, the airflow capacity of the heater ventilation fan is 70 CFM. And if you read some of its user’s reviews, you will see that it can really move air effectively and users are happy with it and consider it another best bathroom fan. They said its little bit noisy. But apart from that, it’s a decent ventilation fan that can effectively move moistures.

Now, I would not recommend it for a large bathroom. It’s ideal for the only small bathroom because it has only 70 CFM airflow capacity. But if you have a small bathroom and you need it to be warm instantly, this could be a good option for you. Besides, if the shower is on, the noise won’t bother you.

One tip for you. If you are planning to replace just some parts of your old fan, please don’t do that. Just buy it. It is more economical for you.

More Features & Pros of Broan 655 Heater Bath Fan with Light

  • The unit has a dimension of 16.8 X 10.6 X 8 inches with a weight of 13.5 pounds. It supports 110V of electricity.
  • 1300 watt powerful heater and 100 watt light.
  • You can install a wall thermostat to control the heat. Even heat distribution in the entire bathroom.
  • You gonna need a 20 amp fuse for this model.
  • An 8.25 X 14.25 inches cutout is needed.
  • White polymeric grille to match any décor.
  • Most versatile ventilation fan at an unbeatable price.
  • Proven to be a long-lasting ventilation fan.

Cons of Broan 655 Heater Bath Fan with Light

  • Makes noise. I would say incredibly loud!
  • Retrofit installation is somewhat difficult.

Delta BreezGreenBuilder GBR100 Exhaust Bath Fan

Delta Breez Green Builder Exhaust Bath Fan
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One common problem that all Delta exhaust fan has is they are noisy. Delta BreezGreenBuilder has overcome the problem. In fact, it’s the most versatile & noiseless best bathroom exhaust fan with humidity sensor from Delta. Different air flow capacity & optionally added facilities have made it suitable for every bathroom size and everyone. And it’s within everyone budget.

You can get only the fan with really low cost or you can get it with the CFL light. Don’t like the CFL light? Okay! You can get the fan with LED bulb as well. Some may want other facilities with a fan like humidity sensor and dual speed. Well, Delta has covered it too. And you can control them separately.

Air suction capacity is really great. It’s a proven fact that this model can effectively remove air and don’t let your mirrors to get fogged. Based on your bathroom size, you can choose different airflow capacity. Because of it’s powerful DC brushless motor, it can run up to 70,000 hours. Imagine how many years it can keep your bathroom humid free.

Now, let’s talk about its noise-free operation. You know about the sone level, right? More sone level means noisier. Whereas average 80 CFM bath fan has 0.8 to 2.5 sones, Delta Breez 80 CFM has a level of fewer than 0.3 sones. It’s literally silent while on.

Homeowners, residents love its thoughtful design and consider it as another best bathroom ventilation fan. They have confirmed the fact that it’s quiet enough to talk with a normal voice. After installing it, they had no issue with hot air and their mirrors never got steamy. Installation of this great fan is really easy. You will love the integrated wire box. Just be sure to follow the installation guideline.

More Features & Pros of Delta BreezGreenBuilder Bath Fan

  • The overall dimension of the bath fan is 8.2 X 8 X 6.8 inches. Pretty small in size, right? But very powerful! 120V electricity is all you need which is common in the U.S.A.
  • The fan housing dimension is 8.25” X 8” X 5.75” and grille dimension is 10.75” X 10.75”. The duct diameter is 4”.
  • UL listed.
  • ENERGY STAR qualified and HVI certified.
  • Can be installed on wall or ceiling.
  • To avoid corrosion, the fan housing is made of galvanized steel construction.
  • Precision engineered DC motor for extended operation. They consume almost 74% less electricity than AC motors.
  • Lightweight design for quick installation.
  • When turning on, the fan will start slow and then within seconds it will move at full speed. It’s normal and it’s a safety measure.

Cons of Delta BreezGreenBuilder Bath Fan

  • Not entirely noiseless.

Delta Breez Slim Exhaust Fan

Delta Breez Slip Exhaust Fan
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If you are looking for the best exhaust fan but your budget is a little bit tight, then Delta Breez Slim exhaust fan can be a good choice for you. It’s cheap but not a low-quality fan. You can tell that seeing it’s high appreciation from users. It’s equipped with metal duct adapter & its overall galvanizing steel construction prevents any corrosion.

The exhaust fan fits any 4” wall. And, along with the fan, it includes a 4” metal oval shaped duct & 3” plastic adaptor. Besides, it has 4 air flow speed capacity (CFM) so that you can pick the right one as per your bathroom size. All of these ensure to reduce the moisture in your bathroom & improve indoor air quality.

Just like all Delta Breez fans, this one is also ENERGY STAR qualified. So, there is less greenhouse gas emission & it also means that it has met strict standards set by EPA. Because of its energy efficiency, it reduces your electricity bill & in the long run, it saves the environment for your next generations.

Instead of AC motor used by Panasonic, Delta Breez uses DC motors because of its energy-efficient performance. Delta claims that these brushless DC motors last longer than AC motors & they are precision engineered for low sound. They consume less power than AC motors.

Now, let’s see what customers talk about it. A lot of users are really impressed with its unbeatable price for such a value-adding exhaust fan. Many have confirmed that it moves much more air than previously whatever they had. Also, many have confirmed that though not entirely noiseless, the humming sound is much lower.

More Features & Pros of Delta Breez Slim Exhaust Fan

  • In total, there is 4 air moving capacity like 50 CFM, 70 CFM, 80 CFM, and 100 CFM. For larger volume air movement, you should go for the 100 CFM for your medium to large size bathroom.
  • The dimension of the exhaust fan is 14 X 14 X 5” with a weight of 9 pounds.
  • Comes with grille with a dimension of 10.25” X 9.25”.
  • LED indicator light so that you can see whether the fan is running or not.
  • UL listed.
  • You can use timer switch if it supports DC motor. Recommended timers are Leviton Model LTB60, Woods Model 59007, Tork Model D1060MW etc.
  • For the price, the volume of air suction, and less noise, it is another best bath fan to lots of users.

Cons of Delta Breez Slim Exhaust Fan

  • No light.
  • Less noise but not entirely noise free.

Panasonic WhisperFit EZ Fan

Panasonic WhisperFit EZ exhaust fan
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Another masterpiece from Panasonic that meets the need of everybody. How about you can control the airflow? Yes, it’s speed selector lets you select airflow speed ranges from 80 CFM to 110 CFM. Besides, you can have it with 3 options.

If you need only the fan, you can have it. If you need a light with the fan, you can have it. And lastly, if you need motion sensor with the fan, yes you can have it too. Just take little time, read some reviews from its users. I am pretty sure just like many others you will also say it’s another most versatile and best bathroom ventilation fan from Panasonic.

You need a budget-friendly exhaust fan from the Panasonic for your residential remodeling, new construction, or renovation of hotels? Look no further! When it comes to Panasonic, you really should not worry about air movement capacity and noise-free operation. Say goodbye to fogging from the long shower and irritating sounds.

The ventilation fan is meant for the ceiling only and comes with everything you need for the installation. And since it’s good as a retrofit fan, installation is more like a DIY project. Yes, for new construction installation, it’s still a good option. Just install the bracket with existing 3” duct and wiring. Then you should detach the adapter from the housing to attach duct & connect wiring. That’s all!

When you set the CFM to 110, it’s still a quiet fan with only 0.8 sones. The fan cover is made that way so that you can easily pull it down and clean it when required. You won’t hear any sound yet it won’t let you have any wet damp dripping walls. It’s that powerful fan! Now watch the video installation guide, I am pretty sure it will help you a lot.

More Features & Pros of Panasonic WhisperFit EZ Fan

  • The dimension of the exhaust fan is 10.2 X 10.2 X 5.6 inches with a weight of 11.4 pounds. Comes in white color.
  • Very high appreciation and recommendation from customers.
  • A separate switch can be used for fan and light.
  • Proven to be quiet. To make it, even more, quieter, it has a plastic damper with rubber on it to quiet it when it’s windy.
  • Comes with 4” duct and 3” duct adapter.
  • The square shaped plastic grille has a dimension of 13 X 13 inches.
  • Bright CFL light.
  • For increased efficiency, it is engineered to meet upcoming ENERGY STAR requirements.
  • UL listed for tub/shower enclosure.
  • Comply the latest codes and standards for housing.
  • The easiest installation with Flex-2 installation bracket and detachable installation adapter.
  • No attic access required to install it.

Cons of Panasonic WhisperFit EZ Fan

  • No heating feature.

Panasonic FV-30VQ3 WhisperCeiling Ceiling Mounted Fan

Panasonic WhisperCeiling Big Size Ventilation fan
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This is another bathroom exhaust fan reviews that deserve your attention. WhisperFitEZ is super powerful ventilation fan that you have never experienced before! It’s not just gigantic in size but it comes with 2 most powerful airflow capacity: 190 CFM and 290 CFM.

The end result is it moves out all the humidity from the bathroom. So you will see no fog in your mirror and there is no chance that any mildew to grow up. And it does it without any noise. You heard me right, NO NOISE! Definitely, another best bathroom exhaust fan.

The bladed blower wheel that looks like dolphin shaped moves the air without any sound. Noise-free exhaust fan production is the specialty of Panasonic. You are paying a good sum of money. So, it should last longer. And it does.

Because of its large blower wheel, it uses fewer RPMS but gives a larger volume of air movement. The AC motor is permanently lubricated as well to make it last longer. The overall fan housing is nearly rust free as it is made of heavy-gauge zinc galvanized steel. So, considering it’s longer lifespan and uninterrupted operation, it’s a cost-effective exhaust fan as well.

As a piece of advice, you should only go for the 290 CFM if the size of the bathroom is large enough. You may face some noisy issue with it. But this is really powerful and you should consider it only if you are planning to install it in a large bathroom.

A lot of its customer said that they are happy with this model. After installing it, they don’t have any more steamy bathroom.  

More Features & Pros of Panasonic FV-30VQ3 Model

  • The dimension of the fan is 15 X 15 x 10.2 inches with a weight of 19 pounds. 120V electricity is required.
  • Can be used in the kitchen.
  • Unbelievable humidity suction capacity.
  • You can use thermostat switch to have greater control.
  • Some people are using it to remove cigarette smoke out of the room. If this is the main purpose, you should install two of them.
  • 12 ½ inches square rough opening is required.
  • 6” duct size.

Cons of Panasonic FV-30VQ3 Model

  • Difficult installation.
  • Fairly noisy.

Panasonic FV-05-11VKL1 WhisperGreen Select

Panasonic WhisperGreen Select exhaust fan
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If you could not finish finding the best bathroom fan light combo, think about this one from Panasonic. For small bathroom to large bathroom, it is perfect in all the ways for all bathroom types. It is customizable meaning you can add further features to it like motion and condensation sensor and night light. They are all snap-in modules, very easy to customize.

You might be wondering: what is a condensation sensor?

Well, when you add this feature to the WhisperGreen Select ventilation fan, you are actually fighting against mold and mildew in your bathroom. To detect the dew point, the condensation sensor can detect RH (Relative Humidity) & temperature. When it detects so, it automatically turns on the fan to control humidity inside the bathroom. So, yes there is no chance of growing mildew and mold in your bathroom.

Want to know the best part?

You can control the air flow power (CFM) with time delay function. This is only possible when you add the multi-speed module to the fan. When you install this module, the fun runs continuously at a pre-set lower speed. But when the wall switch is turned on or the motion sensor or condensation sensor is activated, the air flow speed reaches the maximum. The high/low delay timer makes sure the fan returns to its normal speed after a pre-set time.

If you add the NiteGlow LED night light to these slots, it will turn on automatically upon sensing the darkness. The SmartAction motion sensor can help people with disabilities. The fan automatically turns on when someone enters the bathroom.

But the very pleasant fact that you will love about this ventilation fan is that it does the entire above jobs, almost silently. Imagine the most incredible air suction power with the lowest noise! For your personalized comfort in the bathroom, give it a try.

More Features & Pros of Panasonic FV-05-11VKL1 WhisperGreen

  • The range of CFM is 50/80/110.
  • 4 inch/6 inch dual duct adapter.
  • Equipped with energy-efficient DC motor that lasts years after year.
  • Energy Star Certified LED lamps. Replaceable LED lamps.
  • For a small to medium size bathroom, the brightness of the light is sufficient enough. In fact, people with larger bathroom confirmed that the brightness is good.
  • Quiet function for your bathroom. VERY QUIET! Less than 0.3 sones.
  • For fast and easy installation, it comes with the Flex-Z-Fast bracket.
  • Great investment and highly recommended as another best bathroom ventilation fan by lots of experienced users.

Cons of Panasonic FV-05-11VKL1 WhisperGreen

  • Some people found the instructions awfully bad. Also, the installation is NOT that easy. You may need to hire an expert to do the job.

Broan Ultra Silent Bath Fan and Light

Broan ultra silent bath fan
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This is the last bathroom exhaust fan reviews. I have included this finding your best bathroom exhaust fan because of its VERY silent operation. You know Broan’s bath fan is NOT that silent, right? Well, this one is really ultra silent as they claim. It has all the modern features that a bath fan should have and within a very short period of times, it has lots of very positive feedbacks.

Perfect for a bathroom having up to 100 square feet. In comparison with other Broan’s exhaust fan, it’s not just less noisy; it has way much better air suction power. Even when you set the 110 CFM, the sones level is 0.7 only. What’s more, you can get this one with a super bright 42 watt light. The light is Energy Star compliant, so don’t worry about the electricity bill.

To make your nighttime bathroom visit more comfortable, there is a nightlight function. However, you need to buy the nightlight separately.

Because of its powerful motor, it can remove all the bad air and other moistures effectively. Lots of users have verified that now their bathroom is always dry and the mirrors never get fogged. With this Broan QT series ventilation fan, all the contaminated air are constantly removed from the bathroom and lets you have a healthy indoor environment always.


If you need a quality ventilation fan but you don’t want to spend too much because your budget is a little bit tight, without any hesitation you should go for it. In comparison with other expensive exhaust fans, the price of Broan QTXE110FLT is really unbeatable.

More Features & Pros of Broan Ultra Silent Bath Fan and Light

  • Nightlight option available. You need to buy the night light separately.
  • The dimension of the grille is 11 inches X 13 ¾ inches whereas the housing dimension is 10 ½ inches X 11 3/8 inches X 7 5/8 inches.
  • QT series is the most advanced and new bathroom ventilation fan from Broan.
  • Permanently lubricated motor to perform years after years.
  • Low profile grille style with 6 inches ducting. You must use the 6 inch ducting to avoid noise.
  • For flexible installation system, it comes with adjustable hanger bar. Comes with wiring harness for the fan and lights as well.
  • Satisfied users have recommended this one to their friends and family.
  • Competitive price.

Cons of Broan Ultra Silent Bath Fan and Light

Well, you will find some ‘NOT SO GOOD’ feedbacks from users about this one while reading bathroom exhaust fan reviews online. But here are 2 most unpleasant thinks they have talked about:

  • Some users still have complained about its noise level.
  • Very few incidents of sudden death of the motor!
Best Bathroom Fan Buying Guides 2018

It requires very little technical knowledge to pick the best bathroom exhaust fan. You may end up making a great mistake buying the wrong one if you have never bought this type of ventilation fan. There are lots of bathroom exhaust fan and not all of them is suitable for your bathroom. Some facts you need to bear in your mind.

First, you need to pick the right type of the ventilation fan. Then you have to choose the right CFM and determine the sones level you can tolerate. So, pay attention to these following points.

  1. Mainly there are 3 types like wall mounted, ceiling mounted, and remotely installed fan. Based on your bathroom layout design & location inside the house, you need different types of the ventilation fan. Most of the above-reviewed exhaust fans are both wall mounted and ceiling mounted.
  2. Choosing the right CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) is vital. CFM simply indicates the air flow capacity of the fan. Per square feet of your bathroom requires 1 CFM. So, to put simply, for your 100 square feet bathroom you will require 100 CFM. Luckily, some ventilation fan comes with multiple CFM which you can control based different situations.
  3. Sones level determines the noise level that an exhaust fan produces. 1 sones mean the noise of a normal household fridge. So, lesser sones level is always preferable when you need to continuously keep the ventilation fan going on. If the noise level is a BIG issue for you, just pick any exhaust fan from Panasonic. They have some exhaust fan having sones level of less than 0.03!
  4. Do you need extra features for a bathroom fan? Something like light and heater? If so, you are in luck! I have reviewed a lot of these type of exhaust fan.

If you follow these above 4 guidelines, you are good to go pick up your ventilation fan!

Sum UP

Installing the best bathroom fan is a long time investment just like installing a flushing toilet. So, choose very carefully. Let me know if you need to know anything else in the comment box. I will be there to help you

Best Bathroom Fan With Light And Heater 2018 [With Installation Tutorial]
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