Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan With Light And Heater With Buyer’s Guide

Panasonic is the one that can give you the perfect bathroom exhaust fans with light and heater. Apart from it, there are Delta Breez and Broan.

But if you want a noise-free one that can move air efficiently, Panasonic is the one. Only Panasonic has a lot of models.

They have only the fan, a model with light, and some models with the light & heater. So which one to pick? I have narrowed down the list of vital information that you must know.

Use the following table of contents to save your time.

Popular Bathroom Exhaust Fan With Heater Reviews 2022

Based on popularity, powerful but noise-free airflow, and the price – I have made short reviews on 16 most popular models. Each of them comes with a different CFM capacity, multi-functionality, and so on.

So, pick the one that suits you.

Panasonic WhisperCeiling: Model No. FV-0511VQ1 

best bathroom fan from Panasonic
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Most popular & highest selling model so far. You need to get rid of the mold and you need to have the long-lasting one, Panasonic WhisperCeiling ceiling-mounted model is all you need.

Just like thousands of happy customers, I have recommended it as the most recommended model.

In addition to this, I am gonna cover more than 15 bathroom exhaust fan reviews. But I believe this is the one you will buy eventually. Why?

Okay. What do you expect from it? Obviously, it should evacuate air a lot and run very quietly, and should be very long-lasting, right? Well, that’s what it is proven to deliver!

For medium size bathrooms to large-size bathrooms, it’s the one! For a too small size bathroom, you need a small model, it may be a little large but still a good choice.    

Because of its enclosed condenser AC motor and double-tapered blower wheel, it can move air without ANY NOISE!

The WhisperCeiling model of Panasonic is called the workhorse of their product line because it can move air at twice the rate of other brands. You can actually feel the air movement when it does so.

WhisperCeiling exceeds the performance standards set by ASHRAE 62.2, ENERGY STAR 3.0, and LEED. It can actually move a larger volume of air using less energy than most other brands.

That’s the reason the motor remains cool all day long and gives this a long life. To increase the lifespan, it is equipped with a thermal cut-off fuse and the motor never gets overheated.

Panasonic has made it super easy to install. So that you can have a flexible duct layout and design, it incorporates an integrated dual 4 inches or 6 inches duct adaptor.

Besides, it has a double hanger bar system which is expandable up to 24”.

Now, positioning is much easier. So again, this is a great choice for new and remodels residential applications. Here is the tutorial that shows how you can replace your old unit with this one.

More Features & Pros of Panasonic WhisperCeiling Exhaust Fan

  • The entrance of outside air is absolutely impossible due to its built-in damper.
  • UL listed.
  • 120V electricity required. Perfect for use in the U.S.A.
  • In compliance with CA Title 24 and WA State Code.
  • Meets strict standards set by EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency).
  • Improved blade design for better performance & longer life.
  • The most energy-efficient and long-lasting.
  • Tremendous recommendations from experienced users.
  • ENERGY STAR rated & certified by Home Ventilation Institute (HVI).

Cons of Panasonic WhisperCeiling

  • No light.
  • Few incidents of fogging.

Panasonic WhisperWarm Review Model: FV-11VHL2

Panasonic ventilation fan with light
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Another high-quality bathroom exhaust from Panasonic. Most complete ceilings mounted model from Panasonic.

The WhisperWarm comes with 2 options.

You can get it with light or without light. In my previous Panasonic reviews, I believe you have noticed that one does not come with a heater.

That’s the reason Panasonic WhisperWarm is so popular and getting high appreciation real fast.

For the everyday chilly morning, WhisperWarm lets you add comfortable room heat in the bathroom. The heating capacity is 1400 watts and within just minutes it can bring back room heat to a chilly bathroom.

Whether you are a residential remodeler trying to add some extra value to the bathroom or you run an assisted living facility and trying to add some comfort for the residents, this is the right choice for you.

WhisperWarm from Panasonic is much smaller, quieter, and warmer.  For a great result, you should install it not more than 8 feet from the floor to the ceiling. Now, let’s talk about its airflow capacity.

When you talk about the Panasonic brand, you really should not worry about its noise. In fact, you will forget whether it is on for its quiet operation. It will never let the humidity or fog grow inside the bathroom.

It seems a little bit pricey but very cost-effective as it will serve its purpose for a very long time. Like all Panasonic models, WhisperWarm has an enclosed condenser motor for a longer lifespan.

Along with thermal fuse protection, it has 3-level safety features for the heater.

In addition to it, you will also get 2 CFL bulbs and a night light. Having this one will ensure you continuous & trouble-free service for many years to come.

More Features & Pros of Panasonic FV-11VHL2 WhisperWarm

  • Grille size is 18 1/8 inches to 13 5/16 inches. Duct diameter is 4”.
  • You will need a 20 amp dedicated circuit.
  • 110 CFM air suction capacity. More than enough for medium to large size bathroom.
  • Long-lasting permanently lubricated AC motor.
  • Stainless steel made the heating element. Along with chrome wire, it features magnesium oxide for even heat transfer.
  • Built-in damper to prevent outside air to enter the bathroom.
  • Separate control for all the features makes it another high-quality bathroom exhaust fan with light and heater.
  • A true blessing for wintertime.

Panasonic WhisperLite

Panasonic exhaust fan and light combo
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You need long showers but want to keep the moisture as low as possible without creating any noise.

Panasonic WhisperLite is the right solution. It’s not just like other bathroom fans, it also comes with a light as well.

A significant improvement tool for any sized modern bathroom. People call it a great one with light from Panasonic.

In addition to the nightlight indicator light, it comes with a CFL bulb, and rest assured the light is clear and bright. Most people have liked the fact that it can effectively remove moisture.

In fact, you can feel the air movement and there will be a quiet operation. The most effective airflow ensures that there will be no chance to build up mildew.

Now, I need to clear some concerns about the light. The light uses 2 CFL bulbs that have a GU24 pin-type base. It’s true that finding these bulbs in the market is somewhat difficult.

However, if you search popular online stores like Amazon for a GU24 CFL, you will find them. So, I must say you should really consider it irrespective of the CFL bulb issue.

You should use a 6” duct to install the bathroom exhaust. You could get away with a 4” duct but it will compromise the airflow and there will be noise.

6” duct is a little bit larger and many people don’t like to put a large duct on the roof. If you have a medium to larger size bathroom, you should use the 6” duct. But if you don’t want the 6” duct, it may not be suitable for you.

For new installation or replacing an old one, this can be your major lifestyle change maker. Just read some of its reviews from the customers. Panasonic is the standard-setter in this field.

If you don’t want to see any fog in your bathroom or don’t want to have wet walls in a noise-free way, this is the right choice for you. Here is a video testimonial of it from a user.

More Features & Pros of Panasonic WhisperLite

  • All installation brackets are included.
  • To cover up your errors while installing, it has a large cover.
  • Helpful nightlight feature.
  • Removes moisture effectively without creating any sound. Sometimes, you will forget it is running.
  • Thermal fuse protection for the long life of the AC motor.
  • ENERGY STAR rated. In fact, it is in compliance with ventilation standards set by LEED, CA Title 24, and other green building standards.
  • You can control it, light, and night light separately using the different switches.

Cons of Panasonic WhisperLite

  • Incomplete installation manual. Only covers new installation not how to install it replacing old ones.

Broan 655 Heater Bath Fan with Light Combination

Broan exhaust fan with heater and light
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If you are looking for a great bathroom exhaust fan with light and a heater and a little noise is not a big issue for you, you should try it.

This is basically for those who need a heater & light with it at an affordable cost that lasts long.

With this, now you can have a comfortable bathroom without having to heat up the entire house. The instant heater will give you comfortable warmth in no time.

Another prominent feature is its light. If you remember, using LED bulbs is not possible for the most non-branded model. But now you can use an LED bulb with it.

The most convenient thing about it is that you can control each of the features separately or you can simply run them all together.

But what about its main function to move air?

Well, the airflow capacity is 70 CFM. And if you read some of its user’s reviews, you will see that it can really move air effectively and users are happy with it and consider it another most suitable one.

They said it’s a little bit noisy. But apart from that, it’s a decent one that can effectively move moistures.

Now, I would not recommend it for a large bathroom. It’s ideal for the only small bathroom because it has only 70 CFM airflow capacity. But if you have a small bathroom and you need it to be warm instantly, this could be a good option for you. Besides, if the shower is on, the noise won’t bother you.

One tip for you. If you are planning to replace just some parts of your old one, please don’t do that. Just buy it. It is more economical for you.

More Features & Pros of Broan 655 Heater Bath Fan with Light

  • 1300 watt powerful heater and 100 watt light.
  • You can install a wall thermostat to control the heat. Even heat distribution in the entire bathroom.
  • You gonna need a 20 amp fuse for this model.
  • An 8.25 X 14.25 inches cutout is needed.
  • White polymeric grille to match any décor.
  • Most versatile at an unbeatable price.

Cons of Broan 655

  • Makes noise. I would say incredibly loud!
  • Retrofit installation is somewhat difficult.

Delta BreezGreenBuilder GBR100

Delta Breez Green Builder Exhaust Bath Fan
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One common problem that all Delta models have is they are noisy. Delta BreezGreenBuilder has overcome the problem.

In fact, it’s the most versatile bathroom exhaust fan with a humidity sensor from Delta that offers quiet operation.

Different airflow capacity & optionally added facilities have made it suitable for every bathroom size and everyone. And it’s within everyone’s budget.

You can get only it at a really low cost or you can get it with the CFL light. Don’t like the CFL light? Okay! You can get it with an LED bulb as well.

Some may want other facilities like humidity sensors and dual-speed. Well, Delta has covered it too. And you can control them separately.

The air suction capacity is really great. It’s a proven fact that this model can effectively remove air and don’t let your mirrors get fogged. Based on your bathroom size, you can choose different airflow capacities.

Because of its powerful DC brushless motor, it can run up to 70,000 hours. Imagine how many years it can keep your bathroom humid-free.

Now, let’s talk about its noise-free operation. You know about the sone level, right? More sone level means noisier. Whereas the average 80 CFM model has 0.8 to 2.5 sones, Delta Breez 80 CFM has a level of fewer than 0.3 sones. It’s literally silent while on.

More Features & Pros of Delta BreezGreenBuilder

  • ENERGY STAR qualified and HVI certified.
  • Can be installed on the wall or ceiling.
  • To avoid corrosion, the housing is made of galvanized steel construction.
  • Precision-engineered DC motor for extended operation. They consume almost 74% less electricity than AC motors.
  • Lightweight design for quick installation.
  • When turned on, it will start slow, and then within seconds, it will move at full speed. It’s normal and it’s a safety measure.

Cons of Delta BreezGreenBuilder

  • Not entirely noiseless.

Delta Breez Slim Bath Ceiling Fan

Delta Breez Slip Exhaust Fan
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If you are looking for a top-quality model but your budget is a little bit tight, then Delta Breez Slim can be a good choice for you. It’s cheap but not a low-quality one.

You can tell that seeing it’s a high appreciation from users. It’s equipped with a metal duct adapter & its overall galvanizing steel construction prevents any corrosion.

It fits any 4” wall. And, along with it, it includes a 4” metal oval-shaped duct & 3” plastic adaptor. Besides, it has 4 airflow speed capacity (CFM) so that you can pick the right one as per your bathroom size.

All of these ensure to reduce the moisture in your bathroom & improve indoor air quality.

Just like all Delta Breez models, this bathroom exhaust is also ENERGY STAR qualified. So, there is fewer greenhouse gas emissions & which also means that it has met strict standards set by EPA.

Because of its energy efficiency, it reduces your electricity bill & in the long run, it saves the environment for the next generations.

Instead of the AC motor used by Panasonic, Delta Breez uses DC motors because of its energy-efficient performance. Delta claims that these brushless DC motors last longer than AC motors & they are precision engineered for low sound. They consume less power than AC motors.

More Features & Pros of Delta Breez Slim

  • LED indicator light so that you can see whether it is running or not.
  • UL listed.
  • You can use a timer switch if it supports a DC motor. Recommended timers are Leviton Model LTB60, Woods Model 59007, Tork Model D1060MW, etc.
  • For the price, the volume of air suction, and less noise, it is another highly recommended one to lots of users.

Cons of Delta Breez Slim

  • No light.
  • Less noise but not entirely noise-free.

Panasonic WhisperFit EZ Exhaust Fan

Panasonic WhisperFit EZ exhaust fan
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Another masterpiece from Panasonic that meets the need of everybody. How about you can control the airflow?

Yes, its speed selector lets you select airflow speed ranges from 80 CFM to 110 CFM. Besides, you can have it with 3 options.

If you need only it, you can have it. If you need a light with it, you can have it. And lastly, if you need a motion sensor with it, yes you can have it too.

Just take a little time, and read some reviews from its users. I am pretty sure just like many others you will also say it’s another most versatile and high-quality model from Panasonic.

When it comes to Panasonic, you really should not worry about air movement capacity and noise-free operation. Say goodbye to fogging from the long shower and irritating sounds.

It is meant for the ceiling only and comes with everything you need for the installation. And since it’s good as a retrofit bathroom fan, installation is more like a DIY project.

Yes, for new construction installation, it’s still a good option. Just install the bracket with the existing 3” duct and wiring. Then you should detach the adapter from the housing to attach the duct & connect the wiring. That’s all!

When you set the CFM to 110, it’s still a quiet one with only 0.8 sones. The cover of it is made that way so that you can easily pull it down and clean it when required.

You won’t hear any sound yet it won’t let you have any wet damp dripping walls. It’s that powerful! Now watch the video installation guide, I am pretty sure it will help you a lot.

More Features & Pros of Panasonic WhisperFit EZ

  • A separate switch can be used for each feature.
  • Proven to be quiet. To make it, even more, quieter, it has a plastic damper with rubber on it to quiet it when it’s windy.
  • Comes with a 4” duct and 3” duct adapter.
  • Bright CFL light.
  • The easiest installation with Flex-2 installation bracket and detachable installation adapter.
  • No attic access is required to install it.

Cons of Panasonic WhisperFit EZ

  • No heating feature.

Panasonic FV-30VQ3 WhisperCeiling

Panasonic WhisperCeiling Big Size Ventilation fan
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This is another bathroom exhaust fan review that deserves your attention. WhisperFitEZ is a super powerful one that you have never experienced before!

It’s not just gigantic in size but it comes with the 2 most powerful airflow capacities: 190 CFM and 290 CFM.

The end result is it moves out all the humidity from the bathroom. So you will see no fog in your mirror and there is no chance that any mildew to grow up.

And it does it without any noise. You heard me right, NO NOISE! Definitely, another recommended bathroom exhaust fan 2020.

The bladed blower wheel that looks dolphin-shaped moves the air without any sound. Noise-free model production is the specialty of Panasonic. You are paying a good sum of money. So, it should last longer. And it does.

Because of its large blower wheel, it uses fewer RPMs but gives a larger volume of air movement. The AC motor is permanently lubricated as well to make it last longer. The overall housing is nearly rust-free as it is made of heavy-gauge zinc galvanized steel.

So, considering its long lifespan and uninterrupted operation, it’s a cost-effective model as well.

As a piece of advice, you should only go for the 290 CFM if the size of the bathroom is large enough. You may face some noise issues with it. But this is really powerful and you should consider it only if you are planning to install it in a large bathroom.

More Features & Pros of Panasonic Bathroom Fan [FV-30VQ3 Model]

  • Can be used in the kitchen.
  • Unbelievable humidity suction capacity.
  • You can use a thermostat switch to have greater control.
  • Some people are using it to remove cigarette smoke from the room. If this is the main purpose, you should install two of them.
  • 12 ½ inches square rough opening is required.
  • 6” duct size.

Cons of Panasonic FV-30VQ3 Model

  • Fairly noisy.

Panasonic FV-05-11VKL1 WhisperGreen Select

Panasonic WhisperGreen Select exhaust fan
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If you could not finish finding your bathroom fan light combo, think about this one from Panasonic. From a small bathroom to a large bathroom, it is perfect in all ways for all bathroom types.

It is customizable meaning you can add further features to it like motion and condensation sensor and night light. They are all snap-in modules, very easy to customize.

You might be wondering: what is a condensation sensor?

Well, when you add this feature to the WhisperGreen Select, you are actually fighting against mold and mildew in your bathroom. To detect the dew point, the condensation sensor can detect RH (Relative Humidity) & temperature.

When it detects so, it automatically turns on it to control humidity inside the bathroom. So, yes there is no chance of growing mildew and mold in your bathroom.

Want to know the cool part?

You can control the airflow power (CFM) with a time delay function. This is only possible when you add the multi-speed module to it. When you install this module, it runs continuously at a pre-set lower speed.

But when the wall switch is turned on or the motion sensor or condensation sensor is activated, the airflow speed reaches the maximum. The high/low delay timer makes sure it returns to its normal speed after a pre-set time.

If you add the NiteGlow LED night light to these slots, it will turn on automatically upon sensing the darkness. The SmartAction motion sensor can help people with disabilities. It automatically turns on when someone enters the bathroom.

More Features & Pros of Panasonic FV-05-11VKL1 WhisperGreen

  • 4 inch/6 inch dual duct adapter.
  • Equipped with an energy-efficient DC motor that lasts years after years.
  • Energy Star Certified LED lamps. Replaceable LED lamps.
  • For a small to medium size bathroom, the brightness of the light is sufficient enough. In fact, people with larger bathrooms confirmed that the brightness is good.
  • Quiet function for your bathroom. VERY QUIET! Less than 0.3 sones.
  • For fast and easy installation, it comes with the Flex-Z-Fast bracket.

Cons of Panasonic FV-05-11VKL1 WhisperGreen

  • Some people found the instructions awfully bad. Also, the installation is NOT that easy. You may need to hire an expert to do the job.

Broan Ultra Silent Bath Fan and Light

Broan ultra silent bath fan
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I have included this finding your quality bathroom exhaust fan with LED light because of its VERY silent operation. You know Broan’s model is NOT that silent, right?

Well, this one is really ultra silent as they claim. It has all the modern features that a model should have and within a very short period of time, it has lots of very positive feedback.

Perfect for a bathroom having up to 100 square feet.

In comparison with other Broan’s models, it’s not just less noisy; it has way much better air suction power. Even when you set the 110 CFM, the sones level is 0.7 only.

What’s more, you can get this one with a super bright 42-watt light. The light is Energy Star compliant, so don’t worry about the electricity bill.

To make your nighttime bathroom visit more comfortable, there is a nightlight function. However, you need to buy the nightlight separately.

Because of its powerful motor, it can remove all the bad air and other moistures effectively. Lots of users have verified that now their bathroom is always dry and the mirrors never get fogged.

With this Broan QT series, all the contaminated air is constantly removed from the bathroom and lets you have a healthy indoor environment always.

More Features & Pros of Broan Ultra Silent

  • Nightlight option available. You need to buy the night light separately.
  • QT series is the most advanced and new model from Broan.
  • Permanently lubricated motor to perform years after years.
  • Low profile grille style with 6 inches ducting. You must use the 6-inch ducting to avoid noise.

Cons of Broan Ultra Silent

  • Some users still have complained about its noise level.

Delta BreezRadiance- Top Rated Bathroom fan with Light And Heater

It’s hard to keep the noise down when both the fan and a powerful heater are running. But Delta has done it perfectly. For that reason, people call it a smart one.

Delta BreezRadiance- Best exaust Fan With Light And Heater
Delta BreezRadiance Fan With Light And Heater

Most users were impressed by its QUIET performance. A heater and vent combo with quality is not easy to get by. But what about the quality of light and heater?

At the end of reading the reviews, you will learn all about it.

A lot of happy customers have confirmed the fact that they are happy and satisfied. The heat is really satisfactory. At this price, this is really a good investment for your money.

For the light, you can attach a dimmer to control the brightness. That way it will work as a night light as well.

Whether you are retrofitting or a completely new installation, this one will give you a warm and moisture-free bathroom for a very long time. For the light, fan, and heater, you should seriously consider this. The overall recommendations from experienced users for it are really awesome.

With 80 CFM airflow capacity, it’s more than enough for most bathrooms unless yours is extra-large. If you have a relatively small bathroom like 80 square feet or less, this is a great choice for you.

Pros & Features of Delta BreezRadiance RAD80L

  • Very low noise level with only 1.3 ‘sones’. Some people even tried to listen carefully to how quiet it is, but they did not hear anything!
  • To regulate the temperature of your bathroom, it features a built-in thermostat. There is no chance of overheating.
  • Integrated DC brushless motor. This is important to note that, this motor will outlast most of your household appliances. So use it without any fear.
  • Comes with a CFL light bulb.
  • Lower power consumption, all it needs is 1340 watts to operate with all the features.
  • For your extra safety, it features a metal guard.

Cons of Delta BreezRadiance RAD80L

  • The heater buzzes.

NuTone Ventilator Fan with Light & Heater (Model No. 9093WH)

Don’t get confused with the name, it’s from the famous brand Broan and a great addition to the Broan Nutone ultra series.

NuTone Ventilator Fan with Light & Heater

You may not have heard about NuTone, but it’s a trusted brand to so many people because of its highly resilient performance for more than several decades.

Among many of the popular bathroom exhaust fans with light and heat, NuTone is a great brand to consider.

In fact, so many people are using it for more than 25 to 30 years.

Of course, they had to change the motor one to two times, but I think the length of the performance is something you should care about a lot about.

It has so many repeat customers, that they don’t even bother to change the brand.

In addition to the great air suction capacity, most happy users love the warm heat and great night light. The night light is bright enough to see everything in the dark but not so bright as to wake you up completely. There is no need to on/off the nightlight.

Now, even though you may be in confusion about the only 70 CFM capacity, rest assured, it’s more than enough for your 100 square feet bathroom. It’s a verified fact. All it needs is only 5 minutes to clear all the fog from your bathroom after each hot shower.

When you sit on the toilet in cold weather at night, it’s really nice to have a night light over the head and a warm comfortable environment. This model will fulfill your dream.

Pros & Features of NuTone Ventilator Fan with Light & Heater

  • Satisfactory heat with less electricity consumption, only 1300 watts’ requirement for the heater. And your cold bathroom will become warm almost instantly.
  • 4 inches’ duct size. The minimum construction space requirement is 2” X 8”.
  • You can separately operate all the features using a separate switch for each of these. Set a timer for the heater, and you will have more comfort without adding much electricity bill.
  • Metal grille and a great finish.

Cons of NuTone Ventilator Fan with Light & Heater

  • Noisy, but it is acceptable.

Broan 100HL Bath Fan with Heater and Fluorescent Light

Another Broan model, but this one is different by design and the way it functions. So, I decided to give it a small review. With the extraordinary humidity venting function, it features the most desired heating and lighting functions.

Broan 100HL Bath Fan with Heater and Fluorescent Light
Broan 100HL

The directional vent is really awesome to get the maximum benefit. Just turn it in any direction you want and it will do the magic giving you a comfortable experience in the bathroom.

Within no time, the heater will make your bathroom warm if it is small to a mid-size bathroom like 100 square feet.

The sound of the heater and the fan is really low. I am not saying it’s the quietest in the world, but even if you are easily irritated by noise, you won’t have any trouble with it.

Even after using 10 to 15 years, some happy customers left reviews saying buying the 100HL model was the right decision they ever made. You are paying good money, so you definitely deserve a long-term benefit from it. Well, you will get it.

Pros & Features of Broan 100HL

  • 3 separate switches for all the features for greater control.
  • Most of the time you don’t need to turn on all the features at the same time, these separate switches will help you get the experience of the high-end bathroom exhaust fans with light and heater.
  • The heater is so powerful. Even in the coldest bathroom may be your basement will be warm within a few seconds.
  • No mold or mildew after installing it for several years in the bathroom.

Cons of Broan 100HL

  • No separate night light. Some did not like the buzzing sound of the vent.

Tatsumaki LD-120

Alright, this is another high-quality and quiet but cheap bathroom exhaust fan with light. With 120 CFM, it’s one of the strongest models out there. This is not what the brand claims, it’s the reviews from so many happy customers.

Tatsumaki LD-120 Bathroom Fan Reviews
Tatsumaki LD-120

Many users having experience using the Panasonic brand, have confirmed that they are surprised about its noise-free operation of it.

Also, they liked the bright LED light. It works as a night light!

I know it’s really difficult to make a buying decision for this one when there are plenty of models from Broan and Panasonic.

But like I said, with that great affordable price, you won’t regret it like so many happy users. Just make sure to read as many reviews as you can to have your confidence.

Proven to get rid of all the moisture from the bathroom, so no more fogged mirrorss or windows, no condensation on the walls and bad smell. A good choice for people needing a quiet but incredibly powerful model with a tight budget.

Pros & Features of Tatsumaki LD-120

  • Even if you have a 120 square feet bathroom, it will be more than enough with 120 CFM airflow capacity. Incredible air suction power.
  • Have a smaller bathroom? even better! It features a double hanger bar system so that you can position it in your bathroom conveniently.
  • Like to install it in your shower? Yes, you can! But do not try to install it vertically.
  • It fits most common ceiling joists with its standard housing size.
  • Bright night light with 6 watts LED bulb (which is equivalent to a 25W-30W incandescent bulb). You can connect it and the LED light to the same switch.
  • Features anti back flap door, so no worry about cold air getting in your bathroom.

Cons of Tatsumaki LD-120

  • The LED emits blueish light which some people don’t like.

Broan Single-Speed Review

It’s a huge improvement. Broan really did it. If you need bathroom fans with a light that has really awesome air suction capacity depending on your bathroom size, consider having this one.

People who have been using it for some time now, have recommended it to their friends and families.

Broan Single-Speed Ventilation Fan Review
Broan Single-Speed

Broan AE110L model features TrueSeal damper technology, so they invent models that can really reduce the air leakage significantly more than their counterparts.

People describe it in short as a quiet bright LED light with great suction power. This is what you need to keep your bathroom moisture-free, right?

The 11 watts LED will give you bright light which you will feel like a 75-watt bulb.

Take as many warm showers as you like, it will suck out all the moisture from your bathroom. If your bathroom is not really small, pick the 110 CFM one for the maximum result. Many people have liked it.

Some people who have been really pissed off with their noisy model, have found peace in their minds using this one. Now they can reduce the humidity quickly and they don’t have troublesome eyes in the bathroom.

Pros & Features of Broan

  • Requires standard U.S.A. compatible 120V electricity. It’s Energy Star Certified, so it won’t cost you much on the electricity bill.
  • Only 1.0 sones, much quieter than so many of Broan’s other models.
  • You can use a timer to control it.
  • Long-lasting LED lights that emit soft white light and lasts up to 25,000 hours.
  • With its new grille design, it fits any décor of your bathroom.
  • You can attach a humidity sensor with it and when you do so, it will become one of the top-rated bathroom exhaust fans with a humidity sensor.


  • You can install a dimming switch for the bright LED light, but it may cause a buzzing sound. However, if you like the full bright light, there will be no problem at all.

KAZE Ultra Quiet Exhaust Fan With LED Light

KAZE Ultra Quiet Smart Bathroom Exhaust Fan with LED
KAZE Ultra Quiet

At only 0.3 sones, this is one of the quietest models like the Panasonic brand.

And it does excellent work of air suction keeping the bathroom totally moisture free. The LED light is bright. And all that you can get at a reasonable price.

The size is not too large to look awkward in the bathroom but it really can move the air as reviewed by so many users. Besides, the design is really awesome and it will add extra beauty to the bathroom.

A well-built one with sturdy construction that will last for a very long time. It works exactly as it is described. Suitable for every state even if you are living in California. It’s in compliance with HVI, ETL-CETL &California Energy Commission (CEC).

Pros & Features of KAZE Ultra Quiet

  • It comes with both 4 inches & 6 inches ducts, so use the one that works for you great. Built-in backdraft damper as well.
  • 90 CFM air delivery capacity, perfect for bathroom having up to 90 square feet.
  • Features bright 11 watts LED light and 2-watt night light. Warm white color.
  • Dedicated wires, LED light, and night light.
  • ENERGY STAR certified, saves you some monthly electricity bills.
  • 120V electricity is required and the amp of the unit is 0.39.
  • Permanently lubricated motors, so they will serve you for a very long time without any trouble. With the galvanized steel and paint, there won’t be any rust in the upcoming future.

Cons of KAZE Ultra Quiet

  • Some people consider it to be a weak unit.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Buying Guides 2022

It requires very little technical knowledge to pick a model you need. You may end up making a great mistake buying the wrong one if you have never bought this.

There are lots of bathroom exhaust fan with light and not all of them is suitable for your bathroom. Some facts you need to bear in your mind. So, pay attention to the following points.

  • Size and Air Flow Capacity

Airflow capacity refers to the ability to remove air from the bathroom. That capacity refers to CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute). If you hate to read the technical details, just keep in mind that the bigger the bathroom is, it should have a greater capacity.

All the models that I have reviewed above have a capacity of 50 CFM to 150 CFM. The price does not vary much in relation to the CFM capacity.

Per square feet of your bathroom requires at least 1 CFM. That means, if you have a 100 square feet bathroom, get one having at least 100 CFM.

  • Heater Watts

Taking consideration of the wattage is important since it will determine how quickly it will make your bathroom warm. Generally, they are in the range of 1000 to 1500 watts and anything less than 1000 watts is not recommended.

  • The Noise Factor

After the CFM capacity, pay attention to the ‘sones’ rating. ‘Sones’ rating refers to the noise level of the bathroom fans. It can make your life hell unless you pick the almost noise-free model. Except for the Panasonic brand, almost all the other brands have a noise problem.

Usually, they have a sones rating of 0.5 to 6. The less rating means less noise level. If you love to have one other than the Panasonic brand, get one with a lower sones rating.

  • Energy Rating

You may want to keep it operating all the time. This will give you an extra electricity bill. Most people make a mistake assuming that the bigger the size is the more it will consume electricity. This is simply not true.

To keep your electricity bill down, you have to read the specifications carefully to learn about electricity consumption.

  • Motor Quality

Your exhaust fan is dead as soon as the motor stops functioning. So, I don’t need to remind you to ensure the quality of the fan motor. One simple rule of thumb is if the motor uses less energy and gets the job done, the quality of the motor is higher.

You don’t have to be technically sound about it. Just make sure it is ECM motor and you can sleep peacefully.

  • Size

If you are simply replacing your old model, get the same size. Any smaller or larger size will cause you extra trouble. Also, if you are installing a new one completely, consider the size available for the fan in your bathroom.

  • Mounting Options

Ceiling or wall mounted? You should decide first. Check your bathroom carefully and ask yourself which will be the right option. Take the help of an expert in this regard if you are not confident.

You may think this is silly, but consider whether the ceiling is strong enough to hold it if you decide to go for that kind.

  • Durability

It’s rare to have cheap bathroom fans. In fact, they are one the most costly items. You are paying high, so you deserve the return for a very long time.

Brushless models with permanently lubricated motors will last longer than their counterparts. They also require minimal to almost no maintenance at all. Look for the rust-resistant finish as well.

If you follow these above 4 guidelines, you are good to go pick up the model!

How to Install Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

It involves some electrical work, if you are not comfortable or never worked with electricity before, don’t try it. Pay the electrician to install it.

However, if you are confident and have prior experience dealing with electricity well, watch the installation video.

Bathroom Fans Comparison Table
S.N. Name Dimension ‘Sones’ Volt Air Flow Extra Features
1. Panasonic WhisperCeiling – FV11VQ5 16.7 X 14.2 X 10.8 in 0.3 120V N/A
2. Panasonic WhisperWarm – FV-11VHL2 18.1 X 13.3 inches 0.7 120V 110 CFM Light/Heater
3. Panasonic WhisperLite – FV-11VQL6 10.2 x 10.2 x 7.4 in 0.5 120V 80/110/150 CFM Light
4. Broan 655 Heater 16.75 x 10.63 x 8 in 4.0 110V 70 CFM Heater, Light
5. Delta BreezGreenBuilder GBR100 8.25 x 8 x 6.75 in 1.0 120V 80/100 CFM Light, Humidity Sensor
6. Delta Breez Slim 7.5 x 7.3 x 4 in 2.0 120V 50/70/80/100 CFM N/A
7. Panasonic WhisperFit EZ – FV-08-11VF5 10.25 x 10.25 x 5.62 in < 1.5 80/100 CFM Light/Motion Sensor
8. Panasonic WhisperCeiling – FV-30VQ3 15 x 15 x 10.2 in 2.0 120V 190/290 CFM N/A
9. Panasonic WhisperGreen – FV-05-11VKL1 10.25 x 10.25 x 7.38 in 0.3 50/80/110 CFM Light
10. Broan Ultra Silent 2 x 2 x 2 in 0.7 110 CFM Light

Sum UP

Installing the perfect bathroom exhaust fans with light and heat is a long time investment just like installing a flushing toilet. So, choose very carefully. Let me know if you need to know anything else in the comment box. I will be there to help you

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