Bathroom Ventilation Ideas To Keep It Moisture & Odor Free

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Bathroom ventilation is crucial in every home, it’s a very important part that should be considered when designing a place; home, hospital, schools. Bathrooms which no whatsoever ventilation can result in big issues especially with excess moisture in the air.

Moisture in the bathroom results to the presence of mold which it is known to cause health issues, decrease the lifespan of bathrooms and also ruin the appearance of the bathroom.

Ventilation is important as it helps regulate the pattern of air circulation which will automatically make it comfortable as one is doing activities in the bathroom.

While considering ventilating one’s bathroom it’s important to go for attractive designs so that it can as well be used as a decorative element. Below are some of bathroom ventilation ideas;

Bathroom Ventilation Ideas

bathroom ventilation

  1. Window bathroom ventilation

This is permanent bathroom ventilation as it involves installing a window. In addition to providing ventilation in a bathroom window also provide natural light which makes the whole idea more spectacular.

Window ventilation is one of the easiest ways to replace the air in the room, regulate levels of humidity and also reduce the amount of mold growth. There are a number of ways one can do this;

  • Tilting windows – windows are tilted thus allowing natural air to flow in. however, this method is not recommended as the window reveal cools down excessively thus an increased risk of water condensation which results in mold growth.
  • Cross ventilation – in this method windows and doors are opened to create a draught and in so doing air is exchanged within 2-4 minutes.
  • Purge ventilation – this is a kind of window ventilation whereby the window sashes are opened wide for about 6 minutes thus enabling fast exchange of air.

Skylight Bathroom Ventilation

Skylight has been known to be used for light circulation, however, it can as well be used to regulate air circulation patterns. Ventilating your bathroom with skylight allows cooler air to be drawn inside and circulate while at the same time warm air rises and escape. Skylight ventilation have a certain look about them, they have fascinating sizes and shapes.

Skylight ventilation allows natural sunlight to come in, it captures direct light and provides superb illumination in the early morning or late afternoons. This kind of ventilation allows natural light to enter the bathroom approximately 8 times more than windows. Natural light helps fight depression and also provides a healthy atmosphere in bathrooms.

Exhaust Bathroom Ventilation

Exhaust bathroom is pocket-friendly so is the installation fee. Ideally, it’s composed of a single fan that is centrally located. The only concern about exhaust ventilation is that they draw pollutant along with fresh air into the bathroom.

Some of the materials the draw include; dust from an attic, fumes from an attached garage and radon and molds.

Exhaust bathroom ventilation help capture dust, vapor, and fumes that may contaminate the air that could otherwise cause health complication such as asthma and bronchitis.

It’s equipped with an air filter installed right above the ceiling then it is connected to the center of the air flow that is stored in the attic. Other examples of exhaust bathroom ventilation include;

  • Inline exhaust – it’s a kind of bathroom ventilation that is installed between ducting. It’s most suitable in a bathroom that doesn’t have a space for the ventilation system.
  • Wall mounted – just as the name suggests it is installed or mounted on walls. In most cases, they are mounted on exterior walls of the bathroom.
  • Ceiling mounted – it’s a kind of exhaust that is installed in the ceiling. They help remove mushy air from the bathroom, contains an external vent outside purposed to throw mushy air outside the room.
  • Combined exhaust – it’s a kind of bathroom exhaust fan that is available in combination units such as a heater, light and ventilating fan all in a single device.

Supply Ventilation System

This is a kind of bathroom ventilation that works by pressurizing the building. It uses a fan to force outside air into the bathroom while bathroom air leaks out of the building through the holes in the shell, bath and fan duct.

A typical supply ventilation system has a duct and a fan that introduces fresh air into the bathroom, it allows better control of the air that is drawn into the house than exhaust ventilation does.

Supply ventilation system prevents the entry of pollutants from outside; they do so by filtering the air introduced into bathrooms pollen and dust are removed in the process. They work best in hot climatic condition, during winter supply ventilation causes warm air to leak through random openings.

Importance of Bathroom Ventilation

Bathroom ventilation is needed so as to provide air for metabolism and also to remove or dilute metabolic pollutants. Ventilation results to maintaining good indoor air quality by removing the pollutants, additionally it’s also used for cooling as well as providing oxygen to combustion appliances.

Good bathroom ventilation contributes to health and comfort. Some of the importance of ventilation include;

  • Health benefits – bathroom air pollution can result in a number of complications such as headaches, allergies, and asthma. All of this complication can easily be avoided by installing good bathroom ventilation.
  • Air regulation – good bathroom ventilation helps control the flow of air thus making the bathroom free from mushy air, unwanted odors from your toilet as well as providing fresh air.
  • Removes impurities – bathroom ventilation help remove pollutants; bacteria, mold from the atmosphere.

What to consider.

  • Choose the right kind of bathroom ventilation – some ventilation fit well in a small bathroom while others appear well in the large bathroom. An expert will help come to these kinds of conclusion or you may do it yourself.

Choosing the right bathroom fan should also come in handy; also look for a kind of ventilation that has decorative finishes that add some style to the bathroom.

  • Make the right installation decision – first, you will need an expert to help you install, as some ventilation is very technical and they require assistance. While installing window ventilation consider getting someone who can measure the parameters well so as to avoid future regrets.
  • Install in the right spot – bathroom ventilation should be installed in the right spot, for instance, windows will appear so much better if they are places up, on the sides of the bathroom while skylight ventilation as the name suggests should be placed on rooftops of the bathroom.
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