Bathroom Exhaust Fan Alternatives: Are They Any Good?

Are you having a hard time switching from one exhaust fan to another for bathrooms? Well, maybe it is time to stop looking for exhaust fans and see what alternatives you have in hand.

Sometimes exhaust fans alone cannot ventilate the moisture.

The excess moisture inside the bathroom causes damp places to prevail. Don’t worry; exhaust fans are not your only option. Let us show you the various other ways of ventilating the moisture out of your bathrooms.

We have prepared a list of bathroom exhaust fan alternatives for you.

Alternatives To Bathroom Fan

Usually, people install exhaust fans as a way of ventilation, but doing so might not be as helpful as desired.

Of course, searching for better exhaust fans is a good option, but knowing the alternatives might also turn much more helpful than switching from one brand to another.

So let’s have a look at what options are available and effective for your bathrooms other than the exhaust fans.

  • Ceiling Fans
Ceiling Fan For Bathroom

Installing ceiling fans in your bathroom can be an option rather than buying a new exhaust fan.

Although ceiling fans are not as effective as the exhausters in bathrooms, if both are kept working together, they will work their charm.

Some people might think of it as a stupid idea or a waste of money. Some might also consider buying a new exhaust fan than installing a ceiling fan.

But in reality, they do help in the ventilation of the bathroom. You just have to set them up efficiently so that they give the best outcome.

Now, what is the right way of ventilating through a ceiling fan?

If the ceiling fan is running and the bathroom is closed, all it would do is move the moisture in the same confined place.

That is why, while the ceiling fan is on inside the bathroom, keep the doors wide open for it to vent the moisture outside the bathroom.

Be more cautious when you have used any heavy chemical or anything that contains bleach inside the bathroom.

This is how you will be effectively using the ceiling fans as a ventilating tool for your bathroom.

  • Dehumidifier
Dehumidifier for bathroom

Another useful alternative is the dehumidifier. There are many areas with humid climates.

People living in humid climates find it much difficult to remove the moisture.

In this case, the dehumidifier might work as a helping hand for the exhaust fans in the bathrooms.

For better results, you should look for dehumidifiers that directly drain the moisture outside the bathroom.

As someone living in humid climates, dehumidifiers must be a blessing.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is choosing the correct dehumidifier.

There are several types out in the market—some suits for less amount of moisture and some for more.

Be careful and do not purchase the ones suitable for a less or small amount of moisture. These are not for the bathrooms.

Always remember to look into the water level while using a dehumidifier. It needs to be emptied once filled with water. So, you should always remember to check it.

  • Portable Fans

If you are tired of switching the exhausters and at one point can’t afford it, don’t sweat too much.

You just need some extra help. Portable fans are one of the good options as well. A regular portable fan is enough to do your job.

The portable fans let out the air outside the bathroom, leaving no moisture to accumulate. For your portable fan to perform better you must know which position is best.

Keeping it close to the shower area and just across the door makes performing better.

Keeping Your Bathroom Well-ventilated Without A Bath Fan

keeping your bathroom ventilated
Image Credit: Flickr

As you already know the alternative ways to the bathroom exhaust fans, let us tell you about some effective tips that might help you keep your bathrooms free from excess moisture –

  • Remember to properly drain the water in your shower or the basins inside the bathroom.
  • Do not keep the wet towels inside the bathroom. Always dry your towels in cooler places rather than moist places. It saves you from airborne contamination.
  • If the Range Hood of your kitchen is near to the bathroom, keep it open. This might help the moisture pass by your bathroom.
  • Keep the door of your bathroom open for a while after taking long showers and if you see mirror fog inside the bathroom.
  • To prevent the water from splashing everywhere inside your bathroom, use a shower curtain inside your bathroom.
  • Try your best to take less time showering and also try to take cooler showers. This makes the accumulation of moisture less.
  • Always wipe the floors after taking a shower. This helps for the moisture not to accumulate. It also helps to prevent unwanted water stains on your bathroom floors which makes your bathroom look dirty and unclean.
  • You can try and use the dryer inside your bathroom, if you have one, to dry out the mist or moisture in your bathroom.
  • You can find some moisture-absorbing powders in the market. They might also work, although people usually don’t use them as much. But what is the harm in trying, right?
  • You can also try a home remedy by making a solution of lemon juice and vinegar and spraying it all over the bathrooms.
  • Some scented candles might also help to remove the odors from the bathroom due to the moisture accumulated inside.

So these were some tips that you can follow in order to keep the moisture out of your bathroom. Make sure to try all of these hacks and see which of them works better.

Some hacks work like magic in humid climates, and some might be suitable for normal weather conditions.

Why Is Bathroom Ventilation Important?

Ventilation is an essential part of the bathrooms. Without proper venting, the moisture inside the washroom turns into unwanted debris.

Sometimes, mold growth is also seen inside the bathrooms as the moisture stuck inside creates damp places.

Other than the moisture, not having proper ventilation might cause the toxic substances in your bathroom rack to harm you.

There remain many cleaning items on your bathroom shelves, and they are often better disposed of.

Most of these cleaning substances contain bleach, which is harmful to your health. Hence, not having a proper ventilation system creates a threat to your health.

On top of that, ventilation prevents bad odor from your bathroom. It also eliminates the fog in your mirrors after a long hot bath.

Moreover, it stops airborne contamination and reduces the problems of insects like lizards or cockroaches inside the house.

Final Words

You might try a thousand ways, but your ventilation might not work if it is not operated in the right way.

So, make sure to go through all the bathroom exhaust fan alternatives we have suggested for you.

Even better if you find some other hacks or ways of doing the job.

Although we have got you covered with all possible ways to be used as an alternate to the bathroom exhaust fans, make sure to do your own research about these and find better ways.

We hope you find great results!

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