11 Baby Proofing Bathroom Tips To Protect Your Daredevil?

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Admit it, almost all the babies are the daredevil! They love to explore everything and the bathroom is the great place for them to explore. The danger arises from there. When a baby is in the bathroom unsupervised, anything bad can happen. There are lots of examples of bumping to the head, cutting hands and legs, even the horrible death.

You don’t want that to happen to your baby. Check the statistics and you will see yourself how many accidents happen to children just inside the bathroom. In fact, out of all the room of the home, bathroom poses the extreme threat to the baby. It’s your baby; you are responsible to ensure the safety of your baby in the bathroom.

The main objectives of this article are to make the bathroom safe for the baby. I will talk about other safety concerns as well. But the most dangerous accidents happen to children in the bathroom. In this article, you will learn how to baby proof your bathroom.

11 Ways to Baby-Proofing Bathroom

This is the most extensive guide to baby proofing bathroom. Look no further, it’s truly the massive guide that you want to follow.  Following these guides is easy and I am pretty confident, following these guides will reduce the accidents from the bathroom will be reduced significantly.

  1. Protected Doorknob: I have put it at the very first because doing it right will lessen the chance of bathroom accidents significantly. In fact, if install the hook-and-eye-lock well above the baby reach, you don’t have to bother with the rest of the safety tips. But as we are human, we make mistakes. We often forget to lock the doorknob. So, we need to care about the following safety tips as well.
  2. Non-slip Bath Mat: During the bath time or pee & poop time, your little angel will enter the bathroom several times. Even if you closely supervise during this time, accidents may happen from slippery. So, place the rubber mat in the bathtub and non-slip bath mat in front of the bathroom to prevent slip. These mats also get saturated over time, so make sure to hang them out to dry.
  3. Installing Toilet Lock: You might be surprised knowing that even the potty poses a serious drowning hazard! When not in use, make sure the toilet lid of your flushing toilet is down and don’t forget to install the toilet lock so that your baby can’t lift the lid. Since babies are curious, he may lean over to see what inside the toilet bowl and lose control. Don’t let your kid do that installing the toilet lock.
  4. Hide Medicine & cosmetics: Either you or your partner or anyone from your family member regularly takes some medicine like aspirin, antacid, mouthwash and so on. They are potentially hazardous for your baby if he has an easy access to them. Including the cosmetics, hide all of them in a secured cabinet with child safety lock.
  5. Plastic/Rubber Guard on Tub Spout: To prevent danger from scalding, set the water heater at 120 degrees Fahrenheit.baby in the bath tub At this hot level, it is comfortable enough for the baby. Install an anti-scalding device so that the water in the tub does not get too much hot for the baby. Also, attach soft rubber cover to the spout to prevent head injury from falling. Rubber cover and anti-scalding device are available nearby your local hardware store and they are so cheap.
  6. The Ladder Hazard: Your little daredevil can convert almost anything as the toddler step stool to reach the sink or the top of the bathroom vanity. This usually led to deadly fall from high places and kids got seriously injured. So, keep a sharp eye and remove everything from his eyesight that your baby may use as the ladder.
  7. Careful with Garbage Bucket: Garbage pail is the great discovering place for the baby. They are too enthusiastic what is inside. So, make sure the garbage bucket is NOT within the reach of the baby. People do forget and you are no exception. So, make sure you don’t put used blades, razor, and other sharp objects in the garbage bucket.
  8. Unplug Hair Styling Tools: If you are the mommy or you have daughters or women of any relationship in your home, there will be the hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron etc. After using these tools, make sure you unplug these from the electricity. If you don’t do so, these tools may burn the baby when he touches them.
  9. Well Ventilation: To keep your bathroom clean and dry so that now mold and mildew can grow, there should be well ventilation system in your bathroom. Make sure you have installed the right bathroom exhaust fan.  The fan alone can keep the bathroom dry; hence never let the mold to grow.
  10. Be careful With Water Pool: The scariest thing about children is that they can drown even in a half-inch of water! They are uncoordinated and often can’t control themselves. So, when they fall, they head fall usually fall first and drowned. So, make sure you pull the plug after you have filled the bath or the sink. If there is no water, there is no risk for the baby.
  11. Careful with Mold & Mildew: Bathroom is the best place for the mold and mildews to grow. They need the wet and humid area to grow and the bathroom is the ideal environment.  The danger arises when your baby tries to eat the mold. It happens! There will be huge vomiting and other sicknesses. Always keep your bathroom dry and clean. Check the corner of the bathroom and under the tub and toilets for mold and mildews. Keeping your bathroom clean and dry can prevent the hazard to your baby.

Last Words on Baby Proofing Bathroom

Literally, I have covered everything on baby proofing your bathroom. As the parent, you must be vigilant to protect your baby. Following these above-mentioned tips will help you do that. Spread these extensive guides with your friends and families. They need to protect their babies as well.

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