Aston Shower Door Reviews 2022: Is It Worth It?

One of the ways to improve your bathroom aesthetics is to invest in a quality shower door. After reading this Aston shower door review, you’d never look at shower doors the same way again.

The reason is that the Aston brand is one of the best shower door brands. Their product flawlessly combines luxury aesthetics and functionality that’s unrivaled.

Keep reading to learn everything you can about the Aston shower door.

Features Of Aston Shower Door

Aston shower doors have unique features that stand out amongst other shower door brands. Here are a few of these features.

  • Incredible Glass finish
Aston Shower Door

Aston uses mostly textured glass finish on their glass shower doors. This finish type adds the perfect aesthetics to your bathroom, for starters.

Aside from the aesthetics, the textured glass finish allows you to enjoy privacy while bathing.

Be assured that no one would walk into the bathroom recklessly and spot you bathing naked.

More so, it utilizes natural daylight efficiently in your bathroom. The textured glass is tempered. As a result, you have high-quality textured glass installed in your bathroom.

  • Made of Quality Material

While there are different materials any brand can use to create glass shower doors, Aston stuck with tempered glass. That’s the first assurance of durability that you’ll get from the Aston shower doors.

Tempered glass comes with different benefits. Thanks to all the processes it had to undergo before it was created, tempered glass is durable.

Aside from the durability, it is safe too.

If it ever falls, it won’t shatter in a way that could hurt anyone. Thanks to these tempered glass features, Aston glass shower doors automatically inherited these features.

  • Protection

You should lose the fear if you’re scared of losing your Aston shower doors to leakage.

The reason is that Aston reinforced their shower doors with a protection feature that keeps out the water. With full-length clear seals on the door, water won’t penetrate to ruin it.

  • The Aesthetic Design
Aston Frameless Shower Glass

Aston makes fantastic sliding shower doors that can fit into any bathroom size.

If you’re worried about getting a shower door about the size of your bathroom, try an Aston sliding door.

It perfectly fits into any bathroom size. The best part is that it is also easy to install.

Thanks to the glass panels accompanying Aston sliding doors, you’ll easily slide the door along the track rollers when opening or closing it.

More so, thanks to its frameless design, soap residues and other dirt won’t nest on the door. That way, the door stays clean, remaining in a healthy condition.

Another thing about Aston shower door designs is that you’ll find them easy to clean. Maintaining it is such a breeze. The chrome finish of the hardware gives the door fantastic aesthetics.

  • Installation

The first fantastic feature of the Aston shower door is its easy installation process. The installation process requires that you get an accurate measurement of the opening.

Otherwise, you’ll have to reinstall it.

Without the correct measurement, you’ll install it wrongly. Sadly, you can’t adjust the shower door after installing it wrongly.

You’ll have to take it out and reinstall it. One of the benefits of installing the door correctly is that the door won’t slide off.

Of course, the support bar at the top also contributes to holding the door in place. Although you have to pay attention to the measurement before installing it, there’s no wrong or right side to the door since it is reversible.

Watch this installation video.

  • Maintenance

This is another impressive feature that the Aston shower doors have. They are very easy to maintain. In essence, you won’t struggle with cleaning it.

All you need is a cleaning agent and a rag, and you’ll take it from looking dirty to beautiful. More so, you won’t have to worry about debris sitting on the door as the material doesn’t encourage dirt to stick to it.

What Needs Improvement For Aston Shower Door?

While Aston shower doors have various features that make them desirable, some features need to be improved. Some of the elements in need of improvement are;

  • Weight

Although Aston shower doors are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, they are primarily heavy- especially the sliding doors. Of course, the heaviness comes from the glass panel.

As a result of the weightiness of the door, DIY-ing the installation might not be the best idea. Unless you’re sure you can handle the weight, seek the help of a professional to handle the installation.

  • Support

Although the door is durable, it’s better to reinforce it with adequate support. That way, you’ll reduce the possibility of causing damage to it.

Regardless of these drawbacks, you’ll enjoy using any Aston shower door you invest in. They have a unique way of giving your bathroom a fantastic facelift with its aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is Aston a Good Brand?

Yes, Aston is a good brand. Their products are also carved with high-quality material and forged with durability.

Is a Frameless Shower door worth it?

Yes, installing a frameless shower door in your bathroom is worth it. You’ll find frameless doors easier to maintain, and there’s usually a variety of designs with frameless doors.

What is the best glass shower door?

There are different brands of glass shower doors. However, glass shower doors carved from tempered glass are the best because they are safer and stronger than regular glass.

Do euro shower doors leak?

Also known as frameless shower doors, euro shower doors do not leak. Although there are tiny gaps at the side of the door and the hinges, water won’t seep through unless you point a water source directly at the holes. But of course, that’s not advisable.

Final Thought

Now that you’ve gone through this Aston shower door review, you can already tell that the Aston brand is pretty reputable. They not only reinforce their doors with maximum durability, efficiency, and functionality but also with luxury aesthetics.

The best part of any Aston shower door is that it is a great way to utilize the space in your bathroom. They fit into any bathroom size.

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