Are Mirrored Closet Doors Outdated And Why People Still Use Them?

Many homeowners often ask this to home designers: are mirrored closet doors outdated? 

Undoubtedly, mirrored closet doors are practical, easy-to-use, and inexpensive options. But installing them in the wrong approach will make your home interior ugly.

Mirrored closet doors were immensely popular in the early ’80s. Though their popularity has already slowed down, you can still use them to give your house a vintage look. 

But not all places and situations are suitable to use mirrored closet doors. Knowing their correct usage is crucial. 

Why Still Some People Use Mirrored Closet Doors?

Mirrored Closet Door

Just because many modern closet doors are available doesn’t mean mirrored closet doors are less. 

  • Improved appearance

The most convenient thing about installing mirrored closet doors for home interiors is their effectiveness in improving your room outlook. 

Installing a big mirror on these doors will make the appearance of your room bigger. It’s more advantageous when your room has only a single closet.

However, it may ruin the appearance of your particular room if you install more than one closet for the mirror door. 

You can only retain a positive appearance if the closets are not facing each other.

Otherwise, a confusing optical illusion will be created when they’re located directly opposite one another.

Above all, the overall attractive appearance of your room will vanish. Thus, setting up mirrored closet doors in the perfect location is crucial. 

  • Full Mirror View

Most mirrored closet doors have a huge mirror on the closet that lets you see everything in full view while changing your dress.  

Hence, you don’t have to install an additional mirror to get a full dress view. The large built-in mirror can do the job conveniently. 

Additionally, taller and bigger people will be more benefitted as they can fully see their body without bending down.

Why Are Mirrored Closet Doors Losing Its Popularity?

Are mirrored closet doors out of style? 

Though there’re many reasons behind using mirrored closets doors, they’re not free from disadvantages. 

  • Safety

Most mirrored closet doors include tempered material instead of glass. They’re not prone to break easily. 

But you should think twice before installing these doors if you’ve small and naughty kids at home. They may get into any accidents while playing. 

  • Maintenance

Mirrored closet doors are prone to get fingerprints easily. So, when you have a child’s environment inside the home, the maintenance task will be a little bit more troubled. You need to clean the reflective surfaces regularly. 

When to Install Mirrored Closet Doors?

Everything has an ideal situation to use, and so do mirrored closet doors. Here’re the top reasons when you should use this type of door.

  • Budget-friendly Option

If you want to decorate your interior doors with a budget-friendly option, Mirrored closet doors are worth considering. 

They’re not as expensive as bifold closet doors and wood-paneled ones. You’ll have to spend approximately $175 on average. 

However, the cost will be significantly reduced when using custom-made hardware for difficult-to-match doors. It can be around $75.

Aside from that, they’re simple to install. That’ll save your labor cost too. Most of the hardware is preassembled. 

  • Brighter Room

Want to make your room brighter? Mirrors are one of the top choices to make your room brighter. Lights reflect mirrors, and mirrors spread the lights.

It’s especially beneficial when your room has less sunlight, or your rooms and floors are too dark.  

  • Enlarge Small Space

Living in a small space? Mirrors are well known for making the appearance of a small room larger. 

By choosing a perfect size mirrored closet door, you can get an expansive feel and no irrational fear of confined places.

Additionally, it’ll save your room space because it’s not required to open up the door into your small room. 

  • Use in bathroom 

Aside from the bedroom, you can also use mirrored closet doors in your bathroom. It’ll broaden the overall space of the bathroom while providing extra light. 

Also, you can utilize the closet to keep various things. However, making the bathroom mirror shatterproof is crucial. Otherwise, more fingerprints will be seen on the mirror surface, especially in a high traffic area. 

Different Types Mirrored Closet Doors

guy fixing Mirrored Closet Door

Regardless of the type of mirrored closet doors you choose, they should have an aesthetic outlook and practical design to match your home interior. 

Mirrored closet doors are available in various types. Here’s a few of them:

  • Sliding Mirror Closet Doors

Sliding mirror closet doors allow you open or close the wardrobe without opening several doors. Its single door width makes it easy to open. 

This type of door doesn’t cover ample floor space and has high compatibility with various interior designs.

  • Bifold Mirror Closet Doors

Bifold mirror closet doors are the best if you’re looking for the most space-saver mirror doors. It allows you to slide it through a track.

Additionally, they’re effortless to set up and come at an affordable price. Their folding design allows you to access the whole wardrobe conveniently.

  • Mirror Barn Closet Doors

Mirror barn closet doors have wood frames to make the design tasteful and charming. It can also save a lot of space. 

You have the freedom to paint the wooden to give it a modern touch. They’re mainly made from solid wood or reclaimed wood. 

  • Mirrored Accordion Closet Doors

If you have a compact space on one side of your room, this type of door will be an ideal option. Several narrow panels are installed in this type of closet door.

You don’t need floor space to open this closet door, so it’s a space saver. They’re easy to slide open and close due to their lightweight design. 

How To Decorate With Mirrored Doors?

Everyone wants to decorate their home interior in their own way—plan about the appearance you want to achieve. 

Whether you want vintage or latter design, proper planning can help you get the perfect result. 

Many mirrored closet doors include wood frames. Pine, mahogany finish, cherry, redwood, and cedar are popular wood frames used for mirrored closet doors.

These wood frames can make your doors attractive and give you a feel of traditional decoration.

Aside from wooden frames, other materials are suitable for mirrored doors. Different combinations of materials will make the door appearance more alluring. 

For example, rich colored fabrics will create a balanced effect for the glossy glass. Plus, glass choice can improve the overall appearance of mirrored closet doors.

Beveled glasses are one of the top choices to give your room a modern and eye-catchy look. This type of mirrored glass can make the door the focal point of the room while keeping other furnishings simple. 

Additionally, you shouldn’t keep unattractive, cheap, or hideous furniture in the room where you’ve installed mirrored closet doors. You don’t want to feel like a low-rent apartment after planning so much.

It’s better not to keep any plastic furniture and shag rug in a room with mirrored doors unless you want to achieve a mix of futuristic and organic design. You should watch this video to learn more about decorating your room with mirrored doors.


Are you still wondering about “Are mirrored closet doors outdated?” Though more people use modern closet doors, many designers still believe mirrored closet doors never went out of style. 

It can give your home interior a clean, fresh, and bold appearance if you install it in the right way. 

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