Best Antibacterial Soap For Folliculitis, Tattoos, And Piercings

When nothing works as expected and you have lost your faith, you should try the best antibacterial soap for folliculitis. Such soaps have already cured this painful inflammation for countless people.

The infection may appear everywhere in your body and I believe you already know not all the treatments work. The only way is to kill such bacterias and prevent them from future infection. That’s why antibacterial soaps work like a charm!

This article is NOT about any medical advice. You should not consider it as a replacement for professional advice from experts. I just shorted some soaps that have worked for many people for the same condition. 

7 Antibacterial Soap Reviews 2020

antibacterial soap for body

Even if you don’t have the same problem, antibacterial soaps are great for tattoos and piercing. It keeps your body odor-free by killing such odor-causing bacterias.

I shortlisted such soaps based on their popularity and effectiveness. Check out the in-depth reviews NOW!

Hibiclens Antimicrobial Soap

Not just for folliculitis, it’s a true solution for other problems too. If you are suffering from Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS), then this is a god-send for you. Many dermatologists recommend Hibiclens to clear up the breakouts. 

best antibacterial soap for folliculitis from HIBICLENS
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The beauty of this soap is that it cures and prevents countless skin problems caused by bacteria. I will talk about a few of them. 

To clear up the folliculitis, many have recommended many things but only this one worked great. It’s the perfect cure for lots of bacterial skin problems. And that’s the reason I have started my antibacterial soap reviews with Hibiclens.

If you keep reading user reviews, you will see that Hibiclens can be a miracle treatment for painful cellulitis. You should give this a try if you have an issue with staph/MRSA.

This thing works against bacteria, razor bumps, redness, odor, and so on. To treat staph infection, a surgical scrub soap is second to none. But this one works even better! No more razor bumps, no more nicks and cuts suffering.

People who have been suffering from this terrible skin problem have tried lots of other treatments. But when their dermatologists recommended this, they found the long-term solution!

Lots of people have solved their bad body odor problems with this one too. If you have smelly feet, give this a try and be ready to be surprised. 

Pros & Vital Info

  • Each bottle contains 32 fluid ounces. You will get 2 bottles.
  • Proven to be effective against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. 
  • Washing your body with this will prevent such bacterias from infecting you too.
  • You can apply it anywhere in your body where the problem is including scalp and hair.
  • You can buy a pump separately too for convenient usage.
  • It does not lather up like traditional deodorant soap, but fights germs like crazy!
  • Multi-usage. You can use it as your hand soap too.
  • Perfect for piercings and tattoos too.


  • Many don’t like the fact that it does not lather up.

Remedy Soap

Another bacteria-fighting soap from a trusted brand. It’s pretty effective against fungus too. Whether you are suffering from folliculitis or you need to prevent infection from tattoos or piercing, you need antibacterial soap.

Remedy Soap
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Hibiclens don’t lather up, but Remedy soap lathers up nice!

From yeast infections to skin irritation, from foot or ringworm prevention to body odor, Remedy soap works great. It has fixed acne and skin discoloration for lots of people. Many people have got rid of body odor using Remedy soap.

But the true beauty is that its 100% natural. So, there is no danger of causing any negative impact on your skin. It’s enriched with tea tree oil. Meaning, it can be used to treat lots of skin issues including your underarm itchiness. 

Many had been suffering from fungus infection under their nails. Remedy soap completely solved the problem! And trust me, they tried lots of ‘snake oil’ and other treatments but failed to get the desired result.

The minty fresh smell is great too. It foams up easily and rinses off nice without leaving any oily film on your skin. It leaves your skin clean. Many have solved their itchy rashes too. No more scratching your skin off!

More features & Pros

  • A complete body and foot wash. Apart from female genitalia, you can apply it anywhere in your body.
  • However, you can apply it to your feminine area carefully. Make sure to dilute with water first.
  • Very gentle on dry, itchy, and sensitive skin. 
  • It moisturizes and soothes your skin too. Thanks to its Aloe Vera and coconut oil blend too!
  • Enriched with tea tree oil. Very effective against various scalp issues.
  • It’s very sudsy. A very little goes a long way.
  • Try it today if you have ringworm anywhere in your body. It works like a charm!
  • It relieves you from yeast rashes and itching too.
  • Read the instruction carefully and you must read the safety precautions!


  • Not everyone likes the peppermint scent.
  • Applying it without diluting in ladies private areas may cause skin irritation.

CLn Shampoo

It’s not an antibacterial soap for the body but a shampoo to fight folliculitis on your scalp. Many people indeed suffer from this and have scalps prone to folliculitis. That’s the reason  I have included this in my review. Besides, you can use it as a body wash too.

CLn Shampoo for Folliculitis
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It’s so unsightly when you got it on your scalp. More so, it keeps itching, and sometimes it can be totally maddening. Many have tried antibiotics as per their dermatologists’ recommendations. It worked as long as they continued these. 

Yes, it’s disappointing when the antibiotics can’t knock out the infections but that happens a lot. Apart from that, some of them even tried benzoyl peroxide face wash, dead sea mud soap, sulfur soap,  and so on. But nothing was permanent.

Despite being expensive, they gave CLn a try and from day one – the relief from itching was amazing! Whereas most skin specialists could not get the job done to treat the scalp folliculitis problem, CLn has done it nicely.

It stops the itching almost immediately and if you have bleeding skin areas, they will get receded quickly. So, it’s basically 1-in-2. It keeps your hair clean and solves your skin problem. So, it’s expensive but you are spending less on a lot of other ways.

If you are suffering from your scabbing scalp for a very long time and nothing seems to work as expected, give this a try. I am pretty sure it will make a night and day difference.

Why CLn Shampoo?

  • Developed by physicians to treat flaking or itching scalp.
  • Perfect for oily to normal hair.
  • Proven action against dandruff, dermatitis, and irritating hair follicles. 
  • It takes preventive measures too by removing dull residue from pores. 
  • Completely fragrance-free and does not contain any antibiotics, parabens, and other harmful chemicals.
  • It helps your hair to keep its moisture. Thanks to its glycerin ingredients.
  • CLn prevents microbes, allergens, and bacteria to let your hair heal itself.


  • In some cases, it helped but did not solve the folliculitis problem completely.

Dial Antibacterial Soap Review

A much better effective antibacterial deodorant soap and it’s affordable too. Of course, it does what it’s supposed to do – keeping you safe from bacteria but most importantly, it does not dry out your skin.

Dial Antibacterial Soap
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Because of your job or for any other reason if you are exposed to bacteria and other germs, your skin will become prone to skin infections. Antibacterial bar soaps like Dial are pretty good to kill and prevent such germs.

Many athletes and gym nuts prefer this soap because of its great job of killing bacteria. Many have been washing their bodies with Dial for over 30+ years and their skin never got any infection.

So, if you are looking for something for folliculitis and have an expectation of preventing it from future infection, I strongly support Dial for you. It cleans deeply and no matter how greasy grime you got, it will get you clean.

It’s not harsh at all. Very gentle on your skin yet kills skin infecting bacterias thoroughly. It does not have any added fragrance to cause any allergy and it is gender-neutral as well.

Now, many of you may already know about Dial, and let me assure you it’s the same old but the best antibacterial soap for folliculitis that you saw 40+ years ago!

More Features

  • 20 bar soaps, individually packaged. Very cost-effective antibacterial soap.
  • It does not dry out your skin. Leaves nothing left on there. It rinses off easily.
  • Outstanding lather and it gets washed up easily. Also, the way it cleans is superb!
  • You can use it to wash your delicate dresses to make them bacteria-free.
  • Lots of loyal customers. Many have been using it since their childhood.
  • Recommended by hospitals and dermatologists.
  • No artificial fragrances were used. But the natural scent is amazing.


  • Reduced size than what you saw many years ago.

Purely Northwest

When everything failed to solve the Tinea Versicolor for several years including various harsh prescriptions, many have got unreal results using this. Totally stopped the itchiness!

Purely Northwest
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So, there is no doubt that it’s another great bacteria-fighting soap. Not just folliculitis, bacteria causes a lot of other problems too like severe body odor.  And if you are desperate to get rid of your underarm body odor, this is what you can need.

It happens a lot when you wash your feet thoroughly and frequently yet it does nothing to prevent the embarrassing smells. If you sweat a lot, the terrible armpit odor is just a common reality.

Some people think body odor is their natural condition. But this is not natural. It’s bacteria that cause this odor. Kill the bacterial, and there will be no more odor.

Wash your entire body with this amazing product and you will be no longer embarrassed to lift your sweaty arms. No more funky odors!

In the summer, the yeast becomes a common scenario too. For some people, it happens all the time irrespective of the season. It’s again bacterial that causes such common fungus-like yeast.

Yeast can be painful if it grows in sensitive areas like under your breasts. Only bacteria-killing soaps like this can prevent such terrible skin problems.

More Pros & Features

  • From nail fungus to Jock Itch, it’s perfect for ringworms too.
  • If you got ringworm and no athlete’s foot cream worked, give this a shot. It has solved the problem for countless people just within 2 or 3 weeks.
  • Kids safe too. Highly recommended to keep your active or sporty kids safe from bacteria.
  • If you have cystic acne, it can completely disappear within just a few days! 
  • Many people who had been suffering from their toenail fungus have called it a miracle!
  • The scent is not bad either.


  • It takes a lot to wash your body. A little bit won’t go a long way.

Botanic Hearth

If you have rash prone skin, then it’s a good antibacterial soap for your body that you should try. Yeast infection is something you should take seriously and I believe you do but it’s NOT easy to find something that works to get rid of them.

Botanic Hearth
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Well, you are not alone, many had been suffering from such bacteria-caused infections. But a lot of them treated their yeast infection with Botanic Hearth completely!

It’s really hard to find bacteria-fighting body washes that do it job but keeps your skin smooth and soft. Yes, it lathers up very nicely and it does not dry your skin out.

Just because it is natural does not mean it has less power of fighting bacterial. In fact, it fights them HARD. If you are an athletic person or work outside and sweat a lot, you need this. There will be no armpit stench at all. 

Now, if you have fungal issues in the sensitive parts of your body, you will find this natural tea oil-enriched soap very smooth on your skin.

Yes, you may have a little tingling sensation for the first few days but it will stop as soon as you rinse it off. No burning sensation. Also, it’s a great antibacterial soap for piercings and tattoos too. 

Some of you may not like its tea tree oil scent. But let me remind you that the scent will be gone after rinsing. So, you got nothing to worry about this.

Safety Check
If you have an allergy problem, test it first on your elbow a small amount before you apply it in your sensitive parts. 

Pros & Features

  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • If you love the mild tea tree oil scent, this is for you.
  • Tea tree oil is highly effective against all kinds of rash in sensitive areas like under your breasts.
  • Perfect for skin irritation and body odor.
  • Very convenient to keep in your shower. The pump is very handy!
  • Paraben-free and free of all chemicals.
  • Cruelty-free; never tested on animals.


  • Though rare, it made skin itchier for a few people who have been suffering from eczema.

Natural Riches

Congratulations! This is the last antibacterial soap review. Though I have put this, at last, it works nonetheless.

If harsh soaps are not working for you or there is a fungi-type infection, try this antifungal and antibacterial soap. It does not work overnight but definitely helps and keeps those germs in check and very soothing than normal soaps.

Natural RichesNow, not all people are fond of body washes if they have sensitive skin with issues. But it has proved to be gentle on sensitive skin. It won’t aggravate your sensitive skin. 

Besides, the antibacterial ingredients keep your entire body-safe. It cleans your body really nicely and gives you a super clean feeling for the whole day. It leaves good confidence in your mind too.   

Yes, the scent is invigorating and you will love it while washing your body. But the scent won’t linger the entire day.

A true friend for your family if you have active kids who love to play in the farmhouse, tall grasses, woods, etc. Just make sure they take their showers with this and they will be perfectly safe from all germs, viruses, and bacteria.

The clean feel it gives after each shower is priceless. No matter how oily your skin is, that oily feeling will be gone too. A beautiful cleanser enriched with tea tree oil.

Features & Pros

  • Made from natural ingredients like tea tree, olive, Jojoba, etc. in the U.S.A. without adding any artificial ingredients. Completely plant-based antibacterial soap.
  • Say goodbye to rashes, breakouts and other skin problems caused by bacteria.
  • It works against skin bumps, ringworms, acne, athlete’s foot, and bug bites too. It takes preventive measures against them too.
  • Suffering from jock itch? Psoriasis? Use this for rapid relief!
  • It smells great too!
  • A complete cleaning treatment for your entire body from tip to toe.
  • Never tested on animals. Completely cruelty-free.


  • It does not lather up great.
  • It dries out the skin too. Moisturize your skin immediately.

Final Verdict

The math is pretty simple. Get rid of bacteria and you are safe from all of the troubles it brings. But for this, you must try the best antibacterial soap for folliculitis, tattoos, and piercing. If it helps, let me know in the comment box.

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