Alternative To Plastic Shower Cap: How Good Are Those?

There are plenty of ways to avoid getting your hair wet during showers, such as wearing shower caps. However, one of the most daunting consequences of shower caps is that they’re not eco-friendly and end up as non-biodegradable waste.

If you’re conscious about saving the environment, you must be looking for an alternative to plastic shower caps. Fortunately, some of the best options are entirely eco-friendly. 

Let’s explain their worth and how you can acquire them. Keep reading!

What Can You Use Instead Of A Shower Cap?

To be honest, getting a hold of shower cap substitutes isn’t tricky at all. Moreover, none of these choices will demand you to spend an arm and a leg either. 

Therefore, be free to pick any of the following alternatives based on whichever suits you best.

  • Putting your hair up.
  • Utilizing grocery bags.
  • Eco-friendly caps.
  • Reusing shower caps.
  • Hair bonnets

Now, it’s time for us to see how these alternatives work under pressure and if they’re effective.

Putting Your Hair Up

hair bun

Believe it or not, putting your hair up in a bun, especially if you have really long hair, can come in handy to protect them against water in the shower.

Simply, brush your hair, untangle it and pull it up in a tight bun. Remember to secure the hair using a bobby pin, hair ties, or clips. It’s essential to ensure that the hair is pulled back and in a tight bun so that it doesn’t come loose mid-bath.

On the contrary, if your hair is considerably short, tuck it behind your ears and use clips and bobby pins to secure them at the back. Ensure that your hair doesn’t hang too low below your hairline while doing so.

Another missed trick that people forget to abide by when putting away their hair with bobby pins is to clip their bangs or loose strands. Going your way around your head and securing every single loose strand with pins and clips is a good choice.

Lastly, remember to tilt your head front or back during the shower to avoid getting your hair wet.

Utilizing Grocery Bags

Let’s get real; we all have a ton of grocery bags lying around in a few corners of our house. So, why not put it to good use?

making hair cap from grocery plastic bag

Find a clean grocery bag. Ensure that the bag is mid-sized, has no holes, and is completely clean before use.

You can also check for holes by blowing air into it and squeezing it shut. It should do the trick if it forms a balloon.

However, if it starts leaking, you must choose another bag. Put the grocery bag around your head, and remember not to cover your nose or mouth with it.

Place it halfway around your head with both the handles on either side of your face atop your ears.

Cover your hair and each strand with the bag and adjust the handles by your ears. Now, pull the handles around your forehead and tie a tight knot.

All you’re left with now is to change the height of the bag according to your need, and you have yourself a make-shift shower cap without spending a penny.

The best part about make-shift shower caps as such is that they are thoroughly reusable. Thus, you can safely remove and reuse them until necessary.

Eco-Friendly Shower Cap

Eco-friendly caps are reusable and made with sustainable and recyclable items that greatly serve the environment and their sole purpose. 

These are perfect for keeping the users’ hair out of the way and neatly bound within the cap to avoid getting it wet.

Most of these caps also come with reusable travel cases, which are not harmful to the environment either.

The lining on these caps is 100% organic cotton and has an overall cruelty-free and vegan finish. 

Moreover, these products also consist of recyclable aluminum and plastic and are never tested on animals. 

The best feature about these EVA-produced caps is that they are made to tailor all hair thicknesses and lengths. The designs and elastic band stretch and contract as needed to fit every hair and head size.

Reusing Shower Caps

This one’s a no-brainer; however, some people also often prefer reusing their shower caps. These shower caps may not be the first choice for many as they’re non-biodegradable; however, reusing them minimizes cost and the consequences.

And surprisingly enough, these shower caps last a really long time if they’re cared for properly and don’t fall subject to stress or pressure, resulting in holes and elasticity loss.

Hair Bonnets

Hair bonnets come in various colors, styles, and materials. Some of these bonnets are biodegradable as well. Shower bonnets also come in a streamline of price ranges.

Needless to say, some hair bonnets have an incredibly luxurious appeal and feel to them even though the prices are reasonable. 

Silk hair bonnets, for instance, are great for curly hair and to keep them safely tucked in during the shower.

These bonnets are entirely waterproof and have a gentle touch and feel to the hair, preventing hair rupture and damage while protecting the hair against getting wet. 

Based on the material you pick, hair bonnets can be PVC and BPA-free and serve users in the long run without losing their efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are shower caps a necessity?

Other than protecting your hair when you don’t want it to get wet during showers, shower caps can also help tremendously to protect hairstyles. When there are high levels of moisture in the air, hair tends to get frizzy and unmanageable.
This is yet another need that requires the assistance of shower caps. It will not only keep your hair tucked away and in place but can also act against intense humidity and moisture.

Should you sleep with a plastic cap on your head?

Many people utilize plastic caps to secure moisture in their hair overnight. This method works wonders for people who have curly hair. If you like putting treatments in your hair overnight, one safe way to protect and let it work throughout the night is by securing your head with a bonnet or cap.
This method can be consistently followed through once every week to get the best results and avoid scalp and hair buildup.

Will you lose hair moisture with the use of shower caps?

The science behind it is that when people wear shower caps, the scalp produces more heat. When your scalp produces more and more heat, it releases high levels of sebum which promotes hair growth. 
Therefore, this phenomenon moisturizes and hydrates the hair preventing it from breaking apart and turning brittle. Thus, wearing shower caps will not give in to hair moisture loss.


To be fair, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with opting for shower caps once every now and then to protect your hair in the shower. However, if you feel icky about its influence over the environment, you don’t have to fret just yet.

Pick an alternative to plastic shower caps from our list, and don’t get too confused about them. These substitutes work equally well under the given circumstance – with the added bonus of not hampering the environment!

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