Adagio Hair Dryer Vs. Dyson Hair Dryer: In-depth Differences

When it comes to hair dryers, two brands stand out from the crowd – Adagio and Dyson. Both are known for their innovative designs and use of technology to deliver salon-quality results at home. But which one is better?

In this guide, we’ll compare the key features of the Adagio hair dryer and Dyson hair dryer to help you decide which is best for your needs and budget.

A Brief Comparison Table

Weight1.8 lbs1.8 lbs
Speed Settings33
Heat Settings34
Cool Shot ButtonYesYes
Cord Length9 ft9 ft
Concentrator NozzleYesYes

As you can see from the table, these two hair dryers share some key specs but also have some important differences that we’ll analyze in more detail throughout this guide.

Key Differences Between Adagio And Dyson Hair Dryers

  • Weight and Maneuverability
Adagio Hair Dryer

When it comes to using a hair dryer for lengthy styling sessions, weight and ease of handling are important factors.

No one wants to end up with an aching arm or wrist!

Fortunately, both the Adagio and Dyson hair dryers weigh in at a comfortable 1.8 lbs.

The slender handle design also makes them easy to grip and maneuver around your head as needed.

In terms of balance and ergonomics, both models receive good marks, making them suitable even for those with mobility issues or arthritis.

Winner: Tie

  • Power and Heat Settings

A hair dryer needs sufficient power and heat options to quickly and efficiently dry all hair types. More heat settings allow you to customize the drying temperature based on your hair’s needs.

The Adagio hair dryer packs quite a punch with 1875 watts of drying power. This positions it right up there with professional salon-style hair dryers. The Dyson has a still respectable, but lower 1600 watts.

Both have 3 speed settings to control air flow, but the Dyson pulls ahead on temperature flexibility with 4 precise heat tunings including:

  • 100° C Fast Drying
  • 80° C Gentle Drying
  • 60° C Constant Heat
  • 28° C Constant Cool

The Adagio hair dryer’s heat options cover:

  • High Heat
  • Low Heat
  • Cool Shot

So while the Adagio delivers more raw power, the Dyson’s additional heat settings allow superior customization during the drying process. This helps prevent damage to fragile or thin hair.

Winner: Dyson

  • Attachments

No hair dryer is complete without attachments to help direct and shape the airflow. Both the Adagio and Dyson come with a concentrator nozzle for pinpoint styling and smoothing flyaways.

The Adagio dryer includes a diffuser accessory that’s crucial for defining curls and enhancing natural waves without causing frizz. Unfortunately, the Dyson Airwrap model lacks this important attachment.

Winner: Adagio

  • Cool Shot Button
Dyson Supersonic hair dryer
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

After heating and styling your hair, it’s essential to lock in the look with a blast of cold air.

Both hair dryers provide this with a convenient cool shot button.

It helps seal the hair cuticles for enhanced shine and less frizz.

When activated, the chill blast lasts about 30 seconds on the Adagio versus 20 seconds on the Dyson model before reverting to the previous heat setting automatically.

Winner: Adagio

  • Cord Length

With a 9 foot power cord, both hair dryers provide ample length to easily maneuver around your head without feeling too tethered.

The cables themselves feel quite sturdy, flexible, and avoid tangling. Just note neither brand offers a retractable cord option if tidiness is a priority.

In this category, it’s a straightforward tie.

Winner: Tie

  • Noise Levels

Extended and repeated exposure to loud appliances like hair dryers can negatively impact hearing over time. So how do these two models compare for noise?

Testers found both the Dyson and Adagio operate at about 80 dB. That lands them on the quieter end of the spectrum for hair dryers, but still louder than a normal conversation.

Those sensitive to sound may want to consider ear plugs for lengthy drying sessions. But the volume seems unlikely to disturb others throughout the average household.

Winner: Tie

  • Design & Filters

Here is where these hair dryers start to diverge more significantly in terms of layout.

The Adagio uses a traditional slim, handheld configuration with the motor and heating elements positioned in the head. Air enters through vents along the sides and barrel as you style. The detachable rear filter helps block lint and other particles from accumulating inside – but needs periodic cleaning.

The Dyson employs a signature ring-shaped design with the mechanics housed in the base below the handle. It draws in air from beneath and sends it shooting out the sides through a 9cm-wide aperture.

This style feels pleasingly balanced and ergonomic. Plus, the removable filter completely surrounds the ring, so it catches particles without obstructing airflow.

Most should find the Dyson design a bit more innovative, stylish, and user-friendly overall. But that signature look does come with a cost…

Winner: Dyson

  • Price

As you may have guessed by now, there’s quite a price premium for the Dyson hair dryer’s sleek design and added heating flexibility.

At the time of writing, the Adagio model sells for $150 – a very competitive rate on par with other leading hair dryers boasting similar power.

In contrast, the Dyson hair dryer retails for about $400 – making it one of the most expensive consumer models currently available.

Of course, those stellar reviews and innovative engineering don’t come cheap. So the extra cost may be worthwhile if customizable heat settings are vital for your hair type and you plan to use the dryer regularly for years to come.

For most budgets however, the Adagio likely represents better bang-for-buck.

Winner: Adagio

  • Warranty and Customer Support

An extended warranty provides peace of mind should your pricey hair dryer malfunction prematurely. It shows the company really stands behind their products too.

Dyson offers an outstanding 3 year parts and labor warranty. That’s for new units purchased from authorized retailers.

The Adagio warranty specifics 1 year on parts and labor.

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

If we look at reliability and durability though, both brands earn high marks.

These dryers employ quality construction that should provide many years of regular use before requiring repair or replacement.

In terms of customer service, Adagio and Dyson also shine.

Knowledgeable support teams in the US stand ready to troubleshoot issues and process returns or exchanges.

Response times tend to be prompt across phone, email, and online chat platforms.

Still, that extra multi-year assurance tips things slightly in Dyson’s favor.

Winner: Dyson

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a hairdryer as good as the Dyson?

The Adagio hair dryer comes quite close to the Dyson in terms of power, design quality, attachments, and customer satisfaction. It lacks the precise heat tuning flexibility but costs significantly less. So if your budget doesn’t stretch to a $400+ hair dryer, the Adagio makes an excellent alternative with professional drying capabilities.

Which hair dryer brand is best?

Dyson pioneered the current generation of innovative hair dryer engineering, earning them accolades from professionals and consumers alike. Their Airwrap model stands at the top of most best-of lists thanks to the balance, customization, and durability.
But don’t overlook stalwart brands like Adagio, Elchim, Harry Josh, Rusk, Panasonic, and Babyliss either. They all manufacture well-designed, powerful hair dryers suitable for salon-quality home styling too.

Why is Dyson hair dryer so much better?

You can really chalk up the Dyson hair dryer improvements to two key advances:
Customization – The 4 precise heat settings allow superior tuning to your hair needs, helping prevent damage to fragile strands. Adagio and other brands simply can’t match this level of temperature precision.
Design – Dyson re-engineered the typical hair dryer shape for better balance, airflow, and ergonomics. From the ring-shaped manifold to the removable filter, every element seems carefully optimized around the user experience. It feels leagues beyond a standard hair dryer layout.
So ultimately, you are paying significantly more for a hair dryer honed to perfection through design thinking and technology. For hardcore styling devotees, those upgrades merit the price premium.

What hairdryer do hairdressers use?

Many hair salon professionals relies on Dyson hair dryers to achieve premium results for clients safely and efficiently. The highly-configurable heat settings, balanced design, and durability make them a favorite backstage at fashion shows as well. Brands like Harry Josh and Rusk also have developed substantial followings among stylists.
For home use, hairdressers typically suggest looking to salon-grade dryers that enable customization of heat and airflow. This allows mimicking the precise control they exercise professionally. The Dyson Airwrap fits the bill nicely, as do the Harry Josh Pro Dryer and Elchim 3900 to name a couple. Investing in a quality diffuser and concentrator nozzle is also important.
With the right high-powered dryer and attachments, you can absolutely achieve professional level blowouts from the comfort of home!

Final Verdict: Which Hair Dryer Is Best Overall?

The Dyson Airwrap hair dryer wins out overall thanks to the sophisticated, balanced design and superior temperature customization technology. For those seeking salon-caliber results and willing to pay a premium, it’s hard to beat.

However, the Adagio hair dryer remains tough to overlook given the performance, attachments, and reasonable pricing. For many buyers, it will provide professional power and reliability without breaking the bank.

Ultimately, choosing the best option comes down to your budget and hair needs. But no matter which route you take, rest assured you’ll be making a smart investment toward upgraded at-home styling.

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